Tori Spelling and Dean McDemott Split: Couple Separate as Dean Moves Out of New Home

Tori Spelling and Dean McDemott Split: Couple Separate as Dean Moves Out of New Home

Did Tori Spelling move to a new house to be away from Dean McDermott, her husband of almost eight years, or do they just need some space? In spite of recent cheating allegations, the couple was initially united and living together; but Dean has not been spotted for days at the Southern California home the couple recently moved their four children into – suggesting they may actually be leading separate lives (E!)

All of this comes amid rumors of Dean being forced into the arms of 28-year-old Emily Goodhand because he was in a “sexless marriage” with Tori. In an exclusive interview with US Weekly, Goodhand gave cringe-worthy details of the alleged affair – details that were downright embarrassing for any wife to hear. However, neither Tori nor Dean have publicly responded to any of the allegations.

Tori is keeping her game face on though. She posted a New Years picture of her and Dean with two of their children looking united as ever. But just this past weekend, Tori was spotted out with her children on an outing. She was wearing her wedding ring but noticeably absent was Dean. In fact, there has been no sighting of the two of them together since word of the alleged affair first broke in early December aside from the New Year’s picture.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDemott Split: Couple Separate as Dean Moves Out

Not that we would be surprised to find out Dean has been cheating considering Tori and Dean hooked up on the down low in the first place. If you recall, Tori was married to Charlie Shanian and Dean was married to Mary Jo Eustace when their love affair first began.

But let us not forget, Tori has been raised in the spotlight so it is not hard to surmise she is just putting up a front as she attempts to privately deal with the pain her husband’s infidelity has caused. This must be a very difficult time for Tori and she appears to be leaning on Mehran Farhat for support. Farhat is a close friend of Spelling’s and not only has he been photographed out with her on numerous occasions without Dean, he is allegedly staying with her through these “difficult times”. One hopes that Tori has finally patched things up with her mother Candy Spelling, as she and her kids probably need all the support they can get.

But all is not lost for the working mother of four. Her personal life may be on the rocks but she’s scoring big professionally. Tori just landed a lucrative gig with media giant ABC Family to move forward with Mystery Girls today, a half- hour comedy sitcom in which Spelling is executive producer and stars alongside fellow Beverly Hills 90210 alum Jennie Garth.


  • Pamela

    I hope it’s not true!

  • Guest

    Dean needs to grow up.

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    Tori……do not let that man get one red cent from you….perhaps that was his motive all along.
    Afterall…….if he did it with you….he will do it to you !!!!!

  • Brigitte

    Je suis désolée Tori, j’espère que cette histoire n’est pas vraie car vous avez une très belle famille de 4 enfants et ce serait vraiment dommage!

  • gsmith3390

    He’s done this before. He was married to some else and dating another woman when he met her. Did she really expect any difference in his relationship commitment to her ? The man has a pattern and this is not the first cheating accusation since they were married.

  • pwebb94

    The two youngest kids don’t look like they are a part of the same family they are really cute the two older children do look like their parents. Having said that I don’t feel sorry for her the way you get the man is the way he goes they were both married when they hooked up what did she expect. I feel bad for the kids, I don’t like Tori at all but she does appear to love and care for her children so hopefully they will get through this.

  • What proof is there that Dean cheated,some bimbo comes out of the woodwork and says so for I’m sure a big payday and that makes it true? I’ll believe it when Tori says it’s true herself!

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