Nashville Season Recap – Avery Picks Layla: Season 4 Episode 17 “Baby Come Home”

Nashville Season Recap - Avery Picks Layla: Season 4 Episode 17 "Baby Come Home"

Tonight on ABC Nashville starring Hayden Panettiere continues with an all new Wednesday April 27, season 4 episode 17 called, “Baby Come Home.” and we have your weekly recap below for you. On tonight’s episode, Rayna (Connie Britton) reaches out to Teddy (Eric Close) to help bring Maddie (Lennon Stella) home and avoid escalating things in court.

On the last episode Maddie ran away, leaving Rayna and Deacon frantic with worry. Meanwhile, Riff well missing, forcing Luke to find a replacement for him. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “Rayna reaches out to Teddy to help bring Maddie home and avoid escalating things in court. Meanwhile, Juliette’s success on tour and advances toward Avery win her no favors with Layla; and Luke uses a talk-show appearance to try to bolster Will’s career.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Nashville at 10:00 PM EST!

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#Nashville starts with Rayna and Deacon posing for photos in their home for a Southern Living shoot. They ask about getting the kids in the shoot but Bucky says no kids in the shot. The photographers move on to the kitchen and Deacon tells Rayna they need to make a move.

Rayna says it’s not their move to make and they need to wait and see what Maddie does. Juliette is with Glenn and she says it’s easy to get 20 thousand people to love you as she takes the stage. Layla watches from the wings with a pouty look on her face.

Luke tells Ken that Juliette is back in this and they talk about Will’s showcase. Ken says there has never been an openly gay artist on the radio and it’s a hill. Luke says it’s time to climb it. Layla comes back to her bus and finds Avery putting Cadence down.

He asks why she’s there and she says she was hoping Juliette would wobble her first night out and asks if that makes her horrible. Avery says he’s seen the Juliette show and wanted to work on a track for them and be with the baby. They go to the studio on the bus to work.

Later, Gunnar sits with Scarlett then takes a call from Will who says they’re on the radio in Nashville. Gunnar chats with him and Scarlett walks away. Will wants to talk to Scarlett and Gunnar says she’s not talking to him. Will asks what he did.

Juliette asks Glenn about Avery riding on the plane with her. Glenn says there is nothing going on between Avery and Layla and they’re just working on an album on the bus. Avery plays a track for Layla and she thanks him as they listen.

They’re close as they share headphones. Avery gives her a look and she kisses him. Avery hesitates then kisses back. They unplug the headset and the noise wakes Cadence. He goes to get her and the moment is lost.

Southern Living thanks Rayna for the time and Sid asks about family shots at the Opry. A guy shows up and hands Rayna an envelope. It’s papers for the emancipation. She says it’s an order to appear in court. Daphne comes in and asks what’s emancipation.

Rayna says her sister wants to live like a grown up and Daphne asks if she’s divorcing them. Deacon and Rayna meet with a lawyer, David Mannis, and Deacon says Cash is a snake leading Maddie astray. Deacon asks how they can get it into court in two days.

The lawyer says Teddy and Rayna are listed, not Deacon. The guy says he has no legal rights since he’s not her legal father, just her biological. Rayna says she wants to talk to Maddie but Mannis says they have to prepare her and Teddy to do this.

Maddie and Cash meet with her lawyer. Maddie says she signed up for the proficiency exam and Maddie says her sister is texting her constantly and the lawyer advises her not to contact her until this is settled since her parents might be using her phone.

Avery meets with Layla and says he was up all night. Layla interrupts and says she likes him and likes making music and Avery says he likes her too. Layla says it’s not you, it’s me right and he says it’s complicated with Cadence and now Juliette.

He says it’s best if they keep things the way it is. She grabs her purse and says it’s too bad because they do have something. She walks away. Gunnar asks Scarlett to hold the elevator and she tries to close it on him instead.

He asks what the hell that was and why she’s been mean to him. The elevator breaks down and he says they’re stuck. Scarlett starts beating on the door and yelling for help. Rayna goes to see Teddy to explain about Cash being a bad influence.

She says it’s Deacon’s business partner’s daughter and he wants to blame Deacon but Rayna says she found out about the crazy Edgehill deal that he made and that’s making it worse. Rayna asks him to sign a document but he refuses until he sees Maddie who’s coming to see him today.

Juliette comes over to speak to Avery and Cadence and he asks why she came on this tour. She says she needs to be near his daughter then says it was last minute. J asks if he’ll play Dirt with her on stage and he’s unsure. Layla lurks watching.

Avery says he’ll let her know then walks away. Layla goes to Glenn and says she was calling him then asks about Rayna’s update on the video. Glenn says he has to go to J’s rehearsal and runs off. Layla is angry. Rayna is lurking at the prison hoping to see Maddie.

Bucky tells Rayna to call Scott Borscetta and tells him about Cash trying to get Maddie in with Big Machine. Rayna says to try and set the meeting. Ken tells Luke almost no one showed for Will’s event. Luke is upset but Will plays for the few that showed.

Luke is annoyed at the chickens and Will says maybe a smaller launch but Luke says bigger is the key. Gunnar tells Scarlett there’s a blackout for 10 blocks when he talks to an emergency worker. Scarlett slumps to the floor and pulls out a bottle of scotch.

She calls him a lying backstabbing cougar. She says she saw Gunnar wiping Autumn’s lipstick off his face. Gunnar says he didn’t sleep with her. He says she invited him to go hang with James Taylor and he said no so he didn’t jeopardize them. She offers him some scotch.

Daphne works on a song and is frustrated. Deacon comes in and says he throws his guitar too sometimes. He asks if she wants to talk and she says she has to learn this song and he offers to help. He says he can play and throw a guitar. She smiles.

Avery calls Glenn and leaves a message and asks why he’s suggesting that he play with J on stage. He says he’s there for Layla, please tell Juliette. Glenn confronts J about the voice mail he got from Avery. Glenn says she told him she was done lying and manipulating.

She says she changed and was just hoping it could change things. He says try and be honest with Avery instead of lying. Luke has an appearance on Good Morning America then says they have a surprise in store. He says he brought someone along.

He says there is an artist and an issue that’s important. Robin says please welcome Will Lexington. He takes the stage to perform on GMA. Rayna shows up to meet Cash in place of Big Machine and asks why she’s doing this.

Rayna says if she was Maddie’s friend, she would encourage her to come home. Cash says she won’t let Maddie’s opportunities slip away like hers did and says she knows about a crazy dad. Rayna promises Cash she will ruin her career.

Maddie tells Teddy about Deacon pulling her offstage at a club. Teddy says he might have done the same thing. She tells him please sign this letter of consent. Teddy says he didn’t sign her to Edgehill for no reason and says he was blackmailed into it.

She asks what was the blackmail about and he says there was a woman and he didn’t want her to know. He says her mother always had her best interests at heart. Maddie says all her parents are liars and storms out.

Luke answers Robin’s questions about dropping Luke from the label and he says he came to his sense. Will says he knows why Luke had to do it and says a gay artist in mainstream country is difficult. Luke says the radio programmers don’t want to play a gay artist.

Luke says please call the radio stations and request Will’s songs. Daphne and Deacon work on her song and she says she loves singing with her sister and asks if Maddie will ever play with her again. She doesn’t understand why Maddie is doing this.

Deacon says he’ll be there tonight for her and hugs an upset Daphne. Teddy calls Rayna and says he’ll sign what Rayna wants and says Maddie’s doing crazy stuff. Teddy says Maddie just walked out on him and she asks how long ago she left.

Scarlett and Gunnar hang out in the elevator and talk about a Rolling Stone interview they have. Maddie’s lawyer drops her off and Rayna is waiting and begs her to talk to her. Maddie asks why she didn’t tell her about Teddy and Edgehill.

Rayna says she was trying to protect her. Rayna says she believes in Maddie as an artist and wants her on her label so she won’t be exploited. Maddie says she doesn’t know what to believe and Rayna says believe in your family.

Rayna asks her not to let some court or lawyer decide how she wants her life to be. Rayna begs her to come home. Layla is upset at Glenn and reminds him that he promised to be his priority. She says he’s been at Juliette’s back and call.

He says Layla was great last night and Bucky loves her video. He says everything is going well and Juliette is no threat to her. J goes to see Avery and asks to talk. Juliette says she still loves him and Avery says he hates that she’s here and he wants to get on with his life.

He says he knows she will do this to him again. Juliette says she knows she destroyed everything but it’s different now and they can rebuild it better. Cadence wakes and he backs off from her. Juliette says take your time and make a decision and let me know.

She kisses his hand and goes. Deacon and Rayna meet at the benefit and Maddie says she thinks they’re going too far. Cash tells her that Rayna threatened her when Maddie seems to soften. Will thanks Luke for having his back and Ken glares.

Ken says he should not have called out country radio on GMA. Luke says now they have no choice but Ken says he made some enemies today. Gunnar and Scarlett are tipsy in the elevator and he says she’s extraordinary.

He says he knew she would change his life when they met. He grabs the guitar and starts strumming one of their old songs. Layla watches a video of her singing close with Avery over and over. Avery sits thinking staring at the ceiling.

Juliette starts a text to Avery then erases and starts again. Avery paces the hallway of the hotel. He stops at a door and gets a text from Juliette saying she’s scared but they can be brave together. Emily brings Cadence to Juliette and says Avery said she can have her for the night.

Avery knocks at Layla’s door and kisses her and goes inside. Gunnar and Scarlett almost kiss then the power comes back on and the moment is lost. They walk down the hall to her room and Scarlett says goodnight and goes inside her room.

She’s panting and looks worried. She opens the door and he’s still there. She kisses him and pulls him inside. They fall on the bed. Rayna is at the Opry and Daphne is ready to go onstage. Maddie shows up and Daphne is thrilled and hands over the guitar.

Rayna says one of her daughters is there but then sees Maddie and says both her daughters are here and says please welcome Maddie and Daphne. The crowd cheers. Deacon ad Rayna take the stage for a hug. Rayna says he’s happy she’s home but Maddie says she’s not and walks off.

Daphne asks what she’s doing but Maddie says she’s not emancipating from Daphne and they’re still sisters. Maddie won’t listen and walks off. Rayna has to perform while Deacon holds a crying Daphne. Rayna sings sadly.