Young And The Restless Spoilers – Will Victor Be Blackmailed By Chelsea, And Will He Go Looking For Adam?

Young And The Restless Spoilers - Will Victor Be Blackmailed By Chelsea, And Will He Go Looking For Adam?

The Young and the Restless always has a way of throwing us curve balls, and they’ve done that once again. So far, we know that Chelsea Lawson’s husband, Adam Newman, allegedly ran over a little girl with his car. This young girl, Delia, had a father named Billy Abbot who found out about the accident and fought with Adam in his car. However, Billy managed to get out of the car after it crashed and before it blew up, leaving Adam [supposedly] dead+.

However, Chelsea is convinced that her husband is not dead [because in soap operas, nobody ever dies permanently]. She managed to convince Billy to come over and questioned him about the details of the car crash. Billy explained that he got out of the car in time, although Chelsea then asked why he didn’t help Adam. Obviously, Billy doesn’t care that Adam died, and he pretty much says that to Chelsea by telling her that Adam deserved to die. But then again, he also adds that he didn’t see Adam in the car crash wreck, which means… dun dun dun, Adam might be alive.

Despite this little tidbit, everyone still assumes that Adam’s a goner, because it’s a car crash and the car blew up, presumably with Adam in it. See, in real life, if they don’t find a body in the wreck, they don’t automatically assume that the man is dead – but since this is a soap, we’ll let it slide.

Anyway, after discussing the matter with Billy, Chelsea then decided to call Adam’s father, Victor Newman. She decides to threaten him by telling him, “Do you want access to your grandchild? I can’t stand all the questions about what happened. Please Victor I want you to find out what happened to Adam, dead or alive!” Nicely done, Chelsea. Play on the old man’s affections for his grandchild. No matter how twisted people are, they always have a soft spot – and Victor’s is his grandkid, Connor.

Now, even without the proof that Billy gave us, we know that Adam’s alive – and here’s why. Chelsea’s telling her mother that she refuses to believe that Adam’s dead because there’s no body. But as soon as the conversation’s over, the camera flashes to a hand with a wedding ring and then a body on a bed in a mysterious room. We don’t see the face of the body, but I think anybody with half a brain can guess that we’re meant to infer that this is Adam.

Obviously, Michael Muhney has been fired, so Adam’s been recast. While that’s been extremely upsetting to fans, it should be interesting to see how who actually has Adam on the show and who this mysterious person with the ring is. There’s also the question of just how far Chelsea’s willing to take her blackmail of Victor, and whether Victor acquiesces to her requests and goes looking for Adam. You’d think that since Adam’s his own son, he wouldn’t need the added incentive, no?

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