True Blood Season 7 Premiere Spoilers – Eric Northman Returns – Plot and Story Details

True Blood Season 7 Premiere Spoilers - Eric Northman Returns - Plot and Story Details

In Season 7 of True Blood, spoilers indicate that every single lead actor will be back to reprise their role, including the much-missed Eric Northman [Alexander Skarsgard]. True Blood Season 7 is all set to premiere on June 22nd, 2014. That means that a few days from now, you’ll have all the answers you’ve been waiting for, plus more. Get pumped guys! It’s been seven seasons, which is more than most shows gets, especially on cable. Also, the writers of True Blood got plenty of notice on Season 7 being the final season, so they were reportedly able to craft a fitting finale and story arc for every character.

We’ll have to wait and see if they’re true to their word, but for now, here are the things that we know are going to happen [thanks to the True Blood spoiler guide]. I don’t think we need to say it, but SPOILERS ahead [I only include this because we inevitably get people shouting about spoilers, even though it’s in the damn title].



If you’re still here, it’s because you want to be spoiled, yes? Perfect. Let’s get to it.

We know that most of the action in Season 7 takes place in Bon Temps, and that humans and vampires will be working together to fight the Hep V-infected vampires.

Sookie Stackhouse [Anna Paquin] and Alcide Herveaux [Joe Manganiello] are reportedly still together when the season begins, so for all the Bill [Stephen Moyer] and Sookie shippers out there, you might have to wait a while. But not too long, since there’s also rumored to be a Bill-Sookie-Alcide love triangle.

Bill will reportedly ask for forgiveness from those he has wronged [cough, Sookie, cough], and he’ll reportedly get it. Well, if there’s a love triangle, we assumed that Sookie still has lingering feelings for Bill. Also, sources say that Bill’s history will play a major role in the season finale.

When it comes to Tara Thornton [Rutina Wesley], sources say that she did NOT get infected by Lettie Mae Daniels [Adina Porter].

And of course, the one that you’ve all been waiting for. Yes, Eric Northman will be back, but he won’t appear miraculously restored and back to normal. He’ll have to be nursed back to health, and Pam Swynford de Beaufort [Kristin Bauer van Straten] is probably going to be the one to do it.

What do you guys think of all those spoilers? Any get you excited? Any upsetting? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

3 responses to “True Blood Season 7 Premiere Spoilers – Eric Northman Returns – Plot and Story Details”

  1. Monique ST Freeman says:

    Seriously Sookie and Bill. I can’t stand them together. If this is how it’s ending for Skokie okay but I’m not into it.
    Eric back makes me very happy. He’s my baby.
    Can’t wait to see Sam n Lafayette. Not to interested in Tara she’s been angry for do long it’s boring. I used to love her.
    I love this show and I’m going to miss it n hate that I never truly got to see Sookie n Eric for longer than a second.

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  3. Clotella Renee Southwood says:

    Me personally, I think that they completely screwed the whole thing. Don’t get me wrong it’s okay, but I say that the screen play writer and who bought the rights to the series should have stuck with the original story line and made each book into a season. Yeah, it would have taken longer, but everyone besides the people out there who have read the books like I have would get the whole story. Get all the right emotions and ideas from it that It’s writer poured into it. They left out and changed a lot of things about what really happens through the whole series. Like, okay in the first book when Sookie and Bill made love for the first time and he took her virginity. He took the pain of that away by using his blood. With Tara she did NOT get turned into a VAMPIRE. She bought a shop and called it Tara’s Toggs. She got married to a man named JB and had twins. A boy and a girl and named the little girl after Sookie. Eric ended up marrying a vampire queen that his maker fixed up for him to marry and her name was Fraya. Sookie did not ever end up with Alceide, they wanted to a couple of times but didn’t. And for the love of the good lord above Sookie ended up with Sam after saving his life by bring him back to life by using a Fairy object that would grant one wish no matter what it was for the person who used it and it was called a cluvialdor! I mean they’re never even going to be able to tell how Sookie got her telepathy. Yeah, we know she’s Fay but that’s not how she got it though. For goodness sake, she got it by a demon giving her his blood when she was a baby! Jason, in the book did in FACT get turned into a Were Panther. Not like the other Were Panthers either. He was half man half cat. Later on in the books Pam fell in love with a human woman and she got sick and died. Lafyatte died in the seventh or eighth book, I’m not sure which one exactly, I would have to look but it’s one of them. And Jason’s ex Crystal got killed while pregnant and was stuck to a cross behind Merlotts. I really wish that they would have stuck to the original story line. But they didn’t. It sucks that they didn’t because everyone missed out on what really happened except for the ones who read the books. I’m sorry viewers. I wish that they would have thought it out more and done a better job for you. They just disappointed me and the people I know that have watched it from the beggining. I’m sure the auther wishes they would have done her books better justice than what they have. #1 Sookie Stackhouse Novel and true blood fan. I love all the actors who did do it any justice. You were incredible. Best wishes on all of their future projects.