General Hospital Spoilers: Carlos Rivera Meets With Fake Luke Impostor – The Real Luke Spencer Learns Who Fluke Is!

General Hospital Spoilers: Carlos Rivera Meets With Fake Luke Impostor - The Real Luke Spencer Learns Who Fluke Is!

General Hospital spoilers tease that we are finally getting closer to learning who Fluke is on the ABC soap. GH fans have been scratching their heads for months trying to determine who the scheming and powerful imposter is that has been running around Port Charles disguised as Luke Spencer. Just when we thought that Luke Spencer’s impostor was unmasked – the GH writers through another twist in to the mix and it was confirmed that Cesar Faison was just a decoy. The General Hospital rumor mill seems to be forever churning out possible Fluke suspects. Is Fluke a Cassadine, Anthony Zacchara, or maybe Luke Spencer’s doppelganger Bill Eckert?

According to General Hospital spoilers, during the week of January 5 the real Luke Spencer will make another appearance – and a major clue could be dropped regarding the identity of his impostor Fluke! The January 19th edition of ABC Soaps In Depth reveals that on Wednesday January 7th the real Luke will have some scenes on the ABC soap. The magazine teases, “Has Luke – you know the real one – figured out who Fluke is? He certainly seems to be putting the pieces together!” ABC Soaps In Depth also reveals that in the upcoming week GH fans could pick up a few clues about the impostor’s identity when he holds a meeting with Carlos Rivera.

TPTB at General Hospital promised GH fans that the identity of Fluke would be revealed early in 2015, so as they gear up for the big reveal there should be some major clues and hints coming up. And, if any one knows who has a bone to pick with Luke Spencer and would impersonate him, it is Luke Spencer himself!

Who do you think Fluke is? Or have you given up on the lengthy storyline all together? Do you think that Luke Spencer will be the first to figure out who Fluke is? What do you think Carlos and Fluke will meet about? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more General Hospital spoilers and news.

The Fake Luke story is frustrating GH fans at this point as a sample of comments from SOS Facebook indicates, people are simply tired of  it and TPTB should probably try to wrap this up quickly:

Finally we get to see who fluke is now this storyline of fluke can be over

So over he fluke storyline.

There dragging it way too long

Dont care just be over

I don’t care anymore.

I know Tony Geary was bored with Luke & I understand that but Tony baby we can’t take it anymore . Please be the real Luke again all the time already .

I am also really tired of the Fluke story and I am pretty forgiving of these story lines. Done with it and can’t believe that something about “Jake”wouldn’t remind someone of Jason.

SOOOO sick of the Fluke Thing , lets move on already ?????

I’ll share! Anything to knock Y&R off the top!

Luv’n my Dr. O!!!!

What a Beauty

it is soooooooo old bring our luke back!