Carole Middleton Desperate For Attention: Isn’t Being Kate Middleton’s Mom Enough?

Carole Middleton Desperate For Attention: Isn't Being Kate Middleton's Mom Enough?

Carole Middleton is doing what she does best and that’s embarrass her daughter Kate Middleton in public. This time around Carole has insisted on being photographed with A-list celebrities at Wimbledon. Carole Middleton has made three different appearances at the tournament this year and each time she’s managed to sit or stand next to some of Hollywood’s biggest names.

Carole was spotted sitting right behind Hollywood hunk Bradley Cooper during the Friday, July 14 match between Middleton family friend Roger Federer and Tomas Berdych. Even though Bradley didn’t look back to greet Carole, Kate Middleton’s mother made sure that photographers knew that she was sitting right behind him.

Carole Middleton, Kate Middleton

Carole also made sure to be at the same matches that David Beckham and Anna Wintour attended as well. Meanwhile, British pop star Ellie Goulding was also at the tournament, but unlike Carole Middleton, she was fortunate enough to have a seat in the royal box.

In other words, Carole has done whatever she can to make sure she’s noticed at Wimbledon. She considers herself to be just as important as many of the A-list stars in attendance. Of course, this isn’t the first time that Carole Middleton has managed to embarrass her daughter Kate Middleton at Wimbledon this year. Just last week it was reported that Carole was caught asking Roger Federer’s wife Mirka for spare tickets to the event.

For some reason, Carole wasn’t given access to the royal box at Wimbledon this year. That’s why she had no choice but to scrounge for tickets. And for Kate Middleton, this is absolutely humiliating. The last thing she wants to see is her mother making headlines while begging for Wimbledon tickets. And that’s exactly what happened.

Carole Middleton Insists On Being Photographed With Celebrities At Wimbledon

But for many royal critics, Carole Middleton’s behavior is nothing new. She’s made it no secret that she along with her daughter Pippa Middleton love the attention they get whenever they are surrounded by Hollywood stars and celebrities. After all, they’ve been riding on Kate’s royal coattails for years now. And judging on their behavior this week, they continue to do so, despite all of the criticism they often get for it.

Carole Middleton doesn’t just want to be seen – she wants to be seen with the right kind of people beside her. In the meantime, don’t forget to check back with CDL for all the latest news and updates on Carole Middleton and the entire royal family right here.

Photo by Justin Tallis & Gareth Fuller WPA Pool/Getty Images