Patrick Dempsey Renews Vows With Jillian Fink: Agrees To End Race Car Driving Career – Puts Family First

Patrick Dempsey Renews Vows With Jillian Fink: Agrees To End Race Car Driving Career – Puts Family First

Patrick Dempsey and Jillian Fink plan to renew their wedding vows nearly a year after filing for divorce? Jillian has reportedly forced Patrick to end his race car driving career and demanded that Dempsey put his family first in order to make the reunion work.

The actor and Jillian had been spotted getting cozy quite a bit, which sparked speculation that the couple reunited. Then there were whispers that the couple had called off their divorce. Those in the know say it’s true: Jillian has withdrawn her petition for divorce.

An insider recently divulged to Radar Online that Jillian is willing to salvage the 16-year marriage, but Patrick has to ease up on participation in motorsports – and must put their family above everything else.

Whether or not Patrick can stick to the agreement and give up racing cars remains to be seen. A source revealed that Dempsey isn’t pleased with this demand but is desperate to reunite with Jillian and has willingly accepted her terms.

Patrick is probably more than happy to become a family first husband and father. Now that McDreamy doesn’t have the demands of long hours taping “Grey’s Anatomy” it shouldn’t be difficult to keep that promise. If Patrick is required to travel to film movies Jillian can pack up the couple’s three children and bring them along.

Jillian allegedly has one other condition on the path to a reunion. Fink plans on taking things slowly and is not in a hurry to plan a vow renewal ceremony. Right now, Jillian just wants to Patrick to treat their relationship as if “they were dating for the first time” an insider revealed.

It appears that Patrick Dempsey and Jillian Fisk have dropped any plans for divorce. A source close to the couple told People, “The divorce [plans] made Patrick miserable. It was definitely a wake-up call.”

The same insider also said that Patrick Dempsey and Jillian Fink are exclusively dating each other. The once estranged couple is spending also spending a great deal of time and with their children Talula, and twins Sullivan and Darby.

Is Patrick’s desire to keep his marriage and family together stronger than the desire to race cars? Only time will tell, but Jillian is willing to give Patrick the chance to prove he’s a changed man.

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