Selena Gomez Still Loves Justin Bieber: DJ Zedd Fake ‘Love’ Publicity Stunt To Save Failing Career?

Selena Gomez Still Loves Justin Bieber: DJ Zedd Fake 'Love' Publicity Stunt To Save Failing Career?

Selena Gomez will be the first to admit that 2014 just wasn’t her year, between her break-up and make-ups with bad boy Justin Bieber, to checking herself in to rehab, firing her managers/parents, and her career plummeting. But, we are only two months in to 2015 and it is clear that Selena Gomez is back with a vengeance, with her new boyfriend DJ Zedd by her side the singer’s music career has gotten its second wind, she’s working on some high-profile movies, she nearly broke the internet with her topless V Magazine cover, and this month her highly-anticipated music video with Zedd will be released.

It doesn’t take a rocket-scientist to pick up on the fact that when Selena Gomez cut Justin Bieber loose and began hooking up with squeaky-clean Zedd, her career literally sky-rocketed back to its former glory, and bigger and better than it has been in a long time, maybe ever. Selena Gomez recently gushed in an interview with V Magazine about her relationship with Justin Bieber and confessed that she will always be her “first love,” and when they were together it was “them against the world.” Selena’s interview has some Hollywood insiders buzzing that she is still very much in love with Justin, but she cut all ties with him to save her career.

We spoke to a source close to Selena’s party, and asked them whether Zedd and Selena’s relationship was the real deal or just a publicity stunt to save her career. The insider explained, “There is no doubt that Selena has feelings for Zedd, that’s not really up for dispute. The question is, does her feeling for Zedd even compare to how she felt about Justin? We’re not saying Selena is using Zedd per se, but she definitely chose him over Justin because he was better for her image, not because she liked him more.”

Have you been following Selena’s comeback this year? Do you think that she truly wants to be with Zedd? Or did she just settle with him because she knew Justin Bieber was destroying her image and career? Do you think that if Justin had a better reputation than he does Selena would have chosen him? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


  • IndyT

    Bad reputation or not Justin has way much appeal in the music business than Selena.

    • LilE

      Good for him. Then he needs to move on with it and focus on himself = Everyone is Happy .

  • CJ

    I think she did the right thing and pick the right guy someone who cares for her loves her and has her well being in mind. She needs to stick with it think of her career and herself and all the heartbreak that Justin gave her and think of the lovely life she could have with Zed. I wish you both the best and the most happiness

  • hanna

    It has more to do with the fact that Justin would publicly humiliate her by going out with other girls and publish pics of that online or calling paparazzi every time he and Selena fought. It made it very difficult for Selena to keep going back and not get backlash

    • LilE

      He treated her so bad , so publicly – it was heartbreaking . NO woman should put up with that type of behavior from someone who claims to love them no matter who they are. Women are stronger than that!!

    • Roxy

      You can love a guy to death but you have to love yourself more. If someone loves you, they won’t hurt your self-worth or your reputation. There were a lot of red flags Bieber sent to Selena. She just let her heart get in the way. Jb needs to learn his lesson and he still hasn’t. It will take several failed relationships for him to grow up. No one should tolerate what he did to her.

  • vn_102

    You guys are hysterical, calling her and Zedd PR fauxmance, but thinking that Girlstin-Sel were real.
    Take a look at both showmance, both have similar dating MO, similar “spotting by fans’ and leaking some date stories on web and calling paparazzi for photo ops whenever they have something to sell.
    Without Beebs, Selena will already be has been Disney stars by now.

    • LilE

      Whatever. Sel was the ONLY thing that made JB likable to anyone over 13. He knows that . That’s why he is groveling at the publics feet now. Grown ups can’t stand this punk.

  • Ari

    Selena express her feeling of a young adult stating it was her first love with Justin. She will be more careful sharing her future relationships. Selena knows what is too have a first love. Wish her lots happiness.

  • one big dump

    justin is and always will be bad no doubt about it.

    Selena was always sweet. my bet is on selena.

    This may be a pr stunt by both he and selena, i would t be surprised. she has picked up a few manipulative behaviors from their time together.

    With that said, who are her new managers?????

  • no

    justin wont last much longer, especially growing up and being thug. pretending to be good wont work. he singing really not good eaither same repitition and stupid smoke and mirrors. no good singer at all!!!!

    • Averee

      …. A lot of singers aren’t good live.. Katie Perry and Talyor Swift. It not all about the singing its about the IT factor. He has it. LA REID saw it Usher and Justin Timberlake.

  • A

    Justin had his chance but he couldnt just be eith her so she couldnt take the stress. Zedd treats her with respect and scts romantic Justincouldneverdothat.

  • Lizy

    I think if she doesn’t realy like zedd, she shouldn’t rip off him, he could get hurt beyond what, selena clearly still have feelings for Justin I mean, we all know that is not easy to forget the “first love”

  • Jade Clark

    I think she is doing better cause justin was making her do things she didn’t want to do and controlling her zedd is way better for her

  • kiwi

    This is complete BS, this can’t obviously just be about a girl being strong and finally taking hold of her life and finding someone whose actually good for her and treats her like a princess and not a piece of trash.
    Why did I even waste my time reading this garbage.

  • lucy

    There dating has never been confirmed

  • Roth

    This is the dumbest article I have ever read. I just wasted 30 seconds of my life.

  • speculator

    Justin would take her back any time! Selena is the one that broke off the friendship —- nobody knows why, the media is only speculating!
    Know one knows what Selena doesn’t like about Justin because she never said it publicly — I think it’s VERY NOBLE of Selena not to trash Justin in public, unlike the media!
    … but that gives her the option to take him back at any time ??????

    • Averee

      She said on Letterman— I made him cry too. And laughed when he was being booed. She hasn’t been the most supportive. …Justin has never talked bad about her ever…. do you reseach.

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  • Averee

    Justin career is also on the rise since the split from Selena. She was drama for him. Now he can concentrate on hanging with and being a positve person. His Twitter following has grown over 1 million since the begining of FEB. He seems happier & healther.
    I do thing ZEDD and Selena are not the real deal. I think they like each others company, but Selena is still not found the right replacement. They were both two young for anyone to think they would last forever. Especially in the business. Oprah and may other radio stations encoucaged Justin to just have fun back in 2012-2013. No commitments. When you have all those girls throwing them self at you all day long… Enjoy. Does Leo Dicaprio enjoy in freedom. — So should Justin.

  • LilE

    I call BS! Most girls can still dredge up tender feelings for their first, but that don’t mean they would go back for more. He is an Ex for a reason. Chalk up under ‘Lessons Learned and Not To Be Repeated’. She is happy with Zedd – she chose Zedd AND Happiness.

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  • dilla

    bad boys are only good for a few things bt long term relationship is never one of them..its time to grow up and face reality..

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  • Roxy

    She is not a whore. Get your facts right.

  • Roxy

    Talented singer or not, the moment he humiliated her, no matter how much reputation his name is giving her, she should have left. No woman deserves to be mistreated, no matter what the status or notoriety of the man. She should have left. Period.