General Hospital Spoilers: Will Steve Burton’s Character Romance Sam, Break Up Current JaSam?

General Hospital Spoilers: Will Steve Burton’s Character Romance Sam, Break Up Current JaSam?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Steve Burton’s (ex-Jason) return is sure to cause chaos. Jason (Billy Miller) and Sam (Kelly Monaco) will be stunned by this mystery man. They’ll immediately recognize Jason’s old face, but they won’t know how in the world this guy’s standing in front of them.

GH will give us a wild plot filled with many twists and turns according to EP Frank Valentini. It’s clear that this is going to be the big story as we head into fall and beyond. General Hospital spoilers suggest that it’ll take about nine months to play out, so the show is obviously betting viewers will like this material.

General Hospital Spoilers: Will Steve Burton’s Character Romance Sam, Break Up Current JaSam?

Since we know Burton signed a lengthy contract, he’ll undoubtedly get a love interest. It’s rare for a character to hang around Port Charles too long without a romance. It’s possible that Burton will be involved with someone new, but everyone’s wondering if he might be paired with Kelly Monaco again.

There are definitely fierce supporters on both sides of the “JaSam” debate. For some General Hospital fans, Burton and Monaco’s awesome chemistry reigns supreme. Others prefer the great vibe between Monaco and Miller. Which pairing will the show go with in the coming months?

General Hospital Spoilers: Will Steve Burton’s Character Romance Sam, Break Up Current JaSam?

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Sam will stick with her current man at first. That makes sense since she’ll have no idea who Burton’s character is and why he looks like a before shot of Jason. There’s no need to rush all this along. We’ve got plenty of time to let this simmer and build to something juicy.

However, things could change as the mystery unravels. Whether Burton is the real Jason or not, Sam could be drawn to him. That’s especially true if Burton’s character pursues her. Sam may cave if their desires become too much to bear.

Will Steve Burton’s character win Sam over? Would you like to see Burton and Monaco together again? Would you hate to lose Monaco and Miller’s version of “JaSam”? Vote in our GH poll and chime in with your thoughts in the comments below. Stay tuned to the ABC soap and don’t forget to check CDL often for the latest General Hospital spoilers, updates and news.  Sign up for our FREE newsletter by clicking here and get the latest breaking soap news!

17 responses to “General Hospital Spoilers: Will Steve Burton’s Character Romance Sam, Break Up Current JaSam?”

  1. Christina Ortiz says:

    I think people are voting twice lol JK so don’t mum down my throat.SB and KM have way more chemistry imo.To me they will always be Jasam.If they put him with someone else please let it be with someone other than Elizabeth,I think her and Billy are good together not her and Steve.

  2. Hd says:

    Hope he comes back more interested in Quatermaines Michael and ELQ. Sam or Liz

  3. PGbear Bear says:

    I am soooooo sick of Sam… all she and her mother do is whine and complain…

  4. Queen Deadite says:

    They could always use crazy Heather Webber twin story. I want a clone cause that is more soapy. Same guy different faces, oh the havoc that could take place. Or AJ had extreme plastic surgery and isn’t really dead.

  5. Delores321 says:

    If she was the old Sam I would love her with SB but new Sam has gotten whimpy and weak like BM so she should stay with him.

    • Carolyn Minter says:

      Right Bring back the REAL Jason and give us kick a&% Sam, and then we will have the REAL JaSam. Not those two dull as watching paint dry couple. BM is Jake Doe and has never been Jason PERIOD!*

    • Queen Deadite says:

      Don’t blame Sam, blame the weak @ss lazy writing

  6. Kevin Pham says:

    • Queen Deadite says:

      You know they dropped the whole stalker thing last summer, maybe they can circle back around it? Although I don’t know how it would work. They really do need better/more consistent writers.

      • Kevin Pham says:

        it sounds good but I think they will choose a new path to bring SB into this series that’s going to be underhanded enough to lightly surprise us all! It’s lately felt that way when they bring back an actoractress as a new role back on this show. Take this, just when Sam is presumably cured from her impairment she’ll randomly see SB’s new character with the original JASON MORGAN face! Then sam will investigate to see if this man wearing the original JASON MORGAN face is either a friend. family, or a foe! Something cliche to that effect you know ?????????
        I don’t except much anymore when it comes to the MOB scene on this show the last of it being thrilling enough to follow and being excited and shocked about it died in AUG 2015 right after Paul Hornsby shot Sonny in that ware house and sent Sonny into a wheel chair for 6 -8 months! And Paul Hornsby was running things and taking names from behind a curtain controlling the JEROME mob all back in AUG 2015-OCT 2015 then the writers changed his STORY LINE..???????? ..! I hope Valentine doesn’t get character wash the way these writers are watering down Franco any time soon! Valentine he’s the last of the energy antagonist characters to take seriously from this show anymore. But yeah, I just don’t get that kind of energized thrill anymore when SAM is involved with anything mob related i think the character has been played out to common we have seen Sam do everything and it’s time for other canvas female lead characters to fill up her shoes in the kind of material she’s always been giving to do! But i’m sure everything else will be alright when SB JASON is in the picture to make this work! ???????? It would be even better if SB’s role was paired with a new female lead that reminds us all of faith rosco with vengeance sophistication much meaner than Ava and Claudia combined! ???????? She could be using OLD FACE SB JASON new character as bank roller since she heard that he possibly could be a QUATERMAINE! And this new woman character uses him to get closer to Sonny and family at the same time trying to take Carly’s place and trying to unite Sonny to expand his interest in taking over more territory and getting more men from EUROPE and other UK countries through a mob marriage. And carly refuses it but Sonny accepts it and he meets her father and the proceeding go as planned! And then later SB JASON with BM JASON all learns it was all a trick to have sonny get killed and now Sonny has to unite with this men and the two JASON MORGAN’s face to take down this woman and her father who arranged this traitorous facade upon Sonny and the new role Sb will play! Then when the whole event is over, Sonny has a lot of apologizing to do for Carly!???????? GH need some kind of BALKANRUSSIANPoisoned water invasion story line going on again in GH and every character is somehow involved something as wild as the text message killer or Dr. KeenanJerry Jax again! Maybe a tinderAPP user story line going on GH and Josslyn or Kristina or Molly get affected by it and Anna, SAM, Felica, Maxie and Spinelli, and Kiki team up to save everyone from what’s happening. because they don’t want what happened to Georgie to ever happen again!

  7. disqus_C5NTAcskq3 says:

    Uck fay Jasam! The writers could at least give the Liason fans what they want for once instead of keeping the writing one sided.

  8. Kevin Pham says:

    if GH audience can survive JASAM fans getting everything they want for the role of SAM year after year???????? starting from 2005 really.???????? . then why can’t GH be okay with just a few CHANGES and CONCLUSIONS! Perhaps a different change in progress usually has a good turn out for ratings! Have hope????????

  9. Kevin Pham says:

    Next time it’s good start your discussion with actual SOLID BASE presentable facts…?????????????? –??->>>>
    According to ((((((Deadline))))), Carlivati was replaced in an attempt to (help revive the soap once again) and he had been replaced by vets Jean Passanante and Shelby Altman, who will begin on August 10.
    >>>Geary also hinted that he had a long-standing issue with Carlivati as well, saying that the writers didn’t trust the actors to do their jobs properly. <<<
    ???????? ??????????
    By now the biased perplexed individual would then see.. there is no word of the say LIASON in the reason of why Carlivati was replaced.. but we do know… in that summation that
    RC was replaced in the attempt to help REVIVE the SOAP again by vets such as JP and SA…. who have took the GH mantle by AUG 10 2015 to then give the General hospital restoration that all of GH wanted at the time! However we can come to the conclusion through what we already know that mostly at all that time during 2015.. it's the the JASAM fanbase that mostly wanted GH to look like JASAM GENERAL HOSPITAL again…! And Jean Passanante and Shelby Altman have faciliated that pairing front row and center once again…. in our present GH 2017 for the almighty jasam fanbase…!

    Now that we have Debunked you're bias..(???????? ??????????)… towards a fandom you loathe…. let's start this conversation with a discussion that involves actual research and logic…!.
    ???? ??????????
    If Liason fandom was so horrible why is there multiple YOUTUBE accounts just like multiple youtube accounts for LIASON VIDEOS that have many LIASON communication moments from 1999-2012 carried over to 2014-2016….!! And not to mention; why are there more JASAM fans always coming to LIASON CHANNEL to watch LIASON GH history mostly through 2003-2009 moments… more than actual LIASON fans…!
    And most of the time they are usually hateful comments mostly from JASAM fans… but they continue to watch that liason channel giving feed back and viewer ship turn out to give that liason YOUTUBE CHANNEL REVENUE year after year regardless of all of that negative jasam viewership..those statistics repeat and the numbers still increase as views over time.! And if you counted and collected all that statistics from every LIASON CHANNEL on youtube you would see that there is close range % of viewers who watch those channels more than a normal 5 day week ratings from the general hospital show we still have today…!!

    So ???????? ?????????? that pretty much debunks your logic to say LIASON is bad for ratings when a LIASON youtube channel of OLD EPISODES is still getting views from actual LIASON fans and actual JASAM fans who dislike the the character LIZ in a weekly time of General hospital….! All you have to do is look at the youtube channels statistics and you can see for yourself.. that the numbers don't lie.. but apparently someone who loathes something without research will just say something out of discomfort without #facts …!!
    well in case you are unaware.. now you know…..

    Other than that… perhaps you should have an open mind.. ???????? ??????????
    it's a different decade now… not everyone is going to side with you and we all have an opinion to share our thoughts as an amendment of freedom of speech! However let's back what we say with #facts ???????? ?????????? so we are taken seriously.. on narrow discussions on what kills ratings these days or not on a profound known SOAP OPERA show! It's always your choice to be negative about it.. but then again you and I are just a % in this generation we are not the accumulated number of over 100 million viewers.. that has the control to choose what's good for everyone else! Therefore ???????? ?????????? just have a bit more optimistic view for this show…directions..! I do agree with you there are hideous thing i can't stand from GH like FRANCO being allowed to walk among the public and be around litte jake, cameron, and aiden.. and shockingly… there is a growing % audience members who are sympathizing with the character FRANCO and ignoring everything FRANCO did to MICHAEL and SAM life.. just so FRANCO can be on this show… paired to LIZ who is an actual victimsurvivor of rape… it's really dishonorable in my opinion…. but hey.. what won't these writers do for those kinds of regretful writing for that pairing…..?!!
    But yes.. let's not forget this show is called GENERAL HOSPITAL it's not called JASAM.. maybe… GH will have better material to watch on this show.. other than just the same… pairing that doesn't communicate with everyone else on this show.. …. unless it's life or deathhhh???????? ??????????!!!… ….. Because let's face it.. how many times did this BM JASON since DEC 2016 go to ALLAN's or EMILY's grave at the very least to pay respects to his presumed to be said father and sister..! I mean we true JASON fans would have wanted this BM JASON to try to remember who his PRESUMED to be said FATHER is and go to his grave often for a monologue scenes the way SB JASON always used to do for all of his deceased quatermaine relatives, friends and loves ones…..!!! But since this whole time we haven't even seen this BM JASON have a monologue of his own to go about the CITY port charles without SAM dangling on to him…! The rest of us are used to seeing SB JASON roaming port charles on his a free agent… but in 2016-2017 present.. BM JASON… BM JASON seems to not have the privilege to use a public bathroom without asking sam for her permission to be there…!
    Maybe it's time for individualism for the role of BM JASON and let's not forget.. in this weeks episode of GH… SAM needs a shoulder to cry on right.. so why isn't SAM reaching out to KIKI while JASON is away…! I guess we should be lucky that SAM was able to at least introduce KIKI to BM JASON morgan over all…at the very least..! If this BM JASON is actually the real JASON MORGAN in the first place… i do hope you reconsider to just have an open mind on this show's next course of direction..! Cliche i know but… hey… ???????? ?????????? Sometimes change is Good!
    Bon voyage

  10. Caro says:

    Liason doesn’t kill ratings – check the numbers. If you want to see a ratings killer look at Sam! The last few weeks have been all about Sam and Sonny and GH is pulling 1.6/1.7! Those two characters and the bias toward them is killing the show!