Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Week 2 Monday Live Feed Highlights – Tiffany Now In Danger Of Being Evicted? (PHOTOS)

Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Week 2 Monday Live Feed Highlights - Tiffany Now In Danger Of Being Evicted? (PHOTOS)

According to recent Big Brother 18 spoilers, Paulie chose to use the Power of Veto to remove Paul from the chopping block. He named Victor his replacement nominee, which came as no surprise, seeing as how that was his plan all along. It’s looking like Victor is going to get sent home this week.

Based on the BB18 spoilers coming out of the house right now on the BB18 CBS Live Feeds, it’s clear that there’s some tension in the house – especially between Paulie and Victor. But, for the most part, Victor is trying to remain in good spirits given his situation.

Victor’s a fun player and has a good personality, so it’s a shame that he’ll be leaving at the end of this week. It’s always important to expect the unexpected where Big Brother’s concerned, but I think we can expect that Victor will be headed out the door come Thursday.

Victor thinks that he has a chance for safety, as he revealed to Paulie in the HOH room that some people have told him that they’d rather evict Tiffany. It seems that Vic is living in a bit of a fantasy world at the moment, but we’ll see how things play out over the coming days.

For the most part, it’s looking like it will be a chill day in the house, according to the feeds. But keep checking this page for updates. CDL will be doing daily recaps/highlights of what’s going on in the BB18 house, so be sure to keep refreshing the page to get all your Big Brother spoilers and news as they happen live.

BB18 Week 2 Sunday July 4th Live Feed Highlights

1:28 BBT – Natalie and Tiffany are talking about Victor. Nat tells Tiffany that she doesn’t need to worry at all about her having her vote. As of right now, she’s planning on voting out Victor. Tiffany says that it makes sense for Nat to keep the the girls currently on the block in the game. Nat gets in trouble for obstructing her microphone.

1:34 BBT – Victor and Paulie talk in the HOH room. Victor says that he understands why he was put up on the block; he also says that, if he does find a way off the block, that he won’t be gunning for him. Victor says that he’s not salty about how things are playing out. Victor also says that he feels pretty confident that Tiffany will be going home, as he has talked to quite a few people who see her as a bigger threat as of now. They proceed to talk about Tiffany and her gameplay, especially her intelligence and strategy thus far.

1:44 BBT – Tiffany tells Natalie that she and Bronte could take her way farther in the game than Victor ever could, as Victor will just consistently be nominated for eviction week after week. It would be foolish to align herself with him.

1:48 BBT – Victor tells Paulie that he’s going to play things cool over the next couple days. Victor says that he thinks he and Paulie could be a dynamo team. Paulie continues to appease Victor and stroke his ego, but it’s hard to tell if he’s sincere about what Victor’s tossing into the room (probably not). They leave the HOH room to avoid looking suspicious.

Image credits to CBS BB18 Live Feeds