State of Affairs Recap – Imminent Attack: Season 1 Episode 11 “The Faithful”

State of Affairs Recap - Imminent Attack: Season 1 Episode 11 "The Faithful"

Tonight on NBC State of Affairs airs with an all new Monday February 2, season 1 episode 11 called, “The Faithful,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode a manhunt begins for a terrorist who escaped custody. Meanwhile, President Payton [Alfre Woodard] makes a deal with the media to protect a top-secret operation, but her own secrets may be publicly exposed in the process; and Nick and Fatah stay at a terrorist stronghold, awaiting the arrival of a dangerous man.

On the last episode, Charlie (Katherine Heigl) and the PDB team raced to find the Ar Rissalah 7’s missing bombs before other members of the terrorist cell rose up and attacked the homeland. In their hunt, Charlie had to enlist the help of a former adversary, Professor Ahmad Ahmadi (guest star Anil Kumar). As domestic fear and suspicion built, President Payton (Alfre Woodard) was under fire for her close ties to the CIA and faced a new political threat from Senator Burke (guest star Rex Linn). Meanwhile, Operation Bellerophon was jeopardized when Nick Vera (guest star Chris L. McKenna) and Omar Fatah (guest star Farshad Farahat) picked up a tail in the Philippines. Adam Kaufman, Sheila Vand, Cliff Chamberlain, Tommy Savas and David Harbour also star. Guest starring Matthew Lillard and Adam Arkin. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “Charlie (Katherine Heigl) and Lucas (Adam Kaufman) join the FBI manhunt for an Ar Rissalah terrorist who escaped custody in the woods of West Virginia. Meanwhile, President Payton (Alfre Woodard) makes a deal with the news media that protects CIA’s top secret Operation Bellerophon–at the cost of exposing her own secrets on national television. On the other side of the world, Nick (guest star Chris L. McKenna) and Fatah (guest star Farshad Farahat) wait in a terrorist stronghold as they anticipate the arrival of the most dangerous man on the planet, Sheikh Hakam (guest star Yousuf Azami). Also starring Sheila Vand, Cliff Chamberlain, Tommy Savas and David Harbour. Adam Arkin and Matthew Lillard guest star.”

This is definitely one series that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging every episode of State of Affairs first season. While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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The FBI escorts out the captured AR terrorists. They load them on a bus that’s got guards on it and is escorted by more FBI. The people start to chant the AR mantra. They each break one of their thumbs and slip their cuffs. The bus doesn’t answer then the follow car radios. They get static then they hear noise. The bus is all over the road and drives off the road and goes nose down in a horrific wreck.

Charlie updates Payton on the op in the Philippines. She says Nick is with Fatah on the way to meet the Sheik. She says from their, Jack Dawkins will eliminate the Sheik. and Fatah. She also shows POTUS a photo of a Krieg group contractor that was found dead in that part of Panama. She asks Charlie if she’s heard from Nick and if he had something to do with this. Charlie says if he did, it was in defense of the mission.

Payton says she does not have faith in Nick and says they’ll go with another plan if they don’t hear from him in 24 hours. Charlie says it’s not a good idea and POTUS tells her to put her feelings for Nick aside. Charlie says whatever force she deems necessary to protect the country makes sense. Payton says that’s what she’ll do.

Back at the CIA, Charlie gets back from her briefing and asks if Nick has checked in. She says they need to hear from him. Banks comes in and tells Charlie she has a problem with the AR7. He says they only recovered six of the terrorist’s bodies. He tells her she and Lucas need to go on site and meet with the FBI. Dash says he’s the FBI briefer. Banks says he doesn’t care and doesn’t trust the FBI to contain the risk.

Banks says when he comes down there, he feels 100. Dash says he looks great. Banks glares and leaves and they ask Dash if he was flirting with him. David comes to see Jules who says he knows he has some shit going down in the Philippines. David asks if he’s looking for another Blackwater story and says there are private military contractors down there and something is going on.

He says he can trade for something else if David doesn’t want him to run the story. He says he wants an interview with POTUS tonight about everything but the Philippines. David says the notice is too short and Jules says to take it to her. He says the dead man’s name is Jacobs and he has a camera friendly wife and kids. He says it will feed the whispers of impeachment. A boat trolls down the river.

Nick and Fatah are on board. Another group of armed men greets them. They take them into a camp on the shores of the river. Fatah calls out a Muslim prayer. The others gather around. David takes the deal to POTUS she says the choice is easy and she should do the interview. He doesn’t like it but she’s ready to do it to cover up the news of the man hunt. David wants to stall.

Payton says if he runs the story, it can damage the op but David says the interview will make her look scared and like she’s covering something up. David says her next time on TV should be a victory lap to announce the deaths of Fatah and the Sheik. Charlie sees they all broke their thumbs to get loose of their cuffs. Kenneth Travers was the one who got away and they wonder if he has more to do.

We see the young man running through the woods. He looks battered but is alive. Earl shows Mo what the chatter looks like. He says the online chatter is non-existent. He shows it the day before the bombing and then today. Dash says something massive is coming and only Kenneth the escapee knows what it is. Lucas says Kenneth was in and out of foster homes. They go talk to Agent Hernandez.

One foster family seemed to connect because he was on the honor roll when he was with them. Hernandez doesn’t want to follow the lead but says they can go if they want. He asks them to let him know if they get a hit. They agree and roll out. David finds Jules at the White House. He says he has an appointment with POTUS and thanks him for presenting his proposal well. He says he owes him one.

Lucas says they have no legal authority and asks what to do. Charlie says they need to blind them with their CIA credentials. They talk about Banks and how much they like his absence of tact and call him a door kicker. They also discuss that they miss Ray. She asks how many days Lucas has sober and he says eight. She says that does not sound fun and he says it is what it is.

He tells her that he screwed up with Mo. She says to make it right now he’s sober. Kurt is on the phone negotiating a security contract for a Mr Karos. Kurt says it’s 250k pounds per operator. He says he’s headed to Aleppo where bullets are cheap. He closes the deal and ends the call. Emily comes in and says she was in Bangkok. She says it’s a hell of a story but lurid.

She says she’ll tell him over lunch but she insists and says he’s not a civil servant anymore. She says he can even get drunk and get into shenanigans over lunch. He agrees. Victor watches them go then goes back to Syd who waits in his office. He asks what happened and he says Nick was onto them and he barely got away.

Syd says he’s done on this but Victor says no. Syd says he’s done what he asked and was paid for. He says his loyalties and Victor’s agenda are headed different ways. Victor says he needs to remain operational if he wants to keep Charlie safe.

Charlie and Lucas talk to Kenneth’s former foster parents. The wife shows an album of all the kids they fostered. She says they never could have kids of their own. She says it must be hard to understand how Kenneth stopped be that kid in the photos The husband says it’s harder that people think they had something to do with what he’s turned into or that they’re harboring a terrorist.

Lucas says Kenneth is injured and may come to them. Charlie says Kenneth just got swept up and was susceptible to the message and got in over his head. The dad says to just let him die after what he did. Lucas says no wonder he’s willing to strap a bomb to his chest. Charlie says the mom still loves Kenneth. She comes out to talk to them and says Kenneth called her but she didn’t want to tell her husband.

The call was like a goodbye call and came from a cell phone reported stolen. The call came from somewhere near a cell tower. Charlie says to look up hunting blinds and cabins since the foster dad took him hunting. Payton rehearses for her interview. David comes in and flips through the questions. Payton asks him to sit. David asks how close they are to eliminating the Sheik.

He then says bin Laden was on that same watch list for a decade. She says she has no exact time line. David says it sounds like a dodge or she’s ignorant. Payton asks Violet to get them coffee and the woman leaves. Payton tells David to say what he wants. He says, for the record, Jules and his network need numbers and won’t be soft on her. She says he just doesn’t like that he made a decision without her.

He asks her more tough questions about Kenneth Travers. Then he asks her about Charlie and why she kept her on and accuses her of nepotism. She says Charlie’s job is to advise her. Then he asks her about her husband having an affair with Green and that he was leaving her for the Senator who had already left her husband. She screams at him to get out and David says to get her answers straight or she can enjoy the rest of her first term because there won’t be a second. He slams out.

Lucas and Charlie walk through the woods and Lucas says he doesn’t like not being armed. She says she is and says Kenneth can be misunderstood or Charles Manson. She pots a blind and calls out for Kenneth. She sees a drop of blood. She has her gun at the ready. She says she knows he’s hurt. He asks if she’s CIA. He runs out and she shoots him but not fatally. Lucas says he’ll call an ambulance but she says to put his phone away.

Charlie tells Kenneth that he has 3-5 minutes before he’s unconscious and in 10 he’ll be dead. She crouches down and asks if he wants to die. She says now that you feel it, you know how awful a thing dying really is. She asks if he wants to die or wants her to call an ambulance. He says no. She says there will be another attack and he says yes. She asks when and he says he doesn’t know. She steps on his arm and he says it’s bomb vests everywhere. He says Professor Ahmadi has the vests.

Nick goes into a tent and sees stacks of crates. He opens one and checks it out. He goes to a larger one and finds his phone. He ducks just as a guy comes out him with a machete and he takes the guy out. Fatah comes in and he asks why. Nick says he interrupted him. He asks Fatah to buy him time to call Charlie with the coordinates. Fatah takes the machete and slices his own chest.

Men rush in and Fatah says the dead man betrayed them. The FBI comes for Ahmadi. He blows out the back of his head right as they come in. Lucas calls Charlie and says Ahmadi killed himself and there’s bomb residue everywhere but the vests are all gone. He says Kenneth told the truth. Charlie wonders what Ahmad’s end game was and why he led them to the backpacks. Charlie goes to see Kenneth.

He’s in the hospital. He tells her that he told her all he knows. He says no single man knows anything so no single man can bring AR down. She asks about the Sheik and he says he’s no ordinary man. She asks how he knows and he says the website. He says he’s an example. He says years ago, the Kush was a pasture and the Sheik worked the land but then the invasion came and forged him into a soldier.

He says the soldiers beat and shot his father. He says he cooked for them and polished their boots and prayed. Kenneth says one night he cut all their throats and burned down the house then joined the Muhajadeen. She asks if the Sheik gave the detonate order. She asks Kenneth why he would do this and blow himself up for him. He says no one believes anymore and the faithful don’t exist her.

He repeats the standard Muslim prayer. In the camp, Fatah gives an inspirational speech to the men. He talks to them about the reasons to fight in their righteous cause. They all then chant Allah Akbar (God is great). He seems a total fanatic. Nick watches and wonders at the gleam in his eyes. Lucas gets back to the office and finds Charlie still there. She splits her coffee with him and he says he just wants a drink.

He says that would shut all this down in his mind but he won’t do it. She says she understands. He says people are killing, dying and doing horrible things for reasons he doesn’t understand. He asks if she would have let Kenneth bleed out in the woods. She says five years ago, no. Now, she doesn’t know. He says the bombs are out there. She says if they can kill the Sheik they stop the attack. He says that’s on Nick.

Lucas asks why Charlie is such a true believer in Nick and she says it’s all she can believe in now. Lucas puts on his jacket and says he’s going to hit a meeting. She tells him to take a chance and call Maureen. He says not tonight and that he’ll see her in eight hours. Kurt is having sex in the back of his car. Charlie lies awake. Her phone buzzes and she grabs it. It’s Nick. He gives her the coordinates.

He says the Sheik is en route and will be there in an hour. He says this is their shot. He says it will get tricky but asks for a little warning. He asks for the plan for Fatah and she says they have to kill them both and then get Nick home. She tells him to call back when he has eyes on the Sheik. Payton is working on her interview notes when Charlie calls.

She says she’s about to do the interview and Charlie says Bellerephon is a go right now. She tells her to get back to her with a full report ASAP. A boat trolls up to the camp. Fatah greets the Sheik who then looks at Nick but walks past. Jules sets up for the interview. He has his talking head there ready to go. Payton walks down the White House halls. She’s not in the room and the show is going live. Phillip Franklin says they have to postpone and go live to the seven o’clock news. Payton greets her staff and says let’s go. They turn on the screen to watch what happens with the op.