How to Get Away With Murder Recap 10/19/17: Season 4 Episode 4

How to Get Away With Murder Recap 10/19/17: Season 4 Episode 4

Tonight on ABC their hit drama How To Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM)  airs with an all-new Thursday,  October 19, 2017, episode and we have you How To Get Away With Murder recap below!  On tonight’s HTGAWM season 4 episode 4 “Was She Ever Good at Her Job?” as per the ABC synopsis, “Annalise feels like she’s found her purpose again as she focuses on developing a big case, but Bonnie grows suspicious. Meanwhile, Connor gets a surprise visit from his dad; and Laurel turns to an old friend to relieve some stress.”

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HTGAWM begins tonight with Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) putting a recorder together, saying “Day 1, Keating versus the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Keating 4 sit in class learning about class action lawsuits, while Laurel Castillo (Karla Souza) who is more interested in the company her father, Jorge (Esai Morales) was using for his illegal activity.

Annalise says Governor Birkhead has to be the first named in the lawsuit because he is the splashiest target. She suddenly has an idea of starting with Virginia’s clients to build up the plaintiffs to see who else she has neglected, she also needs money; as the Asher Millstone (Matt McGorry) learns that class action lawsuits take a lot of money. Annalise comes to see the President of the University, Soraya Hargrove (Lauren Velez), saying she owes her, demanding to be her lawyer.

Oliver Hampton (Conrad Ricamora) talks to Connor Walsh (Jack Falahee), saying it is pretty hard to hide that his dads are gay and wonders if Connor was touched when he was younger; but Connor says his mother had a break down when his dad came out gay. Oliver wonders if it is really his dad’s fault, as it was hard to come out back then; Connor reminds him that his father isn’t there to have a heart-to-heart, he is back for the money but as long as he can avoid his father he doesn’t have to pay. Connor jumps in the shower and Oliver gets a PM from Ted, Connor’s father.

ADA Todd Denver (Benito Marinez) meets with Bonnie Winterbottom (Liza Weil), who reveals she may have an idea that he might like regarding the Judge reopening all of Virginia’s past cases. She wants to investigate all the files to make sure the prosecutor’s office didn’t “over prosecute”; he says she can do it on her own.

After class is done, Asher sarcastically says he will be home folding laundry while Laurel and Michaela go to work, wondering where his life went wrong. Michaela tells him if he wants a job, he can go get her a coffee. When he leaves, Michaela informs Laurel that she has access to everything but it’s not a good thing since the system logs everything; Laurel tells her she will figure out a way.

At Caplan and Gold, Michaela is grateful to be with her mentor for legal negotiations but learns the client is Soraya and then she spots Annalise with her; she stops dead in her tracks saying it is not a good idea. The negotiations begin, Annalise plays hardball with Barry Thompson (Matt Corboy), Raul’s (Hector Hugo) attorney, who throws paperwork at them and a thumb drive, showing Soraya drunk and out of control. Soraya’s lawyer informs her that if they release this to the courts, the University will see it, Annalise suggests to counter sue; Annalise agrees to kick him where it hurts.

Oliver meets with Connor’s parents, talking about when Connor revealed at 12 he was gay. He acknowledges that Connor gave him the courage to come out as well, feeling guilty about being insensitive to Connor and his mother, Pam. He begs Oliver to help him see Connor.

Nate Lahey (Billy Brown) comes to see Bonnie, who says she is doing her job; Nate feels this is about Annalise and if she discovers what Bonnie is doing, he may not be able to stop Annalise from knocking her ass out next time. Laurel arrives and is furious that Denver is planning to become Attorney General after he covered up Wes’ (Alfred Enoch) murder. Nate says she should also be in jail and advises them both to keep their heads down. Denver is upset that Bonnie hired Laurel and when he tells her to fire Laurel she says she can’t because Laurel is pregnant, and he will face a discrimination lawsuit if she is fired.

After the meeting, Michaela is told by her mentor, she is trying to turn her into a boss bitch, so she needs to swallow her feelings, or she will find someone else who can work the desk. When Annalise approaches them, Michaela is asked if she should help Annalise draw up a lawsuit she wholeheartedly disagrees with; Michaela says no and Annalise walks off, saying she will finish it herself. Michaela gives her Barry’s email to Annalise and tells Michaela to tell her mentor to kiss her ass; Michaela says they need to swallow their feelings for the good of their client and Annalise orders her off the elevator.

Oliver returns home, Connor goes to greet him with no pants on, only to discover Oliver came home with his dads. Connor runs away saying he hates him.

Annalise works on the countersuit when she calls the clerk’s office she is told it would be about 20 grand to get all the files from Virginia’s clients but instead she agrees to pick up the front pages with client’s names tomorrow. Nate overhears their call and wants to know what is going on, but she refuses to get in the middle; when he hands her the files that he wants, she inadvertently reveals that Annalise (his side piece) are working on the same case.

Annalise comes to see Dr. Isaac Roa (Jimmy Smits), who asks about her case. She says she is in a good mood and asks him not to ruin it, revealing this case is important to her. He is glad she is committed to her sobriety, but it is his job to ask herself why this case is making her feel good. He feels she is doing this to distract her from a loss she experienced. Annalise thinks he is talking about Annalise, but he interrupts her, saying he is talking about Wes.

She questions what he says to the board about her, but he says he only sends them a report once a month. When he brings up Wes again and she gets angry with him, saying better people than him have betrayed him. He says it is not that, he knows what it’s like to see what suicide leaves behind. Her phone rings again and she apologizes.

Michaela learns she cannot access all of Tegan’s files because she is an intern; she calls Laurel who quickly says they need to take down Denver. Michaela says she cannot meet her at Connor’s because of Annalise’s antics; she hangs up when Annalise arrives, informing her that she sent the email to a board member of the University instead of Hector’s lawyer; she goes into the boardroom where Soraya is trying to salvage what is left of her career.

Soraya attacks Annalise verbally when she gets off the phone while Tegan asks Michaela if she was very good at her job? People said Annalise was an animal in court and her closings were infamous but now she is worse than her grandmother working a DVR. Soraya asks if Annalise is drinking again, but she says she was at therapy that was court ordered. Soraya admits no one told her that a drink would cost her this much, but if she is going down, she is going down drinking. Annalise stands in front of her and guarantees she will fix this and tells her to watch her do it.

Annalise arrives home to find Frank Delfino (Charlie Weber) standing in front of her. He has a bag of money for her, she tells him to go away because that money in there is just her dead baby; she cries out for him to leave because all he does is hurt her.

At home, Connor’s dads entertain his friends, while his biological father tries to speak to him. Connor questions why he is there, he says he wants to speak with him alone, but Connor says his friends are there. Ted does a toast to Connor, saying law or no law school, he will always be his teacher. Oliver asks why he hates his dad as Connor just stares back at him.

Frank is with Laurel, but when Bonnie asks him to help her, he says he’s busy with Lamaze classes. Frank reminds her that she will be an awesome mom, but Laurel doesn’t want to talk about the baby; Frank says no matter what she needs, he is there for her, Laurel leans in and climbs in, telling him to shut up and take the sex.

Annalise attempts to call Barry at the University again, but she gets an email from Dr. Roa, showing the progress report he sent to the board. She gets an idea from the email and notifies Soraya saying they need to subpoena the therapist’s notes, if Raul is saying he has emotional distress, the notes will show that. Michaela gets the therapy notes and orders the interns to find the “juicy” stuff.

Soraya learns her ex’s secret is he was having an affair with a woman named Sue. They have another negotiation meeting, where they reveal the information they have against him and present the prenuptial agreement that talks about infidelity. Soraya says Warren Shu is their money manager, Soraya demands joint custody and he only gets 1 million instead of 3; they take the deal!

Ted walks with Connor, asking him about school and if he wants to give it all up. Connor gives him the tuition check but his dad tells him to keep it. Connor says he can’t buy him nor his love. He doesn’t hate him, but they are not close; Ted says Oliver and him getting married is a mistake. He thinks Oliver is great but not great for him. He confronts Connor, saying he is faking it; that he isn’t this guy.

Ted says he used to envy him, for being so independent and strong but tells him he cannot live his life for other people, and that person is not Oliver. He says it is his job as his father to tell him the truth; Connor says he lied for 45 years and throws the check at him.

Soraya says Barry is going to pretend he didn’t see the email; she smiles and tells Annalise to call if she ever wants to go to a meeting. Tegan offers Annalise a job. Michaela follows her to the elevator ordering her not to work there. Annalise says she is always looking for a mother in her mentor, a mother that she never had.

Annalise arrives and gives the clerk a check for all the paperwork, she turns around and Nate offers her a hand. Annalise reveals she is doing this for Wes and everyone who got screwed by the system; she begs him not to say anything because she is doing this for the right reasons. Nate says she never does anything for the right side. Dr. Roa takes notes saying Annalise is going to crash and things will be worse than before.

Laurel is printing out papers on Trent Stockton, Denver sees what she is doing. She goes to see Michaela, who reveals she knows how to get into Tegan’s accounts. Connor is dressing to run as Oliver talks about marriage again; he doesn’t give him an answer. Michaela calls Oliver, saying she has an IT emergency. Nate brings Bonnie the file that was “misplaced” saying her theory is Annalise took down Virginia, not to get her clients but to get her job, she wants to be a chief public defender. Nate advises her to get out of this now.

Roa worries about hyper-mania with Annalise and when she is confronted with loss, she shut down which is perhaps better for him; the patient is a trigger for him and he needs to be mindful. A new patient just arrived, he goes to the door and it is Bonnie, under the name of “Julie”.

1 ½ months later, Isaac is holding Michaela who is covered in blood at the baby nursery in the hospital. He receives a call from Bonnie, who is walking into Caplan and Gold where she walks through the crime scene and goes to see the “witness” Oliver.


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