State of Affairs Finale Recap – Charlie Quits the CIA: Season 1 Episode 13 Finale “Deadcheck”

State of Affairs Finale Recap - Charlie Quits the CIA: Season 1 Episode 13 Finale "Deadcheck"
Tonight on NBC State of Affairs airs with an all new Monday February 16, season 1 episode 13 called, “Deadcheck,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode Charlie [Katherine Heigl] quits the CIA in a bid to locate and kill Omar Fatah in the Season 1 finale.

On the last episode, Sacrifices needed to be made when Nick at last had the most-wanted terrorist in his sights, and Charlie was at odds with President Payton on how to proceed. Meanwhile, Sen. Burke released secret intelligence that jeopardized the entire mission, and Charlie’s past with Nick came to the fore. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “Charlie quits the CIA in a bid to locate and kill Omar Fatah in the Season 1 finale. Also: President Payton faces adversity over threats that secret information will be publicly released; and the team gathers to help an off-the-grid Charlie.”

This is definitely one series that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging every episode of State of Affair’s first season. While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Charlie thinks about Nick telling her it’s okay. Then she thinks about when they were torturing Fatah. She sits at Navarre’s bedside in the hospital. He wakes and she says Bellerophon is done, Nick is dead and there was no Sheikh Hakam. She says Fatah invented the Sheik and played them. She also says Jack Dawkins is on the ground looking for bodies. Navarre says she has to tell POTUS all these things. Charlie says she’s resigning so she can do what she needs to do next and that she doesn’t want it coming back on the CIA.

Navarre tells her to track Fatah down and do what she has to do. Charlie comes to the White House to talk to Payton but she’s already making a press conference saying Hakam and Fatah are dead. After, Charlie tells her that Fatah created Sheikh Hakam to be the leader of AR so he could run, hide and strike at them again. Payton says she just lied to the whole world and asks what they should do now. Charlie says she’ll keep her promise. She says she resigned from the CIA and is going to finish this thing with Fatah herself.

Charlie says she can find and kill Fatah quietly so he doesn’t see it coming. Payton takes a page from her notepad and gives her the number to her direct hotline. She says only three people in the world have that number and tells Charlie to call when it’s done. They hug and Payton says – let’s end this. A guy is talking to a girl in a cafe drinking wine. She buys him another glass of wine and he recognizes an AR tattoo on her wrist but she says it’s a Pegasus and calls it her spirit animal. He buys it.

Charlie talks to Syd and he tells her she’s playing hunches and is going to die without agency backup. She tells him to stop being so grim. He hands her some equipment and says the weapons are unregistered. He kisses her on the head and tells her to watch her six. Payton tells David she wants Burke in jail for leaking a top secret photo and she wants the unredacted report seized. David says she can’t do this and she says it’s aggressive but they have to empty the ranks of those coming for him.

David says she’s going to get impeached. Payton says they can’t back away from this battle just because they won this fight. Lucas, Mo and Dash wonder why Charlie resigned. Mo says they need to focus on finding the vests and shutting down AR. Kurt goes to chat with Navarre at the hospital to tell him TKG was shadowing Bellerophon the whole way. He talks about a tech there and says she’s trouble because she came in and gave them some info that left a back door.

Kurt says TKG is protected Fatah because it makes money for them in protection services. Navarre tells him to stay at TKG, mine it and feed it to Navarre in real time. Kurt asks if this is operational intelligence and Navarre says Charlie is out in deep water alone and they have to help her. Victor gets a meeting with Payton and congratulates her. He shows her a video showing Fatah is alive. She asks when it was recorded and tells him to turn it over to the CIA for analysis.

Victor says it’s private property and he won’t turn it over. She says what he’s doing is treason. He says it’s free enterprise and asks to have a very pointed conversation with her. Charlie touches down far away in a hot sandy place. She hops into a Jeep and takes off. Victor tells Payton she just lied to the whole world. He says Hakam was a straw man and Fatah is likely very much alive. Payton says he better not try to extort a sitting president.

Victor offers to act as a third party and take care of things outside of CIA channels that are under scrutiny. Payton asks if he’s asking for a contract and she says he’s asking for a hunting license. At a mall, the guy who was drinking wine is woken by a security guard. He’s wearing a bomb vest and is confused. He begs the man to take it off him and then it explodes killing him and the guard instantly and sending out a huge blast.

Earl tells the group about Jared Blum, the bomb wearer and says he was divorced and worked at Goldman Sachs. The woman is Christiane Lender and they head to her last address. She has hung herself. Mo says Stacey Dover seems to be an outright recruit and they talk about James Wilcox and Ahmadi and the professor’s suicide. They theorize that Blum was drugged, fitted with the vest and moved from the mall wine bar to the bench.

Charlie calls in and Mo tells her about the AR vest incident at the mall. Charlie says Sheikh Hakam was made up and Fatah is the real bad guy and in charge of AR. She tells her to back channel the CIA chatter to Afghanistan. She says she thinks he’ll try to take credit for the bombing to build the AR legend. She tells Dash to pull her files on Fatah and go through them to build a hit sheet. Last, Charlie says they need to focus on James to try and find the other vests.

Lucas and Mo go see James in the hospital and he says he was going to meet a guy named Mark in San Antonio. He says he was going to take two vests there and was going to a couple in Houston named Al and Enid. Lucas says he’s lying but James says those were the names he was given. Payton chats with Marshall who says he’s going back to their other home. He says he’s done with her presidency and her keeping secrets from him.

She calls him an arm chair critic and says he doesn’t understand what this office asks of her. He says he didn’t know what he was signing on for and doesn’t have the stomach for this now. Payton says if he can’t stand by her side now, he should go. She pretty much calls him a coward. He says she has his heart but he doesn’t like the warrior she’s become since she took office. In Afghanistan, Charlie talks to people on the street and then goes to take a call from Mo.

Mo says the vests are likely in Houston and San Antonio. Charlie says it’s personal and to look for personal ties. Earl says DC is 1000 miles from Minneapolis and San Antonio is another 1,000 miles and then Houston 200 miles away. They wonder why two cities so close together in Texas. Charlie says it’s not people. She looks up at the stars and says it’s the AR symbol and says they’re making a Pegasus. She says it’s the constellation. They overlay it on the map as she says that will tell them where the bombs are.

In San Antonio, at a busy park, a man sits in a bulky jacket. Lucas tells Charlie they contacted law enforcement in the target cities. Dash says he finished the Fatah research. Charlie says she has to power down and move because there are too many eyes on her. The guy in San Antonio sits on the steps of a gazebo with the trigger in his hand. David comes and tells Payton that by saying she got Sheikh Hakam she may as well have said she killed Hannibal Lecter or the Joker. Payton asks how he knows and he says he’s the Chief of Staff and knows things.

He asks why she met with Victor Gantry and she says he’s trying to leverage her based on that knowledge. She says TKG wants license to hunt down established terrorists like Fatah. David says her critics have accused her of using the CIA as her private army and now she’s thinking of hiring an actual army. Charlie wonders where Fatah is and thinks about Nick telling her about the Hindu Kush and saying Fatah only gives them table scraps.

Nick told her he felt like Fatah was using them to take down his enemies, not American’s. She thinks about kissing him and him telling her that he’s looking out for her because he loves her and then he calls her Chuck. She laughs. He says at her darkest hours, he’s got her. Now, there’s a 911 call in San Antonio from the bomber. He says he’s an AR believer but can’t blow up kids. He says he left the bomb in a trash can.

Burke talks to David about the leak and he defends himself. He says Kyle Green was compromised by TKG and says no one is above betrayal. David asks if he’s blaming Kyle for the leak and Burke asks why he came to warn him about Payton’s intentions. David says Payton doesn’t need any more enemies and Burke could just keep his mouth shut. Charlie calls Nick’s phone to hear his voice on his voice mail greeting. She dials it again and again. She thinks about kissing him.

Kurt asks for Victor at TKG and is brushed off. He heads upstairs and Mo says they found some triangulation in Afghanistan. Mo says she thinks he’s in the Hindu Kush and Charlie asks for sat images of that area. Kurt goes into the server room using Victor’s protocol and starts downloading files. Mo gives Dash something to upload to Charlie. Kurt gets the files and heads into the stairwell. He’s in the parking lot and Victor asks if he’s leaving early.

Victor asks what he took and says the mainframe has a tamper detector. He asks if Kurt thought he didn’t know he was still CIA. Victor says they made him a mark because he was easy. He says to be sure to plug that data rip right into the CIA database. Victor threatens him and Kurt says he doesn’t have the reach. Victor seems nonplussed and walks off coolly. Charlie lies on a hill looking down over a valley. She calls Payton and says they’re nearly there.

Payton asks how she can help and she says nothing. She tells POTUS it’s odd and says she feels Aaron close to her now, as strong as ever. Payton says that means he’s there and will help her finish this. Dash comes in and says task forces are closing in on all the targeted locations to try and secure the vests. They find one in Texas, one in Portland. In Spokane, a guy in a vest is tackled. Lucas says they got them all and they high five but Mo says they’re not done yet because Charlie is still out there.

David comes to see Payton and hands her an envelope. She asks what it is and he says it’s his letter of resignation. He says when they started this crusade, they wanted to put a soldier into office who knew honor and sacrifice. He says it’s been his pleasure serving her but says she needs someone more like minded to serve as Chief of Staff.

Kurt comes into the ops room and everyone is floored. Dash shakes his hand and welcomes him back. They tease him about his fancy TKG suit. Kurt tells them TKG was shadowing Belleraphon. They tell him Charlie is out there solo after Fatah. He says he’s glad to be back and tells them he took a data dump from TKG. We see Charlie sneak down into the valley and pry open the gas tank on an SUV. She stuff in a rag and lights it then creeps away.

She heads for a tent and then engages in a fire fight with some AR soldiers. She hides behind a truck and continues her fight. Suddenly, someone is helping her and she shouts out that American military is coming. The SUV she rigged blows up then and the people flee in terror. The mystery sniper takes out another guy then Fatah comes out and she tells him to get on the ground. He tells her he won’t lay down. He says he gave her Sheikh Hakam and she says that was a shadow.

She says he used them to get rid of his enemies. She lowers her gun and asks who the man was he ID’d as Hakam. He told her that Payton said Hakam was dead so it doesn’t matter. She says he’s not dead, he’s you. She says she knows there was never a Dr Jekyll, just Mr Hyde. Payton meets with Victor and says she knows TKG protected Fatah. She says he has the blood of Americans on his head. He says her hands are just as unclean since she lied to the American people.

He says he’s offering to help her take out terrorists but she says he fueled AR by his activities. He says Fatah is still free and she says she has options. He says if she’s talking about Charlie, he knows about that. He says he can provide Fatah’s location this second and says two F22 raptors could be there in moments. Charlie says he hit the convoy in Kabul. She says he saved her because she was his link to the CIA. He says without her Pegasus would crumble.

She asks if he means Pegasus, their operation or AR’s Pegasus plot to bomb America. She says she believed he wanted the best for Islam. He says women and children ran because of her gun and says America didn’t come to liberate them. He says we don’t need you – we’re done. She puts a gun in his face and says she trusted him and he gave her nothing in return and now people who trusted her are dead. She says she knows he’ll keep killing innocents and shoots him twice in the chest.

He falls to his knees. She walks closer and says – one should act as a liberator – then puts a bullet in his head. She calls Payton then looks off in the distance. She sees a vehicle driving her way and someone waving at her. She also hears jets roaring up and stares up into the sky. The bombs whine as they are released.