Lamar Odom’s Prostitutes Won’t be Paid by Dennis Hof: Love Ranch South Owner Suspicious of Drug Use?

Lamar Odom's Prostitutes Won't be Paid by Dennis Hof: Love Ranch South Owner Suspicious of Drug Use?

Dennis Hof, the owner of Love Ranch South where Lamar Odom was found unconscious last week after a drug overdose, has reported that he will not be paying the hookers who spent a long weekend with the ex-NBA star. According to Hof, he has too many questions about the hard partying and drug use going on in the VIP suite rented by Lamar.

Lamar Odom paid $75K by credit card to the Nevada brothel. Per the agreement between Dennis Hof and the two prostitutes who were keeping Odom company, the women were supposed to split that money. That means each of the legal hookers would have walked away with $18,750 each for just three days of work – plus all the crack they could smoke with Lamar.

It is unclear which of the prostitutes were in the agreement because now there are three women reportedly missing and all three were said to be partying with Odom before 9-1-1 was called.

Hof would have received the other half of Odom’s fee, making $37,500 for himself. Apparently that wasn’t enough though because Dennis Hof saw an opportunity to pocket the other half of the money and he is taking it.

Hof is keeping that money now though because he believes something isn’t adding up with the women on his staff. Apparently neither of the prostitutes will talk about whether or not Lamar Odom was using drugs around them. Hof has been adamant that he did know know about or see Lamar using anything more than the herbal sexual stimulants that Odom bought from the brothel.

When asked about Lamar Odom and the women who serviced him, Hof said, “They will not answer questions about Lamar or possible drug use while he was here. I’m suspicious.” Apparenlty Dennis Hof thinks that some of his staff may have supplied Odom with illegal drugs.

It’s hard for some to believe that the owner of the brothel didn’t know that Lamar was using, considering the athlete’s past and the fact that Hof knew how many of the herbal supplement that Odom had taken – not to mention that medical evidence proves Lamar was smoking crack cocaine.

Earlier reports about Lamar Odom’s collapse claimed that Lamar had track marks in his arm and that doctors found cocaine in his system. Hof also claimed days ago that he “couldn’t swear that Lamar wasn’t doing drugs in his room.” Now the brothel owner is saying he had no knowledge and that his employees won’t talk about it.

One of the prostitutes, Monica Monroe, has been blabbing all over the place about her experience with Lamar Odom at the Love Ranch South. Monica claims that she did not do drugs with Lamar but did recount some pretty suspicious snorting sounds coming from the bathroom.

One of the other women involved, Bunny Lain hasn’t been seen since the incident. Bunny took off and is possibly not even in Nevada anymore. However there have also been reports of a third woman, Ryder Cherry. She was also reported to be partying with Lamar during his wild weekend. Cherry, whose real name is Kortnie Cannon, also refuses to talk about her experience with Odom that weekend.

All these women disappearing from their job at Love Ranch South have people wondering what is really going on. Right now there are at least three prostitutes missing from the Nevada brothel and all of them were with Lamar before he almost died.

The brothel owner is refusing to pay the missing women because he thinks they helped supply drugs to Lamar but it really stinks like Hof might be using the drug angle as an excuse to keep all of the money.

To make things even more suspicious, there are quite a few Internet rumors buzzing about the legal brothel. One of those rumors being that there are two groups of girls, those who will do drugs with a client and those who will not. That was the reasoning given for Lamar picking some pretty hard-looking women.

Apparently there are hookers at Love Ranch South who are much prettier and look very well taken care of, the problem is that they won’t do drugs with the clients. If Hof had no knowledge of drug use within his doors, then why are there allegedly two different groups of women to choose from?

How about this: by NOT paying the prostitutes Hof maintains a semblance of plausible deniability in terms of his knowledge or tacit approval any illegal activities that went on at his business and may have contributed or caused Lamar’s collapse?

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