Kate Middleton Refuses To Support Gay Rights Campaign: Prince William Forbids Duchess of Cambridge From Sharing Opinions?

Kate Middleton Refuses To Support Gay Rights Campaign: Prince William Forbids Duchess of Cambridge From Sharing Opinions?

Kate Middleton refused to support a gay-rights campaign started by Oscar hopeful Benedict Cumberbatch because The Duchess of Cambridge isn’t allowed opinions. Prince William has made it clear to his submissive wife that she is not to voice any opinions at all other than how much she loves being a mother. Of course Kate Middleton knew exactly what she was buying into when she married the future King of England so this is her own fault. Benedict Cumberbatch was hoping to gain support from Prince William and Kate Middleton for a gay-rights campaign but was sorely rejected. Benedict Cumberbatch stars in The Imitation Game about World War 2 codebreaker Alan Turing, who was prosecuted for being gay until he was given a posthumous pardon in 2013.

Because there are 49,000 other men convicted under the same dated law, Benedict Cumberbatch took it upon himself to start a petition on their behalf, to receive the same pardon Turing was granted. His work has paid off. After writing an open letter about the situation, he’s gained approximately 90,000 supporters already. Though he’s gained so many supporters, two very prominent signatures will be missing from that petition.

Cumberbatch reached out to The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to help support the campaign, but was rejected. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge released a statement through a spokesperson claiming “it is a matter for government,” so Prince William and Duchess Middleton were not able to make a comment on the subject. Funny that never stops bumbling Prince Charles from attempting to influence government.

Cumberbatch’s plea to the government read, “The UK’s homophobic laws made the lives of generations of gay and bisexual men intolerable. It is up to young leaders of today including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to acknowledge this mark on our history and not allow it to stand. We call upon Her Majesty’s Government to begin a discussion about the possibility of a pardoning all the men, alive or deceased, who like Alan Turing, were convicted.” Despite his efforts, Prince William and Duchess Kate will not be supporting the gay-rights campaign.

Do you agree with Prince William and Kate Middleton for staying out of it? Should they have given a better statement as to why they are not supporting the campaign? Weigh in below!


5 responses to “Kate Middleton Refuses To Support Gay Rights Campaign: Prince William Forbids Duchess of Cambridge From Sharing Opinions?”

  1. Elia says:

    Waity and Willy Child have too many of their own issues. Willy hasn;t worked at any career for a very long time despite all the rumors about his “agricultural studies” and the “air ambulance pilot” business which he has yet to even start…..and there is wildlife that needs shooting and he is co-ordinating with Waity Kate on when she’d like to join him. Look it up online, they both kill for “sport”.

    Waity’s busy with her fake pregnancy and dealing with the surrogate’s demands. Also, it’s very exhausting keeping up with her mother’s demands and also too, very tiring to make so many excuses as to why she’s not doing any charity or other duties. Vacationing is wearing Waity Kate down too. It’s all VERY demanding so the GAy Rights wil have to wait.

    • Fed Up says:

      They’re both hypocrites. Willnot runs around making speeches for “animal rights” when he and his family go around shooting them. It’s hard to believe that this family would support human and gay rights when they’re out shooting and killing other living creatures. Meanwhile homosexuality has run rampant with the Royals in the past and it may very well be lurking with them today.

      • Elia says:

        Yes I know. hypocrites and they’re idiots as well. They’re all clowns. Willnot and his non-jobs, Waity and her butt fetish, they have no work ethic how can they stand themselves ? Seriously, no self respecting person would act like them.
        The queen has dark things in the closet, Phillip wants to be a disease that kills off most of the people on the planet {NWO}, Andrew and his pervert fiasco, Charles and Camilla and what they did to Diana, Edward the dog beater, Sophie has done weird things similar to what Fergie did {but not everything}, and the royals are all NWO circus clowns who actually could care less about anybody.

        Idiot Willy Boy is a patron of “Age UK” but thousands of elderly people still die of cold in winter…they can’t afford heat ! The stupid “queen” ho-bag has enough money to save them all but they do NOTHING.

  2. Julia Murray says:

    Oh for pity’s sake – they’re not allowed to support things like this because they are not part of the government and cannot indicate any political opinions. As much as I applaud Cumberbatch’s social conscience, I kind of think he needs to take a refresher course in social studies so he can learn how his country’s constitutional monarchy works.

    • Elia says:

      And besides that….everyone knows Willnot and Cannot are too busy farting to bother to do jack-squat about anything.