‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ned and Alexis Push Michael Out as CEO of ELQ – Sonny Confronts Luke

'General Hospital' Spoilers: Ned and Alexis Push Michael Out as CEO of ELQ - Sonny Confronts Luke

To get you ready for GH, here are some “General Hospital” spoilers for upcoming episodes. With baby Avery still missing and all of Port Charles in an uproar, it seems like all her loved ones are blaming themselves. Kiki Jerome (Hayley Erin) already told Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig) that she feels like they put Avery in a position to be kidnapped by taking her out of the safe haven of the Quartermaine mansion.

Kiki’s grief will eat at her even more and Kiki will go see her Uncle Julian Jerome (William deVry) and confess what she and Morgan did to set Michael Quartermaine (Chad Duell) up. Since Julian has been involved in much worse schemes, we shouldn’t expect him to come down too hard on his niece. Instead, he’ll see Kiki’s actions as very reminiscent of her mom Ava Jerome (Maura West).

And poor Michael isn’t done taking hits over what Morgan and Kiki did to him. Ned Ashton (Wally Kurth) and Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) will ask Michael to step down as CEO of ELQ. With a takeover threat looming, they don’t think that Michael should be in a leadership role and could cause trouble with the board.

Not only was Michael seen on Access Port Charles dumping baby Avery and looking drunk, but now he’s a kidnapping suspect. “General Hospital” spoilers indicate that Michael will not take kindly to this request and will dig in his heels. And, to be fair, Michael didn’t really do much of the stuff that he’s been accused of doing. Granted, he did dump the stroller, but that was Morgan and Kiki’s doing in the end. On the other hand, Michael took Avery purely out of spite because he is a nasty bitter little creep – and so he deserves whatever he gets.

In his quest for baby Avery, Nathan West (Ryan Paevey) will come to see mom Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) and she will offer him some advice. Not only will Dr O tell him to get busy and find the baby but then will tell him as soon as he’s accomplished that task, to get Luke Spencer out of their lives and Port Charles once and for all.

This week also, Liesl will get a visit from her niece Nina Clay (Michelle Stafford) and they will have a showdown about each other’s secrets and lies that will get contentious. Poor Nina won’t be able to find anyone who thinks she’s innocent of the kidnapping although Franco (Roger Howarth) will try to convince her that he believes in her (but he still has his doubts).

Julian will try again to get Olivia Falconeri (Lisa LoCicero) to let him help her deal with the stress she’s obviously coping with. Julian will make it clear that his offer isn’t tied to him thinking the baby she’s carrying is his, but out of genuine concern for the health of Olivia and her unborn child. Ned, meanwhile, is starting to think warm romantic thoughts about his faux-baby mama and will get ready to make a confession of love.

And on the Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary) front, he just got good news from sister Bobbie Spencer (Jaclyn Zeman) that Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner) has decided to suggest treatment rather than punishment in his case, so Luke is encouraged. But that euphoria could be short-lived as Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) will come to confront Luke about all of his recent sins.

Remember, Luke’s bomb almost blew up Michael and Sonny’s other loved ones and Sonny risked his life disposing of it. But Sonny shows uncharacteristic kindness and understanding.. Luke, of course, will feel like he deserves every bit of anger that Sonny could unload on him but Sonny proves to be a real friend. Will Luke ever be able to regain his mental balance? Mental balance for Luke, who are we kidding.

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