Chicago Fire Live Recap: Season 5 Episode 16 “Telling Her Goodbye”

Chicago Fire Live Recap: Season 5 Episode 16 "Telling Her Goodbye"

Tonight on NBC Chicago Fire returns with an all new Tuesday, March 21, season 5 episode 16 called, “Telling Her Goodbye” and we have your Chicago Fire weekly recap below. On tonight’s Chicago Fire episode as per the NBC synopsis, “When a turf war escalates, truck and squad members find themselves caught in the middle as unsuspecting hostages when a group of armed gang members take cover and assume control over Firehouse 51. The situation turns even more dire when one of the infiltrators is wounded.”

Tonight’s Chicago Fire season 5 episode 16 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it.   While you’re waiting for our recap make sure to check out all our Chicago Fire recaps, news, spoilers & more, right here!

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Chicago Fire begins tonight with the crews eating breakfast together. Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg) only takes fruit after he had Ethiopian food with his wife the night before. Randall “Mouch” McHolland (Christian Stolte) tells him that indigestion is the first sign of heart failure, even bringing Gabi Dawson (Monica Raymund) into the conversation.

The alarms sound, Gabi and Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) are called out for another gun shot victim; as the firefighters discuss the recent turf war happening.

Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) knocks on Lt. Kelly Severide’s (Taylor Kinney) door, and says she knew seeing Anna (Charlotte Sullivan) would cheer him up. He is happy Anna is back and Stella tells him whether he likes it or not, she is rooting for them.

Lt. Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) asks Kidd to do a full inventory of the rig since 1st watch made a mess of it. As she takes a bag from him, they hear gunshots; he tells her to close the doors as he calls CPD. Its too late, they are running towards them, Casey yells for Kidd to get Chief Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker), but the shooter tells her if she moves he will drop her where she stands.

Casey sees the one guy is bleeding, and a vehicle is rolling by with another gang’s crew inside. He offers to use his radio to call for help but the guy caulks his gun, ordering him to shut up and tells them to move.

Casey and Kidd can do nothing as the men bring them towards the kitchen, all the firefighters come out, Herrmann asking him if he is crazy, that this is a firehouse.

One of the gunman tells them all to be quiet; Boden tells everyone to stay calm, when asked if he is the bossman, he says he is. The gunman runs up to him and points his gun at him and asks him again; Boden says, “You have the gun!”

He tells all of them they are not there for any trouble, they just need a place to lay low for a while and if they show respect, they will do the same. Kidd steps forward saying she is a paramedic, and can help their friend.

When he orders one of his boys to keep an eye on her; Boden questions how old that boy is with the gun? As Kidd enters the locker room, she is able to make eye contact with Severide, who hides behind the wall. She speaks loud enough that Severide can hear everything that is happening; the gunman hears something but Kidd slams her locker bringing him back to her before he discovers Severide.

Sylvie and Gabi bring in their patient, and nurse Maggie (Marlyne Barrett) greets them, upset that its another gunshot victim, but assures him he is in good hands. They get a call of shots fired close to the firehouse, so Gabi calls Casey saying they should stay put.

Casey hears a phone vibrating when one of the gunman bring in the civilians who work at Firehouse 51. He asks for him to let them go, but the guy tells him they will be the first to die if he doesn’t shut up. Herrmann isn’t feeling right, but tells Mouch to quit being such a mother hen.

Severide is searching for a radio for help, while Boden stands with the one who claims to be the bossman. Boden asks about the gang members outside, saying they are still young. The guy laughs saying he isn’t trying to be a leader; he is trying to survive and he will leave when he is ready.

Kidd attends to the gang member with the wound, Akeil (Girogio Johnson). She asks his friend to help her lift him up so she can see the other side. He helps her.

Severide gets into Squad 3 Truck and calls in their hostage situation; at the same time, one of the gunman tells bossman, Turk (Keston John) that their ride has been around the block. Boden says they will bring his friend to the hospital no questions asked, he agrees and tells him to round everyone up; but things go awry when the door begins to open to the Firehouse.

Casey runs for the doors knowing its his wife, Gabi and Sylvie back with the ambulance. Matt throws his arm up telling her to get away and hits the button to close the doors; a gunman fires at Matt and he falls. Sylvie tells her to go, and calls in shots fired and gunshot victim inside.

Severide tackles down the gunman, as the other firefighters want to know what is happening, Turk keeps them back while another gunman puts a gun to Severide’s head.

The first gunman starts to kick Severide repeatedly while he is on his knees; the second gunman tells his guy to stop. Casey was shot in the shoulder and thinks he is okay but now the gang members are trapped as CPD arrives.

They take Casey and Severide away while Kidd still helps Akeil. JB hears the police outside and pulls out his gun; Kidd tells him she still needs him. After a minute he puts his gun away and he helps her secure his airway.

Back downstairs, Turk is furious his guy didn’t listen to him, asking if he is out of his mind. Turk says they are deep enough without him killing somebody. The gunman says they already got them so they may as well “go out”.

Boden says there is an army of cops outside watching their every move and if they hear one more shot they will come busting through those doors. He says if they want to get out alive they need to show some good faith and asks them to release Casey so he can get medical treatment.

Turk refuses when Casey admits he isn’t dying. He tells Boden no one is going anywhere because its the firefighters and civilians that are the only things keeping them from leaving there in body bags.

Gabi and Sylvie try to get to the firehouse but can’t get passed the police. Once they learn that they both know the inside layout of the building, the police need their help. Gabi learns so far there have been no casualties.

The gunman who shot Casey brings him up to Kidd so she can fix him, but he learns she hasn’t fixed Akeil, when she tells him he needs a trauma surgeon and she can only keep him alive until he gets one.

She asks JB to get stuff to wrap Casey’s arm, the gunman stops him yelling he shouldn’t have said his name nor is he a nurse. He says police and fire are on the same team, one carries a gun while the other carries an axe, and smacks him in the head as he walks away.

CPD orders them to answer the phone, so they can hear their demands. Boden tells Turk he has to pick up or they will be forced to breech. Mouch is worried about Herrmann who says the stress isn’t helping; but they are forced to stay quiet.

Severide leans forward and tells Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso) the second the one comes back to Kidd and there is a distraction, he needs Cruz to cover for him. Upstairs Kidd argues with one of the gunman as she is trying to help Akeil by putting a needle in his chest to release the pressure; he drags her to the locker room demanding to know which locker is hers. He threatens if anything hap[pens to his people, he will get every single person in the pictures. She punches him, but he knocks her out by smashing her head repeatedly into a locker.

JB sees his face bruised and he asks where Kidd is; Caseyasks him what did he do? JB is more concerned about Akeil and wants Casey to help, but he says he needs someone quick.

Downstairs the phone continues to ring, Boden is ordering him to pick up. Gabi learns they have already shot one of the hostages, and don’t have time. JB comes to Turk revealing Kidd was knocked out; Boden is furious and orders Turk to get that maniac off her.

Boden suggests they have paramedics in the field who can work with the gunshot wound. Outside Sylvie approaches a woman in the crowd who reveals her son, JB is inside the firehouse but he isn’t a gang member he is just a kid who lost his 10 year old sister to a stray bullet. Gabi is called away for a call.

The call is Brian “Otis” Zvonecek (Yuri Sardarov), he tells her Casey is okay and with him, but with two guns on him, he is only to talk about what he needs to do to save their friend. He does as he is told, but Turk gets impatient, while distracted Severide takes off again.

Gabi tells Otis to relax, remove the needle and opens the catheter, he is able to breath again, she tells him to secure it. Turk learns that Akeil is going to be okay. Boden asks him what is his next move; he suggests taking one of the firetrucks, but Boden says it can’t take a bullet.

Herrmann gets up again asking if Turk is out of his mind? Herrmann tells him he is not afraid of a punk like him and they have no clue what kind of hell they walk through every day. Turk raises his gun and just as it looks like he is going to pull the trigger, Herrmann drops to the floor in what appears to be a heart attack.

Mouch says they need to get him to the hospital right now. Boden tells Turk if he dies on his watch, he will be charged with murder of a public servant and he will fry. Cruz says let him get help and he will bust them out of there. If they let Herrmann go, they will Mad Max it out of there if that’s what they want.

Severide watches one of the gunman run up to let the psycho one know that Turk has a way of getting them out of there. They want to take Akeil but Otis says if they move him he will die. He needs a doctor; he raises his gun to Otis’ face and tells him to say that again. The other gang member tells him they don’t have time for that.

JB brings out Herrmann, and his mother cries out for him. He hesitates but returns inside the Firehouse. SWAT brings over Herrmann, who isn’t having any health problems, he tells them to give him paper and he will show where everyone is. Sylvie has a way to delay the gang members from hijacking one of the firetrucks. She asks JB’s mother to reach out to him.

Otis helps the guys prepare to bring Akeil with them, while the psycho one is told to check on his girl. In the locker room she is no longer on the floor. He begins to flip out that she is gone.

Boden tells Cruz he doesn’t have to do this; he says he has to. Turk asks if he is sure this could work; Cruz says no, and he thinks it’s insane but a deal is a deal. Just then JB’s mom is on the loud speaker, telling him he isn’t a thug and she taught him to love and he is a decent person and good brother.

Turk says they are playing. with his head and Boden tells him to listen to his mom. She reminds him that none of this violence is going to bring his little sister back. Boden continues to influence JB until Turk puts the gun to Boden’s head, telling him this is none of his business. JB tells them both to chill out and asks Turk what he needs him to do. He says load the truck.

SWAT drives up to the building as Sylvie comforts his mother. The other gunman continues to search for Kidd, who is hiding in one of the bathroom stalls. While he is distracted, Severide attacks him, and they battle it out in the bathroom. He is choking Severide to death and Kidd knocks him out with the gun.

Cruz and Boden are walking with Turk and JB, as SWAT enters the building. JB puts his gun down and Turk says nothing is over. Kidd and Severide run, distracting another one of the gunmen, and SWAT arrest him. Turk continues to point his gun at Boden’s face, saying he isn’t playing.

Turk orders JB to get in the truck, who is conflicted. Boden tells him his sister wouldn’t want him to get into the truck. As Turk is about to shoot Boden, he agrees to get in the truck.

Boden is in the driver seat of the firetruck, he begins to count down from 10 saying he will kill Boden if they don’t move. When he gets to 5, Boden and JB nod through the mirror and both attack Turk at the same time. Boden snatches the gun from Turk but JB is shot in the neck.

Gabi and Sylvie are helping him but the bullet is lodged in his artery and if they don’t remove it right now, he will die. Gabi decides to pull it out, right there on the floor of the firehouse.

His mother watches, believing she lost another child to gang violence, Gabi is able to save him. The police won’t allow his mother to go with them in the ambulance but Boden promises to get her there and offers their condolences for the loss of her daughter and all the trouble it has caused. He assures her JB is going to live.

Gabi hugs Casey telling him she feared the worst when she saw him get shot. He tells her she better get to the hospital and he is okay. Kidd and Severide hug tightly after the ordeal too. Chief Boden walks with Herrmann and the crews all circle together for a moment, nod and walk back into their firehouse.