The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Adam Newman Reads a Newspaper – Chloe Slaps Chelsea and They Fight – Lauren Collapses and is Rushed To Hospital

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Adam Newman Reads a Newspaper - Chloe Slaps Chelsea and They Fight - Lauren Collapses and is Rushed To Hospital

The powers that be at The Young and the Restless have been teasing fans with spoilers about an epic fashion show in Genoa City for months, and it has finally arrived. And, for once they weren’t bluffing, tomorrow’s episode of Y&R will be insane!

Tension has been mounting between ex BFF’s Chelsea and Chloe for months. We all knew their friendship was pretty much doomed when it was revealed that Chelsea’s husband Adam Newman (Michael Muhney) was the hit and run driver that allegedly killed Chloe’s young daughter Delia. Chelsea and Chloe’s friendship and business partnership reached a new level of irreparablity when Chloe had a slight mental breakdown and proceeded to kidnap Chelsea’s infant son Connor and jet off to Paris with him. It was clear there was no way they would be able to return to the way they used to be after Chloe handed Connor back over to Chelsea, because Chelsea had her arrested and filed for a restraining order against her.

One big spoiler for the April 11 show is that we get to see what we believe to be is Adam’s very much alive hand! Chelsea is refused a viewing of Adam’s body at the morgue being told it’s too badly burned and upsetting to view. They then show Adam – at least WE THINK they do… there is a shot of a newspaper with a hand with a wedding ring holding it – we are led to believe this is Adam’s hand wearing his wedding ring! Adam (we believe) is looking at the paper and  his gaze stops at a picture of Chelsea!!

Chelsea and Chloe’s friendship isn’t the only thing that has suffered over the course of the last few months, their business relationship has also taken a serious hit. Before Delia’s death and Connor’s kidnapping Chelsea and Chloe were actually co-owners of a fashion company. Since Chloe’s meltdown and arrest, Chelsea has been clearly attempting to ice Chloe out of the business. The highly anticipated fashion show in Genoa City tomorrow on The Young and the Restless is featuring Chelsea’s designs for a new line she is working on. Chloe is less than thrilled that Chelsea is now creating new designs without her and not including her.

All of the drama between Chelsea and Chloe finally comes to a head in the middle of the fashion show when Chloe intentionally changes some of the earrings on the models that Chelsea has chosen for the fashion show. Chelsea calls her out on it, and Chloe launches a full-blown verbal attack on Chelsea and tells her that she is happy her husband Adam Newman is dead because he killed Delia and didn’t even show any remorse. Chelsea lashes back and accuses Chloe of using her daughter Delia’s death as an excuse so that people will feel sorry for. Chloe then snaps on Chelsea and hits her, the situation escalates into a no holds bar brawl between the two girls at the fashion show.

While Kevin and other residents of Genoa City try to break up Chelsea and Chloe’s cat-fight, pregnant Lauren passes out in another room while getting ready for the fashion show and Michael rushes her to the hospital. There has been speculation over whether the baby Lauren is carrying belongs to Carmine or Michael and whether she is too old to be having children. All of those questions could quickly become irrelevant, there is a good chance Lauren may lose the baby and have a miscarriage before she ever has to worry about the paternity.

So, Y&R fans, are you Team Chelsea or Team Chloe? Elizabeth Hendrickson recently revealed that she is not renewing her contract on The Young and the Restless, do you think the writers will use her recent outburst as a way to write her off the show and ship her off to prison or a mental hospital? And, what do you think is going on with Lauren? Share your thoughts and theories in the comment section below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more The Young and the Restless spoilers.

14 responses to “The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Adam Newman Reads a Newspaper – Chloe Slaps Chelsea and They Fight – Lauren Collapses and is Rushed To Hospital”

  1. Racquel Garnette says:

    Kevin was so stupid of marrying Chloe and giving there marriage a try. Paul, Michael and Gloria was against of Kevin marrying Chloe. Kevin needs to divorce Chloe and find a better woman then that. Chloe is still the coldhearted biatch from the past. When she was with her men in her past she was happy and now she is bitter and mad as hell. Jill was trying to make everybody be with someone. Which i have no problem with that. What Jill Farren Phelps should do is make other couples get married on the show. It is ok for Jill and Colin to get marry but not Lesile and Neil. Poor Neil he is heartbroken of what he found out with Lesile. Jill Farren Phelps didn’t want Neil and Leslie to get married to eachother. She looks for a story to ruin of what they have. That is bad. For Chelsea telling off Chloe was a good thing. Chloe is in a bad mess who needs to go to the mental hospital where she can get help. But Jill Farren Phelps don’t want to do that because she just want Chloe to torture Chelsea. Chelsea doesn’t need Chloe as a friend. Chloe has turned into some kind of monster. For whoever is going to play Adam Newman make sure he is 6’0 and he can resemble Michael Muhney. Maybe Lauren lost the baby. I don’t think Lauren is actually pregnant. Maybe she was dealing with some stress. Chelsea should call the cops and have Chloe arrested. That will be a good idea. Jill Farren Phelps should get rid of David Tom as Billy Abbott and she doesn’t care for the characters at all. Get rid of that Mariah Tyler ex girlfriend. All Jill Farren Phelps cares about is to drag storylines for months and ruin the characters happiness. The fashion show on the runaway of the girls fighting is ridicioulous.

  2. Jessie says:

    Agreeing w/ everything said from Racquel. Just my heart still hurts for all characters concerned regarding the fallout of adelias accident. #ADAMNEWMAN=MM. #foreverB.miller Hoping JFP comes to her senses and gives y&r the massive cleanup it deserves. Such a disappointed fan right now (N).

  3. Jessie says:

    Sry, *Delia.

  4. Cynthia Ann Matta says:

    Chelsea fan !!!!!! ,Chloe needs to leave and go get help.if its not Michaels baby than she needs to miscarriage hopefully it’s Michael and Lauren’s baby and that would be good news

  5. ProfJE says:

    Lauren is 51, Fen is at least 18 and Scottie is at least 10 or more years older than Fen so is she pregnant. I don’t think so it is either some female cancer or menopause. Good storyline potentiaI also for both.

  6. Diane says:

    Who cares. I don’t look at that stupid show anymore since they fired MM.

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  8. Racquel Garnette says:

    Don you are only person who doesn’t want to comment on David Tom acting til it is gone further. It is three months and David Tom acting is so bad. David Tom coming back to the show was a big mistake. The writers and the producer Jill Farren Phelps have no imagination. Kelly character needs to be written out. Kelly or Stitch is the one who hit down Delia. Chloe is grieving but she has no right to lash out of Chelsea at the atheltic club. Chloe cut up Chelsea dress because she wasn’t part of Chelsea deal. If the real writers was here they wouldn’t let Chloe tailorize Chelsea. I think Jill Farren Phelps and her writers is leaving by this fall or next fall but we will see what happens. The writers doesn’t know how to put on a good show. For the past 2 weeks the show was completely boring. Don what more do want me to say about David Tom acting on the Y&R. David Tom needs to go and you know that. Don when are you going to comment about David Tom acting by in the summer that will be worse.

  9. Racquel Garnette says:

    lol why would i want to comment on this new Kelly acting. All i said was is the Kelly character should be written out from the show. Kelly being on the show is so pointless. She needs to go. The writers doesn’t know what to do with the characters anymore. All they been doing ruining every character storyline. Sharon and Nick hooking up which it is dumb. Sharon deserves her happiness with someone new. Nicholas needs to find a new girl. Billy is in a mess. If the writers bring in new people for some of the characters that will be nice.

    • Theresa Minardi says:

      Maybe Don is really David Tom and thats why he is getting so bent out of shape! LOL! I agree with you Racquel his acting and facial expression are not watchable, I fast forward through all his parts anymore. Kelly is a waste of a character a fuller storyline.

      • Racquel Garnette says:

        Don has a problem of me saying that David Tom acting is so bad. I think Don is David Tom. He has a problem of me repeating that David Tom acting is bad. He is saying that i should acting for the role on the young and the restless. I don’t think so. The show is in a mess and i don’t care for it that much anymore. He was saying that if i am going to comment on this new Kelly acting. That is strange. Why would i comment on someone else character even if i don’t like them. That makes no sense. This Kelly character should be written out.

  10. Racquel Garnette says:

    Why do you care of what i am saying about David Tom. David Tom needs to go. Billy J Miller left and he went to take on another project. The show sucks without the real Billy and Adam.

  11. Racquel Garnette says:

    I am not tired of saying that David Tom needs to go because he does. Everybody else knows his acting is bad so i am not suppose to saying anything about his acting. It is 3 months now and his acting is very bad. Don just face it you like the old/new billy and you are upset that i kept on saying that his acting is bad. I am a woman and i could say whatever i want to say on here. Quit bogging me about David Tom acting and about Kelly. Why would i comment about Kelly acting if i don’t care for her character. Think about it. If i don’t like someone on the show who’s character is useless why should i comment about them. Think but oh yeah your brain is very shallow and you don’t know what you are saying anymore. Mr Don piss off and leave me alone about this show.

  12. Racquel Garnette says:

    Don’t tell me what to do Mr Don. I like some of the characters on the show so i could watch the show whatever i want to. Don you are David Tom your identity is revealed. You are jealous of whenever i say something about David Tom acting and the show. Lots of people wants David Tom to leave and it upsets you even more. Just face it who are you and why are you upset of whatever i say something on here about David Tom and his acting and about the show.