Tom Cruise Loses His Temper After Jamie Foxx And Katie Holmes Romance Made Public

Tom Cruise Loses His Temper After Jamie Foxx And Katie Holmes Romance Made Public

Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise‘s friendship has taken a serious hit in the past few months, especially since Jamie started dating Tom’s ex-wife, Katie Holmes. Although Katie and Jamie are both trying their best to keep their relationship undercover, mostly out of respect for Tom and their own privacy, it’s too late for that. Their romance has already been splashed across the pages of major tabloid magazines, and it’s been confirmed by legitimate sources from Page Six and NY Daily News. So good hustle, Jamie and Katie, but Tommy boy’s on a warpath and he’s coming for you.

Now, a new report from the National Enquirer claims that Tom feels incredibly ‘deceived‘ that Jamie and Katie would go behind his back in this way, although I’m sure he’s much more hurt by Jamie’s betrayal than he is by Katie. I mean, their divorce didn’t exactly end amicably, right? Whereas his friendship with Jamie’s lasted well over a decade.

The Enquirer’s source also added, “Neither Jamie nor Katie wanted this affair out in the open. Jamie wanted to keep it quiet because he figured Tom would consider it a betrayal of their friendship.”

Again, much, much too late, Jamie. They did a good job of covering their tracks for a while, and the tabloids seemed to lose interest. However, the subject was dredged up again after the couple was spotted together over Super Bowl weekend, and now it’s starting to become clear that this is a legit relationship, and it’s been going on for a while. Unfortunately for Jamie, Tom still has a lot of pull in Hollywood and otherwise, so let’s hope he’s not too pissed off.

  • susan kuby stassi

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  • PK

    Well, Ringo and George stayed friends.

  • Ed

    L Ron Hubbard is my new hero!

  • john

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  • beigeman1971 .

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  • beigeman1971 .

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  • Blondieknox

    Tom Cruise needs to get over himself

  • chill

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  • donmotobike

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  • donmotobike

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  • Dindo Nuttin

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      About the only women who care theses days are those who can’t do, or aren’t driven to do for themselves. Not the kind of women I’d want my sons dating anyway, irrespective of what race they’ve dated in the past.