GLOBE: Kate Middleton Walks Out on Prince William – Puts Baby First As Scandals Rock Royal Family (PHOTO)

GLOBE: Kate Middleton Walks Out on Prince William - Puts Baby First As Scandals Rock Royal Family (PHOTO)

Kate Middleton has walked out on the Royal Family after the recent scandals and is putting her baby first according to a report in this week’s GLOBE! Prince William’s pregnant wife Kate Middleton has been thrust in the spotlight and over-worked since Prince Andrew’s sex scandal rocked the Palace and the media. Queen Elizabeth’s Royal publicity team decided that the best way to counteract the devastating sex scandal was to parade the public’s favorite royal, Kate Middleton, around at numerous photo-ops and ceremonies in hopes of distracting the public from the sordid real issues at hand. But, according to a new report from GLOBE Magazine – Kate has had enough of the scandals and has packed up her bags and baby bump and left the Royal Family.

The February 2nd cover photo of GLOBE Magazine shows a picture of a distraught and make-up free Kate Middleton and the headline screams, “As Scandals Rock Royal Family… Fed-Up Kate Walks Out. Her Baby Comes First.” It must be hard enough raising a toddler while pregnant surrounded by the media and Queen Elizabeth’s strict expectations – but when you add in a sex scandal with underage teen slaves, it really is no surprise that Prince William’s pregnant wife Kate Middleton is getting the hell out of dodge. And, who want to be pregnant and paraded around the country as a publicity gimmick to clean up someone else’s mess.

In other news, the February 2nd edition of GLOBE Magazine teases an exciting story on Andy Griffith. Our friends at GLOBE always manage to get the inside story, and this week they obtained never-before-heard exclusive details from Andy Griffith’s grandson regarding the “devastating heartache the TV icon hid from fans.” Speaking of devastating heartache, the February 2nd cover of GLOBE Magazine also teases shocking secrets that Rod Taylor and Anita Ekberg took to the grave. The February 2nd GLOBE cover also teases exciting “Real Life Secrets Of American Sniper,” the excellent patriotic Clint Eastwood movie starring Bradley Cooper that has everyone buzzing.

As soon as GLOBE hits the newsstands, we will be rushing out to get a copy so we can share all of the juicy details surrounding Kate Middleton’s decision to leave the Royal Family. Do you think it is because she is tired of being used to try and distract the public and cover up Prince Andrew’s sex scandal? Did she make the right decision – or should she have stood by Prince William and his family? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL later for more exciting news on GLOBE’s latest piece on Kate Middleton.

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Photo Credit: FameFlynet, Instagram