GLOBE: Princess Diana’s Secret Daughter Alleges Prince Charles Responsible For Her Mother’s Death

GLOBE: Princess Diana’s Secret Daughter Alleges Prince Charles Responsible For Her Mother's Death

Princess Diana is rumored to have had a secret daughter, and she has been living in hiding in the United States for years. The Royal Family has desperately tried to keep her existence under wraps, but apparently Di’s daughter is tired of hiding – and this week’s cover of GLOBE Magazine reveals that she travelled to England to confront Prince Charles and accuse him of killing her mother! Rumors have been running rampant for years that Princess Diana had a secret daughter, and in December 2014 when Kate Middleton and Prince William traveled to NYC, Kate reportedly met with the woman. Apparently Kate’s meeting with Diana’s daughter stirred up some old feelings and inspired her to travel to England and confront Prince Charles.

The April 13 cover of GLOBE Magazine screams, “Di’s Secret Daughter Confronts Charles: You Killed My Mother! The Most Shocking Royal Story Ever!” The cover also shows a photo that appears to have been taken from surveillance camera footage of Prince Charles talking to a blond woman – according to GLOBE they caught the entire confrontation on tape. Our friends at GLOBE Magazine always get their hands on the juiciest Royal Family news, and we can’t wait to pick up this week’s issues and get all of the dirty details!

In other gossip news, GLOBE’s April 13 cover features a photo of Dolly Parton and reveals that the iconic country music superstar is getting a divorce – her husband dumped her after 50 years of marriage. This week’s edition of GLOBE Magazine will also feature an expose on Scott Peterson, who is apparently “living like a king on death row.” And, the April 13th cover also promises some inside information on the high-profile German plane crash that has had the media buzzing over the past week – GLOBE reports that  the pilot may have been a “crazed Islamic terrorist.”

So, do you think Prince Charles is responsible for Princess Diana’s death? Why would her secret daughter come out of hiding after all of this time just to confront Diana’s former husband? Let us know what you think in the comments below, and as soon as GLOBE hits the newsstands we will be picking up a copy so we can dish on all of the juicy details.

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