Scandal Recap 3/17/16: Season 5 Episode 14 “I See You”

Scandal Recap 3/17/16: Season 5 Episode 14 "I See You"

Tonight on ABC Scandal starring Kerry Washington continues with another exciting episode in an all new Thursday March 17, season 5 episode 14 called, “I See You,” and we have the recap for you below. On tonight’s episode, Olivia’s (Kerry Washington) team persevere without her as she focuses on spying on Jake. (Scott Foley)

Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) is a former White House Communications Director for the President of the United States who has left to her own crisis management firm, Olivia Pope & Associates, dedicating her life to protecting the public images of the nation’s elite, but struggles with leaving her past relationship with the President, Fitzgerald Grant III (Tony Goldwyn) behind, which leads to a complicated relationship with the First Lady, Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young).

On the last episode, Some Secret Service agents got into trouble and seek help from Olivia’s team. Meanwhile, Abby struggled to keep Fitz in line; and Jake started to divulge a few of his secrets. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “Olivia’s team persevere without her as she focuses on spying on Jake. Meanwhile, tension rises as Susan’s and Mellie’s campaigns intensify; Abby is suspicious of Cyrus’s true motives; and shock accompanies a blast from the past.”

Tonight’s episode of SCANDAL is going to be absolutely incredible and you won’t want to miss even a minute. We’ll be recapping it for you here live.

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#Scandal starts with Olivia at dinner with Rowan, Jake and Jake’s new fiancée Vanessa. Vanessa tells the story of how her phone got cracked when he ran into her. And – OMG – Vanessa is played by Joelle Carter (Ava Crowder from Justified!!).

Then Vanessa tells Olivia the second time she ran into Jake she had to talk to him. We see Olivia’s team digging into Jake’s apartment, checking out files and hiding bugs. Vanessa says Jake described Olivia as the sister he never had.

Olivia gets a text from her team that they’re done at Jake’s place. She takes off and watches the video feed from his apartment. Vanessa and Jake kiss and then Olivia says – I see you, Vanessa Moss. Sally is talking on her show about fundraising candidates looking to pick your pockets.

She says Vargas is the worst of them and calls him two-faced for swearing not to run for President. Abby is surprised and Ethan says no one had heard of Fitz when he ran either then says if Cyrus ran Vargas’ campaign, he’d got with him.

Abby thinks that’s a strange remark. Quinn meets Abby later and Abby asks her to look into Cyrus and find out what he’s up to. Quinn says she’s too busy at OPA and says Olivia is busy watching Jake’s video feed. Abby says it’s important.

Abby says she’ll find someone else to help her and Quinn takes off. Marcus and Huck are watching Javi’s soccer game with interest and cheering together. They high five when Javi scores. Huck sees his ex and a guy with Kim. Marcus asks if that’s her BF.

Huck says he hasn’t seen the guy before and looks sad. Olivia stares at surveillance photos and takes a call from Mellie who asks about the environmental platform. Olivia says don’t meet with him and then Hollis is there to meet Mellie. Olivia warns her again about him.

Huck checks out the new BF and does and shows him to Charlie. He says it’s the guy they tried to kill and now he’s after his family. Charlie and Huck look concerned. Charlie says he doesn’t recognize him but Huck insists they worked on him.

Charlie says it’s a short list of those that survived them. Charlie says maybe it’s Six-Toes and says he cried like a baby. Looks like they cut off a few of his toes. Charlie says he’ll look around then says if it’s him, they need to take the guy out first.

Hollis tells Mellie that divorce suits her and tells her how hot she is. He pours them a drink and says he’s got money, Republican money, the kind that wins elections but he wants a gal that puts out or just rubs his jeans and leaves him frustrated.

Mellie says she knows he wants EPA cutbacks and Hollis says he wants to burn them to the ground. He says he’ll write a check for $500 million if she’ll promise to try and shut it down. She says she can’t promise that and he says he’s going to go talk to Susan.

Liz tells Fitz that they need Hollis on their side and says this will cut Mellie off at the knees so they need to prevent her from getting it. Abby says Hollis comes with strings attached. Cyrus says it’s worth the risk. Abby stares with interest.

David tells Abby that Cyrus is cheating on the president and he’s been seeing Vargas. He says he was in Harrisburg two weeks ago. David tells Abby he needs her help too. She doesn’t want to listen but does. He says he’s with two women – one wonderful and one an actual witch.

He say one satisfies him… she says he needs help and walks away. Mellie calls Olivia and says Hollis is meeting with Susan and says it’s so much money. Olivia says they’ll find the money and tells Mellie to calm down and says this is a marathon.

Olivia refuses to see Hollis and Mellie says thanks for nothing and hangs up. Liv watches the video feed of Jake doing Vanessa up against the wall and is disturbed when he stares very intentionally right into the camera  – seemingly at her. She switches the TV off.

Jake comes to see Olivia later and says it’s pathetic and low and sees the surveillance photos. He accuses her of jealousy and she says she’s not. She asks why he chose Vanessa and how she fits into the plan he and Rowan cooked up.

Jake says Fitz manipulated her and says now she feels like she owes him. Jake says she was the smartest person in the room and is now the biggest fool. He says she’s textbook daddy issues. He tells her he’s in love with Vanessa and is marrying her.

He says Vanessa is smart, beautiful and capable of loving him back. She says his girlfriends are marks and says nothing he does is real. Jake says Vanessa likes Hugh Grant movies, reads Vogue and takes vitamins. Jake asks if she liked watching them and if she got off from it.

Olivia glares and Jake walks out on her. She looks perplexed and hurt. Abby comes to Cyrus’ office and says she thought he would be in the Hollis meeting. She says she’s on the Vargas thing and he plays dumb and says he thought that guy’s 15 minutes are up.

Abby asks if he’s out of the election game and holds out a folder and says she knows he’s been talking to him. Cyrus says he’s a governor and she asks what other governor he talked to 27 times. She says he’s been in Harrisburg and is lying.

He acts outraged and says the guy is a democrat and wants free college. He threatens to fire her. He says he met him for dinner and worked on their education platforms. She says he’s lying and she’s telling Fitz and shows him a pic of Vargas leaving his house.

Cyrus stops her and admits he talked to the guy but never violated his oath to the president. She says he’s lying and he admits that he is but promises to make it right. He says look at me and she finally does. He says it’s over. She nods.

He begs her not to tell Fitz and not give up on him. He says this job is everything and he can’t lose it again. Abby shakes her head but agrees. Charlie shows up looking for Huck and she’s snippy and says no one is around. He asks why the attitude.

He says Huck asked him to look into the dude and says his cover is a car salesman. Marcus sees the pic and says Huck saw him with his wife and kid. He asks who Charlie is and she says no one and Charlie says lover.

Huck picks up the guy whose car has broken down. He tells him his name is Harold and the guy says his name is Sean. Hollis comes to meet with Susan and Fitz at the White House and he’s smug and annoying as usual.

Hollis takes the President’s spot and Fitz glares but lets it pass. Hollis talks about the coal mines in her home state and Susan says her father and grandfather were coal miners. He says he loves hard-working people that earn a living.

Susan says she’s for the environment but also for the economy and talks about off shore drilling. Fitz tells Susan she doesn’t have to say what he wants to hear and asks Hollis what he wants. Susan tries to mediate this.

Fitz says they don’t need his money to win this election and Hollis makes a smart remark about him taking his money when he first ran and tells him to get out. Hollis then goes back to Mellie and says Fitz was just rude. He says he’s giving her another chance.

He wants to talk about freeloading illegals. Abby goes to see Olivia and tells her about Cyrus and Vargas. Abby says she has him cold. Abby says she knows how to make it happen like she was built for it. She says she can destroy him and bathe in his blood.

Olivia says Abby wants his job and she says yeah. Olivia asks if she should wait her turn. Abby says Cyrus is a horrible human being. Abby says a good person would wait their turn but monsters take what they want. She says the big dogs own the room.

Abby asks how long she should wait before a big dog takes her out and takes her spot in line. She then asks how do big dogs sleep at night. Liv says she’s a good person but standing too close to the Oval and can feel the power – she says everyone wants it.

Olivia says don’t let it corrupt you and says once she takes off the white hat, it’s gone for good. Quinn calls Liv and tells her about Huck and Sean Barton. Marcus is with her. Marcus says Huck was just watching his kid play soccer and he didn’t know the guy was an assassin.

The guy talks to Huck about his GF and her great son. Huck drives past the gas station and says his name isn’t Harold and knows his name isn’t Sean. Mellie tells Hollis they can’t tell people they don’t belong here or else they’ll hate them.

Mellie says embracing American’s tomorrow is her slogan and says expanded pre-K education is her bedrock. Hollis says he can be on board with that and promises to have his people call hers. Olivia and the others find Huck’s car abandoned.

Quinn is upset that Marcus didn’t warn them and he says he didn’t know Huck ate people alive. Olivia takes his side and says treat Marcus like family. Quinn rants and says they’re three strangers hoping their coworker didn’t murder someone.

Quinn rants at Olivia and says they used to be family but that’s not what it is anymore. She tells Liv she never talks to Huck about his family and says Huck begged her to kill him. She says family doesn’t abandon one another and abandoned them for Fitz.

She says she spends all her time stalking her other ex-boyfriend. Quinn says Harrison asked her to be a gladiator in a suit and she was in awe of how fierce Olivia was. Quinn asks why she hates them and she screams that she was kidnapped.

She says they took everything from her – freedom, dignity – and says she took her life back and says she was in the Oval a year after she was sold on the open market. Olivia says it’s her turn. Huck comes out carrying Sean and says – it wasn’t him. They are horrified.

Abby comes to see Fitz and gives him a report then he says get Cyrus copies and she says no, he’s working for Vargas and is running his Presidential campaign. She says she knows this for sure. Fitz is not pleased. He thanks her. She asks what he’s going to do.

She says his Republican White House chief of staff is king-making a democrat right down the hall. She calls him a turn coat. Fitz says he can’t fire him for working for Vargas and says he’ll look like an idiot. He says he’ll have to find a new chief of staff.

He says Cyrus wins again and says this is not easy. Abby says if he exposes him as a turncoat, he’ll be destroyed and can’t work for Vargas. He says Vargas won’t be associated with treachery. Abby says she can neutralize him, work the optics, and win.

Abby says she can be the chief of staff and is exceedingly qualified. She says she will be the scary monster he needs. She says fire him, hire me. Fitz says let me know when it’s done and says fire him. He says you want the job, that’s the job.

Abby says she’ll let him know when it’s done. Huck and Olivia drive with Sean in the back of the car. Huck says he won’t remember a thing – at least he’s still alive. He says he thought he was Six-Toes, a guy going after revenge.

He says the guy loves Javi and Kim and even has a ring for Kim. Huck says it’s nice. He says he came to save Javi and Kim but he’s not the guy. He says he’s just Sean. He says he has to let go of his family. He says Sean is a good guy and he has to move on.

Hollis announces that he’s running for president. Mellie is horrified that he stole her platform, slogan and tag line. She’s furious. He’s even at his elementary school like Mellie told him she was going to do when she officially announced.

She calls him a slimy son of a whore. Fitz says it’s fun that he’s running but Susan is angry. Fitz says he’s a joke and no one will take him seriously. Susan rants at Fitz for getting into a pissing match with him. She says he’s upending things.

Fitz says you don’t yell at me in this office. Susan says tell me where I can yell at you and she screams at Liz and kicks her out of the room. Susan pours a Scotch and downs it. She turns back to Fitz and says she respects him in here and says outside the gates, it’s the Susan Ross show. BAM! GO Susan!

Olivia tells Quinn it’s because of her that she can be selfish because she holds things together when she’s not there. Marcus overhears and asks about the island Olivia mentioned. She explains then asks what else he needs to know.

He asks if she’s ever killed anyone and Quinn says that’s enough sharing. Abby comes to see Cyrus. She tells him he has to hand over his badge. She says collect your things and White House security is coming in 15 minutes to take his devices.

Cyrus says he can’t believe she told him and she says at least she got him 15 minutes. Abby says she’s sorry. Liv meets with Jake and says they need a truce to all the crazy. She says it was all her and he’s right. He says tell me again that I’m right.

Liv says she misses him and that’s why she’s been stalking him. He says okay. She says she knows she was selfish to have both him and Fitz and to not choose. She says sorry. Vanessa shows up then and he kisses her in greeting.

Abby comes to see Fitz who’s still with Susan. She nods. She goes to walk away and Fitz invites her to join them for a drink. Huck stares at Javi at his soccer game and Kim with Sean in the stands. He clicks the screens off and they go to black.

When Vanessa drops her phone, Liv has a flashback that it’s exactly how Jake met her. She says she can’t stay and says she has a work crisis and wishes them a nice evening. She calls Quinn and says they need to step up their surveillance of Jake.