General Hospital Spoilers: Does Elizabeth Webber Leave GH With Lucky Spencer – Heartless Like Helena Cassadine?

General Hospital Spoilers: Does Elizabeth Webber Leave GH With Lucky Spencer - Heartless Like Helena Cassadine?

General Hospital spoilers look at Liz Webber and determine if she is the new queen of mean on GH. When General Hospital fans think about the queen of evil most automatically think of Helena Cassadine [Constance Towers] but these days if you bring up an evil GH female Elizabeth Webber [Rebecca Herbst] is the first thought!

Elizabeth Webber is a subject that gets most people’s blood boiling faster than you can say General Hospital. The name Elizabeth is right up there with the most hated characters on daytime soaps these days. She has become everything disgusting and despicable that she has called others out for – in other words a complete hypocrite.

Liz ruined Britt Westbourne’s life because Britt kept the identity of Lulu and Dante Falconari’s baby a secret yet Liz is doing the same thing to an innocent child, Danny – all because of her own perverse selfish need to have another chance with Jason. Liz has treated Ric Lansing like dirt and broken his heart because of some of the despicable things he has done yet she is just as bad as he is, if not worse!

Are we missing something redeemable about Elizabeth these days? Does she have the right to keep Jason’s identity a secret and keep him all to herself? Is her sick and selfish logic correct that she deserves one more chance to make it work with Jason? Of course not! It is warped “Cassadine” thinking which is why she is right up there with the worst of the worst… yes, the monster of GH, Helena Cassadine!

CDL revealed in May of this year that the character of Liz would be exiting around the end of Summer and from the way the writers have written Liz lately that seems to be the only route for this despised character. Elizabeth is a different kind of villain but anyone who keeps a man away from his wife and child is nothing short of a villain! What makes Nurse Elizabeth a more dangerous scoundrel is that she does not look like one – she is very petite with a porcelain doll face. Liz is a mother, yet you would not know it these days because all she does is live for Jason and scheme to keep him from finding out who he truly is… she is “The Devil With A Blue Dress On!”

Elizabeth continues to sleep with Jake Doe [Billy Miller] KNOWING he is Jason Morgan, KNOWING he has a family and friends who love and miss him very much. Despite this knowledge Liz continues to sabotage Jake’s life with the help of BFF and Ex lover Nikolas Cassadine [Tyler Christopher]. Jake trusts her and that says lots because Jake does not trust too many people. So of course Liz uses Jake’s trust against him. As an example we see Jake is working at ELQ in security for Michael Quartermaine [Chad Duell] and found the bug Sam [Kelly Monaco] planted in Rosalie’s [Linda Tovar] phone – Sam was trying to find out who Rosalie is working for so Jake tells Elizabeth and the first thing the rotten snake does is run to Nikolas and tells him!

Elizabeth does everything she can to keep Jason separate from Sam and the people who know him because she fears proximity to loved ones will trigger memories. What is going to happen to Elizabeth when the truth is FINALLY revealed that she and Nikolas kept Jason’s identity from him and everyone else – causing pain and worse and leaving Danny fatherless? Although cruel Liz knows Danny has a special attachment to Jake/Jason she still stands between father and son.

General Hospital Spoilers: Elizabeth Webber Leaves GH With Lucky Spencer - Heartless Like Helena Cassadine?

The GH writers have written Elizabeth so despicably there are not many fans left who support her continuous evil behavior and she only seems to get worse. What will they do with this character? When CDL told you she would be leaving General Hospital we intimated it would be tied to the Lucky Spencer storyline.

Elizabeth’s one true love of her life was Lucky Spencer [ Jonathan Jackson]. Jonathan Jackson originated the role of Lucky Spencer he left the show in 2011 the character departed to “find himself’ but is now reprising the role to give Anthony Geary, his TV dad a proper send off. Jonathan has already started filming.

Rumor has it Lucky will return just when Elizabeth starts to fall apart trying to balance lie after lie there will be fireworks when she sees the love of her life Lucky Spencer. The word is Elizabeth will get involved with Lucky again, and will leave Port Charles at the end of Summer. Will she leave with Lucky to join him after the whole town of Port Charles turns against? It’s going to be a long cruel summer at any rate watching Elizabeth act so callously.

At least we have hope since the Fall will eventually be here and this dragged out Jason nightmare will be over. TPTB at General Hospital have intimated that Jason’s true identity will finally be unveiled at the end of Oct 2015 [also when Billy Miller’s contract is up]. Elizabeth will be rightly shunned by EVERYONE in PC once Jake becomes Jason and her monstrous behavior is exposed – and it will be best for Liz to be gone, with Lucky or not.

What do you think CDL’ers – do you want to see Elizabeth and Lucky back together? Will Elizabeth survive the wrath of PC when they find out what she has done? Does Elizabeth deserve being hated as much as she is? Please leave your comments and thoughts in the CDL comments below.

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