Jealous Zedd Bans Selena From Justin Bieber’s 21st Birthday Bash – DJ Knows Selena Loves Justin?

Jealous Zedd Bans Selena From Justin Bieber's 21st Birthday Bash - DJ Knows Selena Loves Justin?

“Happy Birthday Justin Bieber” – said everyone the pop star knows, except Selena Gomez, who didn’t attend the bash. On Sunday March 1st Justin Bieber turned 21 years old (which really is ironic since he has been partying at clubs for how many years now). Justin Bieber’s birthday is practically a national holiday on the internet, but one person is NOT sending Biebs any warm wishes, his ex-girlfriend of three years Selena Gomez, who is now dating DJ Zedd.

Zedd is madly in love with Selena Gomez, so you can imagine how he felt when she dished to V Magazine in a recent interview that she “would always love” her ex Justin Bieber, and pals of Justin’s revealed that Selena has been blowing up his phone – but he won’t take her calls. Zedd will not let Selena Gomez out of his sight, that became apparent at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party where insiders blabbed that the DJ was smothering fellow “I Want You To Know” singer.

When Justin’s 21st birthday neared his camp began making plans for the elaborate celebration and weekend long party – and everyone was shocked when Selena informed them that she wouldn’t be attending. A pal close to Justin snitched to CDL, “Everyone expected Selena to make an appearance for Justin’s birthday, we knew it was inevitable. Justin didn’t want to see her and is still bitter over her song with Zedd. But, Selena shocked everyone when she said that her new boyfriend didn’t feel comfortable with her attending her ex’s birthday bash and she was going to sit this one out.”

Wow, so it sounds like Selena has found a boyfriend that is actually more clingy than she is! Do you think Zedd is being too insecure and controlling? Or does he have a good reason for banning Selena from partying the night away from her ex-boyfriend? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!


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  • MaryDtn9

    Or at least loose the dictator

  • Sheron

    Thats like really cute of him to do that…

    I guess i was never a jelena fan though i always wanted selena to have someone just like her… She have now and I’m really like really happy now..!

    LovingSedd all the way!

  • Arthur Taylor

    The two of them need to move on. They need to love self first and then love will find them. Love is commitment not ownership.

  • Kris

    Zedd has no right to ban her from anything!!!! She is an adult and make her decisions!

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  • Jessie Biebs

    Jb is perfect than zedd Selena should have to be with Jb they both loOK like perfect couple

    • zoi

      I agree with ur words
      Jb is really really bettr dn zedd

  • Kel Bell

    Can’t say I blame the kid. It would be hard to compeat withnall that fame and money.

  • Julie

    I think Selena should make her own choice shes a big girl but i think she should give Justin another chance cuz hes awsome an i love them both but yea Zedd can voice his opinion but Selena should choose if she wants to go or dosent want to go

  • Sheron

    I’m not saying abt banning someone from doing something.. Its cute bcoz zedd is jealous .. Clearly he loves her And about zeddlina I personally prefer sedd over zeddlina… So sedd..

    *No Offence*

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  • Peace

    I truly think that Zedd should let Sel attend JB’s party because well if she wants to go then she should go. And just to get it out there…I have to say Justin is way more cute than Zedd. I honestly feel a little jealous that Zedd is dating her now, and what is next? Need will be too protective to let her see her other guy friends? OR he won’t let her see any of her guy fans. I’m sorry Zedd but i think that u r a great DJ and all but….. Happy late B-day Justin! Drink till you drop!!! Just joking. That would be bad.

  • Peace

    U know what? Your the fucking slut! You got any proof she is?! Cuz i can do this all day telling you to be nice to Sel. She is working way to hard for you to making mean comments. So you can shut the fuck up! TO ALL OF YALL: BE NICE TO EACH OTHER AND DON’T MAKE RUDE COMMENTS TO CELEBRITIES IF YOU DON’T LIKE THEM. You can just keep your stupid mouths shut