Tom Cruise Mid-Life Crisis – Can’t Stop Dabbling In Plastic Surgery – Report

Tom Cruise Mid-Life Crisis - Can't Stop Dabbling In Plastic Surgery - Report

Tom Cruise is in a mid-life crisis. Tell us something we don’t know, right? Tom’s been having a mid-life crisis ever since Katie Holmes dumped him and and revealed his crazy to the whole world. Instead of buckling down and trying to reinvent his image, he’s decided to focus on solely science fiction films involving aliens and space – and while those movies are definitely involving and ‘cool’, should a 51 year old be that concerned with how ‘cool’ he looks? Everyone on his level of A-listdom in Hollywood are making prestige flicks, producing films, and winning Oscars – and he’s just… being Tom Cruise.

And of course, there’s the plastic surgery. Tom was reportedly sporting a very puffy face at the Empire Awards last month, which led to everyone gossiping about how much plastic surgery he must have gotten.

The report’s sources also add, “It’s all a sign of Tom’s growing obsession with looking young — which seems to have reached new heights lately. Tom’s troubles run deeper than vanity, and he’s worried about everything from the bad press Scientology has been getting to his decreasing box office clout. As a result, he’s been shying away from the public eye, and people close to him have barely heard a word from him.”

Well, of course he’s shying away from the public – the public thinks that he and his crackpot religion are batshit insane. Plus, he probably got some well-needed advice from his publicity team that he needed to lie low so everyone could take a little break from the bad publicity surrounding him. After all, Edge of Tomorrow is coming out this summer, and Tom badly needs a box office win. His vanity may lead him to getting more plastic surgery, but nothing would make Tom feel better than a box office win.

Of course, Star Magazine’s sources are hardly reliable, but this story definitely rings truer than most. What do you guys think? Is Tom in a mid-life crisis? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Celeste Renee Guillen

    He should be aware of gold diggers because there good actors out there . A-lot of people take advantage of him that’s why he’s laying low. He looks great. Who cares how old he is . Kate didn’t . He is good at what he does.

  • Alex

    You’re just a bunch of haters trying to convince people to believe your lame ideas. Get a life, guys! If you’re really that smart you should have noticed the fact that he has always been interested in action movies. As for the surgery i have no idea what he’s doing but he looks great. Maybe even better than other A-listed actors who are interested in “making prestige flicks, producing films, and winning Oscars” such as Leonardo di’Caprio ( who’s only 38 btw) . Really guys now all you need to add is that he had muscle implant and a robbed a man of organs just to be young on the inside too:))) Good luck trying to make people hate him:P In the meanwhile he’ll be doing his job which is ENTERTAINING people… not winning oscars :D

  • nohopeforhumankind

    What the f have I just read. Do the people who write this garbage actually think this is journalism?