Was Ellen DeGeneres Cheating While Portia de Rossi Languished In Rehab?

Was Ellen DeGeneres Cheating While Portia de Rossi Languished In Rehab?

We found out recently that Portia de Rossi went to rehab for one month in May, and that Ellen DeGeneres supposedly visited her every weekend to provide support. However, what if it wasn’t support but guilt on Ellen’s part that drove her to those weekly visits?

Some of you may not remember, but Ellen was photographed with a mystery brunette date back in February. That also happened to be around the time that the initial divorce rumors were starting to heat up. Clearly, it wasn’t a coincidence that Portia ended up in rehab just two months later, and some reports are suggesting that it was the cheating, constant fighting and non-stop bickering that led to Portia hitting the bottle and going on a downward spiral. Clearly, neither one of them was very happy with the relationship in February, which would account for all the photo-ops and couple’s therapy rumors. They were trying so hard to make it work, even if Ellen was allegedly cheating on Portia the entire time.

We’re also hearing from several other sources that Ellen may have continued cheating on Portia even after Portia was admitted to rehab. Cold? Sure, but it’s Hollywood. Ellen could have stayed supportive of Portia, but at the same time, still wanted to continue what she was doing. If the rumors are true, then the two are about to hit the divorce road anyway – whether sooner or later, it doesn’t matter. If Portia really was driven to drinking herself into an addiction because of Ellen’s cheating and/or relationship problems, then there’s no way she’s going to recover without Ellen’s full support and commitment. And if Ellen couldn’t even stay committed while Portia was in rehab, how is she planning on staying committed when Portia is back home?

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  2. eyeaintnice says:

    I think Karma is a bitch and alive and well in Hollywood. This cesspool can tear each other to shreds for all I care.