Ariana Grande and Lea Michele Diva Feud Grows?

Ariana Grande and Lea Michele Diva Feud Grows?

Ariana Grande and Lea Michele are two of the biggest divas in Hollywood, so of COURSE they would be embroiled in a feud together. Ariana Grande is currently working with the producers of Glee for an upcoming guest stint, and according to OK! Magazine, she’s been dealing with some, ahem ‘disagreements’, with Lea Michele while on set.

OK!’s sources explain, “Ariana needs to be the center of attention, so she can’t stand the fact that Ryan is constantly praising Lea and loves any idea she throws out.” Of course, Ariana Grande should be asking the other actors and actresses about acting tips, right? But no, Ariana Grande [especially since she does have acting experience] loves to act as though she knows everything about everything, and thus, she’s some born savant with the acting abilities of Meryl Streep. As such, it’s not a surprise when OK!’s source adds, “Ariana rolls her eyes anytime Lea talks… [Lea] does all she can to avoid Ariana in meetings. It’s only a matter of time until this blows up! Ariana thinks that she’s the big star on the show and wants Ryan to cater to her.”

And… what else is new? Ariana Grande’s diva behavior has become stuff of legend in Hollywood now, and it’s only a matter of time before it gets her blacklisted from working with certain people. Now, Lea Michele also has her own diva rumors, but they are nowhere near as virulent or excessive as Ariana’s – or as ridiculous. As far as we know, nobody ever had Lea Michele carried onto stage because she didn’t feel like walking the distance. And the sad part is? People keep catering to Ariana’s ridiculous demands because her music makes money.

What do you guys think? What are the possibilities of Lea Michele and Ariana Grande battling with each other in a ridiculous feud? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

FameFlynet Photo Credit: Ariana Gande, Big Sean