George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin Divorce: Amal Wants a Baby – Furious George Won’t Start a Family?

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin Divorce: Amal Wants a Baby - Furious George Won’t Start a Family?

Is George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin’s marriage over already and heading towards divorce? America’s Bachelor George Clooney shocked the world when he finally settled down in 2014 and married Amal Alamuddin, a British-Lebanese attorney hailing from Beirut, Lebanon after years of debauchery and a steady parade of girlfriends. Some of the media was instantaneously infatuated with the new Mrs. Clooney, and Barbara Walters even named Amal Alamuddin the “Most Fascinating Person” of 2014 for reasons that remain confusing. The problem with having your marriage under a magnifying glass – is the world knows when there is a first sign of trouble. And, there is rumored trouble in George Clooney’s relationship.

The February 2nd edition of OK! Magazine reveals that Amal Alamuddin is unhappy with struggling to fit into Hollywood, and already second-guessing her decision to marry George Clooney. According to their inside source, “Amal feels like this is not what she signed up for. She and George had a very short courtship, and Amal thought he was this glamorous international gentleman. Now, she is seeing a different side. Four months in to the relationship, Amal is seeing a whole new George – the one who behaves like a Hollywood playboy, dated bartenders and women lie Stacey Keebler, takes Hollywood too seriously, and is more of a typical American guy than the James Bond type she thought she had married.

Amal’s issues with George’s lack of class and sophistication are really just the tip of the iceberg. When she said her “I Do’s” in a Fall wedding to the actor, she assumed the next step in their whirlwind relationship would be to get pregnant and start a family – but apparently she and George Clooney are not on the same page when it comes to babies. According to OK! Magazine, George promised her they would start trying for a baby as soon as they were married – now Clooney has changed his tune and thinks they should wait a year. Honestly, if George can see the writing on the wall, and knows their marriage is doomed – he should probably get points for not bringing an innocent baby in to the world amidst a messy divorce.

Do you think that Amal and George’s relationship is doomed and headed to divorce, or are they in it for the long haul? Why is George Clooney stalling and not trying to have a baby with Amal if the marriage is okay? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Amal Alamuddin-Clooney represents Armenia at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France on January 28, 2015. Amal Clooney will be a great asset to Armenia’s legal team in Strasbourg, in the appeal of Perincek vs. Switzerland before the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights.

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  • Jennifer

    I prefer my George single.

    • Leslie B.

      HA! You think you have a chance with him? He’ll be wrinkly, old, and scraggly by the time you ever get a chance to taste his D. Keep dreaming little girl. He would never date a child who wastes her time on the internets. Get a real job, not surfing the internets and read about George’s private life. Why would he waste his time with you is beyond me.

    • Leslie B.

      HA! You think you have a chance with him? He’ll be wrinkly, old, and scraggly by the time you ever get a chance to taste his D. Keep dreaming little girl. He would never date a child who wastes her time on the internets. Get a real job, not surfing the internets and read about George’s private life. Why would he waste his time with you is beyond me

    • Monkeymadge

      I think Amal is lovely and good for her that she has her own career . Like they were before their marriage.. they should just have fun and enjoy each other’s sense of humor, and company. She is still very young to have children . But it is very stressful to be in the public eye all the time, plus having to work, and look fabulous all the time. I wish nothing but the best for them. In the world we live in today…all we see is hatred, jelousy, judgement.. It makes me happy to see others happy, and gets me out of my funk when I get nervous and depressed about what’s really going on in this world. I hope they make it :)

  • Kay

    His wife is of another culture, meaning their values seem opposite of each others. She should have realized that you don’t marry a man to change him. He has to want the same things coming from his own heart before you decide to marry so quickly.

  • Trigon

    She’s too young for him. Of course she would want a family, but…he’s too old to start a family. That is an in your face issue that I can’t believe wasn’t talked about. I doubt that this story is true.

    • NOTO

      This is a story with no facts. We have no idea if either wants a baby or not.

  • Jennifer

    Really? Mr. Clooney could have done “a lot” better than a highly accomplished, internationally recognized civil rights attorney, professor of law, and U.N. comissioner who has represented the likes of the Ukrainian Prime Minister, the former Libyan intelligence chief and the state of Cambodia as well as serving as adviser to the King of Bahrain AND who also so happens to be fairly attractive and nearly 20 years his junior? How so?

    • Laeticia Gonsalves

      She’s a junior clerking for senior barristers.
      The advice the Horse gave was as an Arab interpreter to human rights abuser on political prisoners like King of Bahrain.

      • Norway 48

        So sorry for George if this is all true. Get rid of her and don’t give her a penny!

    • PeterAndrewNolan

      Sure…he could have married a woman who believed women criminals should be held accountable for their crimes..

      No…wait…there aren’t any of them to marry.

    • katrinabennet

      He did do better and she is seeing the underclass he really is. Not really what he appears to be. I know someone who knows him personally but I won’t comment anymore about it. Hush…!

    • Sherry W

      Take a good look at the above picture and tell me she is attractive?

  • George…..seroiusly? This wasn’t well thought out……I like George a lot but he shouldn’t have married her. I am commenting because this is an example of a lot of men in the world that get married and have kids when they really are not ready and don’t want them.

    • NOTO

      This is an example of a story written without any credible sources or facts.

      • Sam

        SEE comments above. At least a few should have you sit up and take notice.

        • Who are you referring to??

      • Are you saying what I am saying is not credible or this article? Clarify yourself

  • Fed Up

    I think that this marriage was scripted from day one. There is a LOT of internet chatter on message boards and blind item news that Clooney is gay and has boyfriends in Italy. The PR people made sure he got married to put a stop to it all; however it’s NOT working and it’s time for GC to come out.

    • Katherine

      I’m pretty certain there is a message board out there that are chattering about your homosexuality as well, Fed Up. Perhaps it’s high time you check it out and come out of the closet. You sly gay weasel.

    • Katherine

      I’m pretty certain there is a message board out there that are chattering about your homosexuality as well, Fed Up. Perhaps it’s high time you check it out and come out of the closet. You sly weasel.

    • NOTO

      Well if there’s internet chatter than it must be true!

    • Dewymist

      Gay?! Really? Forgive me for ignorant and ADD for news regarding George. For long time I have rolled my eyes about him being ‘marriage phobia’ as he keep changing from girlfriends to girlfriends..Quite as reputed as Ladies’ man. This. he. is. a. gay? wow, Cary Grant II in this modern day.

  • SMJ

    Because honestly, no one cares about your opinion.

  • Jms

    Yeah face it guys, JMS is GAY.

  • Joesph S

    You really want to get in his pants, huh?

  • Joseph S.

    You want his D. Admit it.

  • NOTO

    Some people do buy it. Some people don’t believe any of what you’re saying.

  • NOTO

    Could not disagree more. What does the education of a grown, successful man have to do with his intelligence and his ability to make her happy?

  • NOTO

    What control issues?

  • NOTO

    All women don’t want children. This is a story with no facts and no credible sources.

    • Concerned Citizen

      He got a vasectomy ages ago, to prevent potential gold diggers from demanding 18 years of financial support.

  • John Gubernat. @GubernatD

    A baby for George at his age of 54, would make him 72 years old when his child is 18 and just graduating high school.

  • douglas

    You keep repeating yourself. Got anything else besides she man and clerk we can read?

  • spoon

    She’s a stuffed blouse.

  • spoon

    I think she is a he!

    • Sam

      very drag-queenesque. wouldn’t that make this even more interesting? explains her physique….not feminine.

  • spoon

    Looks like a bitch to me!

  • joe109

    I think it’s those white gloves she wore that said it all….

    • Sam

      man hands? lol. yeah they were over the top. s/he is trying to let other’s know s/he’s “royalty.”

  • Bubbly

    Agreed, but you have to see that all the rest in this article is a pure speculation. Things that are mentioned are very private and no one but the involved party would know what they said. I really mean NO ONE but George and his wife.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Do you have a link?

  • NOTO

    Or perhaps he fell in love with a woman and didn’t care to ask her about what her uncle is like?

  • NOTO

    Her mother was on the news and someone posted a portion of the interview on YouTube. You make is sound like she’s just filming herself and posting. She is the foreign editor of Al Hayat, a widely-read Arab newspaper, and has made numerous appearances as an analyst on Middle Eastern affairs on CNN and Al-Jazeera as well as CNBC, the BBC and Sky News in the UK. She is an educated and highly respected woman.

  • 3nickim

    I’m laughing in my chair, for those who love to say it’s a couple, happy. They are false.

  • Duchessoflitchfield

    Clearly we are the only two women on this ridiculous site who understand what a quality human being Mrs. Clooney nee Alamuddin is and for the rest of these cretins, I’d like to see your sorry resumes and photos as well.

  • Duchessoflitchfield


  • Jennifer

    Agreed and she’s an ambitions professional at the prime of her career with a highly demanding work schedule that frequently requires overseas travel.

  • Jennifer

    Mrs. Clooney earned a four year LLB (Bachelor of Law) at Oxford University, then completed a two year postgraduate Masters program at NYU Law. How does one “overhype” graduating from two highly reputable top tier universities, receiving accolades for excellence in your field of study in the process ( such as the Shrigley Award and the Jack J. Katz Memorial Award).
    Laeticia, from what elite, prestigious Institute for higher learning did you earn your doctorate, pray tell? And what special honors did you recieve? Since evidently you are so much more educated…
    She only worked as a junior clerk during and shortly finishing her degree at NYU. She has over a decade of experience practicing law since passing the bar in 2002. She has won, and has helped to win, numerous cases as a criminal defense and human rights attorney which is exactly why she is assigned to work on high profile cases. They don’t just hand those out to whom ever.

    Laeticia, I implore you, please share wit is some pictures of yourself so we may all bask in your apparent extreme beauty and perfection.

    Why are you so obsessed with diminishing the recent Mrs. Clooney’s accomplishments?

  • Garrett

    She only baited him for money and press…..i saw it coming, but not this soon! Most woman use men for children, and have income with a name, and many wome, perhaps, 80% are gay anyway today.
    They want to be men!

    • Jennifer

      80% of women gay? ???? Haha, oh dude you have some issues.

  • Linda


  • haunani

    Her qualificatons don’t really matter. She has shown in photos that she is uncomfortable, bored and not at all in the vein of Hollywood and may now realize she married a self centered mere actor.

    George is a political animal too, and when the politics turn against him for marrying someone with such a charged background, he may fold. I cannot say he or she could have done better, but the thought process was short, and pretty final, I doubt you’ll see her in a bikini on the beach in Mexico or Maui, and that will be a problem too…

  • Sam

    She’s not a plus on any front. At least that I can see…

  • Sam

    Everyone is leaving them “alone.” This is merely free speech/entertainment.

  • Norway 48

    If a divorce is coming she should walk away with nothing. Not a cent. 4 months in and I read she stands to get millions. No way I say!! Makes you wonder if that is why she really married him. She knows he is a BIG star and loved by millions, if she was prepared that is her loss in more ways than one.

  • katrinabennet

    Wait a year but be sure you get a commitment that he wants a family!!! If you want a family and he doesn’t well then you have lots to think about!

  • Fadillah Hidayat

    why because she is lebanese and not a blond american girl..kinda childish dont you think..most american actress look way uglier than amal bt of course who cares..lets make fun of the lebanese girl instead because shes not a blond bimbo lot ran out of idea on how to put her down and kept repeating the same joke..grow up people..

  • Sherry W

    She is ugly with a big nose.

  • Linda Cook Rodaligo

    I think George is looking for a political carrier and his new bride will help him get there.

  • guest

    Practically the entire French nation wore Je suis ‘Cahrlie badges. Perhaps your comment shows that you are notvery bright.

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  • woonsocket

    WE know lots about George but we don’t know much about her. She’s a barrister – not a lawyer. We don’t know exactly what she does. The narrative sounds more like PR. What we get are a parade photos or her wearing designer clothes and shoes. Very boring.

  • Snakepit6336

    She looks like Hillary Clintons lover Huma

  • LISA

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