Kate Middleton Humiliated by Prince William’s Ex Jecca Craig Baby Secret – No Official Birth Announcement

Kate Middleton Humiliated by Prince William's Ex Jecca Craig Baby Secret - No Official Birth Announcement

Is Kate Middleton humiliated yet again by Prince William’s ex-girlfriend Jecca Craig? Did the Duchess of Cambridge know that Jecca recently gave birth to a baby boy? There has been no official birth announcement, only Jecca’s husband, Jonathan Baillie’s revelation that he is a new dad.

Wait, what? Prince William’s former lover is a new mom. Jecca Craig’s new husband Jonathan Baillie let it slip that he was flying solo at an event because Jecca was home “looking after our new baby” according to a reporter for Daily Mail.

You will remember Jecca married Jonathan in Kenya over Easter weekend and Prince William just had to be there, leaving Kate Middleton, Prince George and Princess Charlotte behind. This caused quite uproar! After all, it was Charlotte’s first Easter.

No one quite understood why it was necessary for Prince William to be in Kenya over Easter weekend. The Palace made a statement that William was going to spend part of the time promoting his wildlife initiative and then the rest of the trip was personal.

It didn’t take much digging to find out that Jecca was marrying Jonathan that weekend in Kenya. There’s the personal part of the trip! Now the Internet is rumbling with the question, is it possible – no it can’t be, that Prince William is the father of this baby boy? Is that why William was all fired up about attending the wedding?

You will remember that Jecca Craig and Prince William have a history of sneaking off together. William took Jecca on a hunting trip on a private estate in Spain with a bunch of his mates while Kate Middleton went with Prince George on the annual Carole Middleton led annual vacation to Mustique.

Royal watchers are speculating like crazy! Who is the biological father of this baby boy? Why hasn’t Jecca Craig made an official announcement about the baby’s arrival? Is it at all possible that the little guy is of Royal birth but everyone is keeping it a secret? Is Jonathan merely a cover?

The second biggest question after who’s the daddy is what does Kate Middleton know? Even if Jonathan is the baby’s father the public speculation about who Jecca’s baby’s father is has got to be killing Kate.

Of course the Duchess of Cambridge will slap a fake smile on her face and pretend as if the Cambridge marriage is perfect. All the while Kate will continue to starve herself into Hollywood form. Maybe Kate will enjoy a dalliance with Olympian Ben Ainslie. The two were pretty chummy at a recent Land Rover BAR event.

Then there’s the possibility Kate Middleton may decide it’s time for baby number three in an attempt to prove to the world that the future Queen is the only woman with whom the future King shares his bed. Come back to CDL for all the latest breaking Royal news and gossip!

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