Nashville Recap – “Stop the World (And Let Me Off)”: Season 4 Episode 5

Nashville Recap - "Stop the World (And Let Me Off)": Season 4 Episode 5

Tonight on ABC Nashville starring Hayden Panettiere continues with an all new Wednesday October 21, season 4 episode 5 called, “Stop the World (And Let Me Off),” and we have your weekly recap below for you. On tonight’s episode, Maddie (Lennon Stella) and Colt (Keean Johnson) get a taste of freedom while joining Luke on tour.

On the last episode a reporter shadowed Juliette, who had another setback and coped by turning to pills and alcohol. Meanwhile, Rayna struggled to please a demanding rock star; Layla and Jeff had a fight; and Zoey returned to check in on Scarlett. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “Maddie and Colt get a taste of freedom while joining Luke on tour. Meanwhile, Rayna’s artists keep her very busy; Deacon and Scarlett put their problems aside to go to Natchez, Miss.; and Gunnar wants Kevin and Will to help him find a new girlfriend.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Nashville at 10:00 PM EST!

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#Nashville starts with Juliette waking to the rattle of a pill bottle. Lindsey says the doctor said the injection site might be sore and these should help and hands her a couple of pain killers. Juliette looks bad in the mirror and flushes the pills down. Avery signs the divorce papers and puts them in an envelope. He tells Cadence it’s just the two of them now. Rayna tells Deacon he should go to Natchez. He says Beverly’s house is small and Scarlett can’t empty it alone.

Rayna says going through the stuff can help him say goodbye and says it helped her with her dad. Scarlett is at her mom’s place and she says she stayed there just a bit before going to college. The woman asks if anyone is helping but Scarlett says it’s just her. Emily shows up and asks if Avery and the baby are up yet. Then Will says he and Kevin are going to meet Luke. Avery hands Emily over and says no fever but she’s not happy. He tells her where the medicine is and she wishes him luck.

Will says he’s headed to Atlanta and Gunnar asks if he can go since the house is filled with a crying baby. Rayna tells Bucky she put her daughter on a plane to go see her BF then says Layla is upset. Layla looks at the press from the Opry and it’s all about Markus. Jeff reassures her then says listen to Rayna’s notes and listen to what she wants. She says she wishes he wasn’t going to Atlanta then comments on him wearing a tie. He kisses her then goes.

Luke is with Gabriella on his plane and they talk about the plans for Atlanta. She says as soon as they land, they start meeting with brand partners. She talks about the CEO search for his label. Colt asks Maddie about what happened at Deacon’s and she brushes it aside. She says it’s annoying that her mom won’t let her stay the night. Juliette tells Lindsey she can’t believe she bought that tabloid crap about Emily and Avery. Lindsey says their body language shows they are having sex.

Juliette is annoyed with her. She grabs her phone and starts a text to her. He is leaving the paperwork but then her text says to call and that this is her new number. Gunnar says they’re going to see Juliette tonight and Will says it sucks to be in love with someone who doesn’t want you around. Kevin asks Gunnar about his love life and Gunnar says he had a spark with Emily over the morning milk. Will says it’s a bad idea and is his roommate’s nanny. Kevin says they need to get Gunnar laid.

Avery rants to Emily about why Juliette texted him and says did she sense that he signed the papers. He says Markus is there and he has to go. Markus is an hour late and asks Avery about the baby. He thanks him for asking and Markus says he’s excited to do this. They get started. Juliette calls Emily and leaves a voice mail apology for yelling and says she’d really like to talk to her and Avery. Lindsey yells at a bell boy and Juliette really starts to see her.

Luke takes a selfie of Colt and Maddie with him and sends it to Rayna. Gabriella says there’s a guy with Coca Cola downstairs and Luke has to go but says not to stay longer than as soon as Maddie gets changed. Deacon shows up and surprises Scarlett. She says there’s a keep, donate and throw away pile. He doesn’t like that the keep pile is small and says he’s going to look in the bedroom. Jeff talks to Gabriella and says he knows she’s running a CEO search and wants to be on the list.

He says he can tell her why the names on her list won’t work and gives her the dirty laundry on her candidates. Jeff schmoozes the Coca Cola guys. Gabriella takes this in. Rayna shows Layla around and says don’t let Markus take away her shine from the night. Rayna shares some notes on the album and then Rayna asks if she and Jeff are involved. Layla says they’ve been dating a while. Rayna says she has a problem with Jeff and Layla asks if this is what she wanted to talk about. Rayna says no.

Maddie comes out in a sexy dress and Colt says his dad is downstairs. She kisses him when he tells her his dad is downstairs. She says maybe they shouldn’t do this and stops kissing. She says they should just go and they do. Markus is telling the crew anecdotes about the House of Blues. Emily calls and says Juliette left a voice mail apologizing and wants to talk. She asks if he texted back. He says they can’t be at her beck and call and Emily says maybe she came to her senses.

Scarlett pulls a letter off the wall about her college that her mom kept but then she remembers her mom screaming at her over it. Deacon sasses Scarlett and she tells him to shut up and says he has no idea what she’s going through. She tells him to take what he wants and get out. She slams the door after her as she walks out. Juliette gets ready for her performance and tells Lindsey her phone is broken and isn’t getting calls or texts. Lindsey sasses her and she says to stop being a bitch.

Maddie hugs Juliette and Colt goes to get a Coke. She asks if Maddie needs to talk and she says yes. Maddie says she thinks she’s ready for things and she’s not. She says performing, having sex, staying out late. Maddie tells her Juliette was lucky to be emancipated at her age. Juliette says don’t wish your family away and says it’s lonely when you reach out and no one reach back. Maddie says she thinks what would Juliette do to make herself feel better.

Juliette says she’ll show her. Rayna gives Layla notes on instrument changes. Rayan gets frustrated with her and says she’s sorry about bringing up Jeff then says her job is to help her be the best artist she can be and says she’s seen Jeff destroy artists. She says destructive things can be attractive and Layla asks for a break. She tells Rayna she’ll be right back. Luke greets Will and Kevin and says he’s happy to keep working with Will. He walks away. Kevin asks what’s up.

Kevin jokes about finding the love of Gunnar’s night. They point out a roadie and Will says she’s sexy then says he’s gay not blond. She recognizes Will then says she loves him and is impressed with his coming out. They introduce Gunnar and he stammers and says he’s not gay then babbles. She walks away after a moment. Kevin asks what Gunnar meant about he and Will kissing. Avery calls the lawyer and Markus grabs the phone and hangs up on him. He tells Avery it could be expensive and take years.

He says it’s time to make music. He thinks about Beverly lying about what was going on in her life and saying she was at parties and having fun when she was microwaving a sad dinner. The house phone rings and Deacon answers. Juliette brings out Maddie to sing with her. She tells her music is the best medicine in the world. Maddie and Juliette duet to the cheering crowd. Luke comes up to Colt and asks how in the hell that happened then stalks off.

Backstage, Luke goes off on Juliette for pulling Maddie on stage. She says she was making her feel better then says Rayna will be pissed. He says Maddie is still a child and she reminds him he’s not been a present Dad. He says don’t try to play cool Mom to someone else’s kid just because you abandoned yours then he slams out the door. The roadie approaches Gunnar and tells her he’s gay then says she’s kidding. He says he gets nervous around pretty girls.

Gunnar babbles hopelessly then says it was nice to meet her. Maddie gets congrats from Colt and others. Maddie says she loved having 18000 people cheering for her. Colt says she’s an amazing woman and she tells him to come with her. Layla comes back to Rayna and says Jeff can be a jerk, he’s too old for her and she doesn’t like him sometimes. She says he challenges and inspires her and says her heart just won’t let go. Rayna says that’s her song and says to get her guitar and let’s write it.

Markus plays then stops and says it sucked. Avery says to slow it down. Markus says he kept him waiting then sat on his phone like a girl. Markus rants at him then says he can’t seize the reins. Avery says if he thinks he can do better, go ahead. Markus tells him to go and Avery walks out. Deacon comes to the local bar and greets Nick – a guy he hasn’t seen since a high school reunion. He was the call who reported Scarlett there drunk.

Deacon tells Scarlett they need to go and she says she can have a drink since she’s not an alcoholic. He drags her out of the bar and she’s mad. Then Luke takes the stage and says he has a new song a couple of friends of his wrote and plays the tune that Kevin and Will wrote. Will and Kevin smile offstage. But you can tell Will wishes he was onstage singing the killer song. Kevin says this is as good as it gets and Will agrees verbally but you can tell that’s not what he thinks.

Maddie and Colt go onto his dad’s tour bus. He says his dad never uses it and just flies. He asks Maddie if she’s sure and she says she’s so sure. Juliette finds Gunnar playing pinball back stage and asks what’s going on with Avery. She asks why he’s so mad that he won’t call her. Gunnar says when he called to tell her that Cadence was in the hospital she said she didn’t care. Avery comes home and rants to Emily about the guy doing whatever he wants whenever he wants.

He asks how you fight someone who has all the power. He says he’s sick of always losing. Emily asks if this is about Markus or Juliette. He asks if she can watch Cadence and says there’s something he needs to do. Deacon asks Scarlett what she’s trying to prove. She says she does blame herself and says she left her mom there to live like this. Deacon says he left her there first. He says he knows how she feels. Scarlett says she pulled the plug and she held her hand while she slipped away.

She says he judged her for the most important decision of her life and calls him a selfish, selfish person. Backstage, Lindsey is drinking and partying when Juliette finds her. She asks what happened last night and says she knows Avery called. Lindsey says she told her and she said she didn’t care if it wasn’t work. Juliette asks if she was stupid and says her child was sick. Lindsey says she’s never mentioned the child’s name or indicated that she cared. Juliette fires her. Lindsey says she’s her friend.

The roadie girl laughs and Juliette tells her she’s fired too then tells Jeff to get her jet ready and says she’s going to Nashville and he’s not invited. Layla sings and strums her guitar. Rayna hums along. Rayna says it’s beautiful and says she did great work to her. Layla thanks her for her concern about her. Rayna says it will make a difference. Will says the song sounded great and Luke says he wants it on his album. Then Luke tells Maddie it’s not cool getting on stage like that and says her mom will kill him.

Colt tells him not cool and Luke says he can’t always be his friend and has to be his dad sometimes. The roadie tells Gunnar she just got fired and tells him to stop talking then kisses him. She pulls him by his belt buckle into a supply room. Will tells Kevin he hated tonight and says it’s his song, their song and he doesn’t want to give it away. Kevin says this is his livelihood then says a hit for Luke Wheeler pays bills and buys houses. Will says it’s not what he came to Nashville to do.

Kevin is annoyed and says they need to find Gunnar and go home. Deacon tells Rayna she was right to send him there. He says he really thought Beverly would pull through then says he needs to stay another day. She gets a beep from Luke about Maddie and ends the call. Luke says Maddie is on the way home but says there’s something she needs to know. Kevin and Will stare straight ahead annoyed while Gunnar and the roadie make out in the back of the car.

Layla tells Jeff that Rayna was awesome and she had a good day. He asks her to come to Atlanta and says he already bought her the ticket. She ends the call and he goes to chat with Gabriella then asks if they’re closing deals tomorrow. He says he’s the guy. He says he worked for Warren Buffett straight out of college and put himself through Harvard Business school. He says the label folded and he reinvented himself and also has a great relationship with Luke.

She says he was at the top of the list but Luke took him off. She says he’s blurring lines with Layla and says she knows he’s putting her on the red carpet tomorrow to promote her then tells him to prove he can keep the lines clear. Rayna asks Maddie how it was with Juliette and says she has performed with her but only with permission. Rayna says Juliette is not a role model and Maddie says she’s awesome and cool and says she’s an adult. Rayna says she’s making the rules here.

Luke sends Colt on ahead when Gabriella asks to talk to him. She says Coke and Ford are both on board. He hugs her and it gets awkward. He asks if she wants to have a drink to celebrate. She says no mixing business with pleasure but tells him it’s tempting. She walks away. Scarlett wakes on the sofa and Deacon asks how she feels. She says like crap and he says he knows then hands her a glass of water. Deacon says he knows what she did wasn’t easy and he was just hanging onto small hope.

He says she knew that if her mom survived, she wouldn’t be living. He says Beverly would have hated that and says Scarlett made the right decision. He says he just wasn’t strong enough to make it with her and says he’s sorry he wasn’t there. She slumps beside him and he says sorry again and holds her. Avery shows up at the hotel and Juliette says she was on the way home. He says for months he’s waited to hear from her. He says Cadence could have died and she says she didn’t know.

He says she was probably so messed up on drugs she didn’t know. Avery says it’s too late. He says he wants a divorce and says he’s going to file in another country using their middle names to protect their privacy. He says she can break the news any way she likes but he wants sole custody and wants her rights terminated. He says Cadence will be his and can’t have her growing up thinking she can depend on her mother when they both know she can’t. He gives her the lawyer info then says goodbye.