Gillian Anderson Furious Tea Leoni Admits She ‘Still Loves’ Ex Husband David Duchovny

Gillian Anderson Furious Tea Leoni Admits She ‘Still Loves’ Ex Husband David Duchovny
Tea Leoni is still in love with her ex-husband David Duchovny – and Gillian Anderson is not happy about it. The sordid love triangle between David Duchovny, Tea Leoni, and Gillian Anderson has always piqued the interest of the media over the years. Although David Duchovny was married to actress Tea Leoni for 17 years and the couple had two children together, it was no secret he has been romantically involved with his X-Files costar Gillian Anderson over the years. Although Duchovny and Anderson never confirmed their relationship, they haven’t gone to great lengths to deny it either.

In 2014 Tea Leoni and David Duchovny officially ended their marriage and got a divorce – although they have remained in contact with each other to co-parent their two children Madeline (15 years old) and Kyd (12 years old). Despite the fact that Tea Leoni has moved on as well and is dating her Madam Secretary costar Tim Daly, a new report from GLOBE Magazine reveals that the actress still has feeling for David.

According to the March 23rd edition of GLOBE Magazine, “They may be divorced since last August but David Duchovny still drives ex Tea Leoni nuts. ‘On occasion I want to throttle him,’ admits Tea who was married to the X-Files star for 17 years. The pair, who have two children, speak almost daily. And, even though she has been linked to her Madame Secretary costar Tim Daly, Tea admits that she still loves her ex.”

It really is ironic that Tea Leoni has such a “love” for David Duchovny now that they are officially divorced and he is free to be with Gillian Anderson and the couple can go private with their relationship. There is no love lost between Tea and Gillian – and it seems like Tea doesn’t want David, she just doesn’t want Gillian to have him either. What do you think of Tea gushing to the media about how much she still loves David? Is there any truth to it, or is she just trying to get under Gillian Anderson’s skin? Let us know what you think in the comments below!