Tom Hiddleston Abandons Taylor Swift: Goes to Australia Solo – Hiddleswift Over?

Tom Hiddleston Abandons Taylor Swift: Goes to Australia Solo - Hiddleswift Over?

Was Tom Hiddleston so desperate to get away from the uber-controlling Taylor Swift that he had to leave the country? Tom Hiddleston arrived in Brisbane, Australia sans Taylor Swift, with two giant suitcases chocked full of, presumably, his remaining pride and dignity.

The news comes amid prevalent Internet rumors that the power couple’s two-month relationship is ending, due in large part to Taylor Swift’s overbearing ways and constant media circus.

Both members of Hiddleswift have had a bad month. Tom Hiddleston was recently knocked off the shortlist of contenders to be the next James Bond and failed to nail down a lucrative Armani contract.

Still recovering from her previous breakup with Calvin Harris, Taylor Swift is now embroiled in the middle of yet another Kanye West scandal except this time, no one is crying Kanye foul.

According to Hollywood Life, the reason Taylor Swift didn’t accompany Tom Hiddleston to Australia is because she is preparing to move into a new Beverly Hills mansion. Perhaps she hopes that a new home will allow her to feng shui her entire life as everything seems to be falling apart lately for the pop star.

But with rampant rumors that Hiddleston fled to Australia to escape from pushy Swift, the purchase of the new Beverley Hills mansion may have a more significant role in the departure: Swift might be pressuring the actor to move in with her so she can keep an eye on him at all times.

Even Tom Hiddleston’s PR team fears that Taylor Swift has too much (bad) influence on his career and are urging him to break off the relationship before her bad press ruins him as well. His team even went so far as to forbid him to have Swift accompany him at the recent San Diego Comic-Con out of fear that her presence would distract the media from focusing on the actor’s talent and current projects.

The PR team also has a legitimate concern that post-breakup Taylor Swift would release one of her patented heartbroken “fill-in-the-blank ex-boyfriend is so evil” songs which could further cloud his image and dampen his future prospects of landing lucrative projects.

What do you think – is Hiddleswift over already? Was Tom Hiddleston and his team right to fear that his relationship with Taylor Swift might ruin his career? Why do you think Taylor Swift has a history of bad breakups? Has her controlling behavior pushed Tom Hiddleston away? Tell us what you think below!

Image Credit: FameFlynet