Tori Spelling and Emily Goodhand Plan ‘True Tori’ Spin-Off On Dean McDermott Cheating Affair?

Tori Spelling and Emily Goodhand Plan 'True Tori' Spin-Off On Dean McDermott Cheating Affair?

Tori Spelling just needs to go away for awhile. If you tuned in to any of True Tori then you saw her circling the drain in therapy sessions with her cheating husband, Dean McDermott and she was hoping that by airing their dirty laundry she would expand her fan base. Apparently Tori would like the world to see her as a heroic woman that withered her man’s cheating. Instead she looks like an attention seeking media whore that will do anything for a paycheck. Hell, we’re not even convinced that Dean really cheated with a woman named Emily Goodhand because by all accounts, this person is a ghost with no digital imprint whatsoever.

Tori realizes that she’s not exactly getting any sympathy so according to the June 30th print edition of In Touch magazine she would like to try again with a series called Tori’s Journey. What might that journey be? So glad you asked! Tori is hoping that Dean will hand over a list of women that he has screwed behind her back so that she can go and confront each one. Tori thinks that doing that on camera will make her look more heroic which is funny because I’m thinking it will hit a brand new level of pathetic, somewhere that reality television has yet to visit.

Are you hoping that Tori’s attempt at heroicism gets a green light so that you can watch in amazement or do you just wish that girlfriend would go away? Perhaps an even bigger question is who Tori will hire to play the role of Emily Goodhand– will it be the same person she likely hired to make that infamous phone call confirming the affair in the first place? Tell us your thoughts on Tori’s journey in the comments below!

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