The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Bill’s 5 Revenge Power Plays – Bombshells That Will Destroy Liam’s Life

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Bill’s 5 Revenge Power Plays – Bombshells That Will Destroy Liam's Life

The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) spoilers tease that Bill’s (Don Diamont) plan is taking shape. He’s ready to make Liam (Scott Clifton) sorry he dared to cross his father. By the time Bill’s though, Liam won’t know what hit him. Here are five revenge power plays that Bill’s cooking up.

1. Get rid of the recording.

Obviously, this is the most important part of Bill’s strategy. If he can get rid of the incriminating recording, Liam will lose his leverage. Without proof, there’s not a thing Liam can do to Bill. It’ll just be Bill’s word against Liam’s.

Of course, deleting the confession won’t be easy. Bill will recruit a tech expert named Ken (Danny Woodburn) to help him out. Even if Ken can’t come through for Bill, Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) might be willing to make the recording disappear.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Bill’s 5 Revenge Power Plays – Bombshells That Will Destroy Liam's Life

2. Seduce Steffy.

That brings us to the next item on Bill’s vengeful agenda. Steffy and Bill have a history together, so it won’t be hard to reignite that spark. We’re already seeing some flirting on Bill’s part. Steffy seems oblivious to Bill’s moves, but maybe she’s enjoying them too much to care.

Regardless, it’s clear that trouble is brewing. It probably won’t be long until Bill and Steffy are locking lips or more! That’s sure to be quite a blow to Liam.

3. Spark Liam and Sally’s cheating scandal.

Bill can tell that Liam is a bit smitten with Sally (Courtney Hope) and he intends on using that to his advantage. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Bill will keep a close eye on their bond. If they cross the line, Bill will certainly squeal. If they don’t, Bill can improvise. Making Steffy believe Liam cheated wouldn’t be all that difficult. After all, she already disapproves of Sally and Liam’s close connection.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Bill’s 5 Revenge Power Plays – Bombshells That Will Destroy Liam's Life

4. Take back the company.

Once Liam’s blackmail plot has been eliminated, there’ll be nothing to stop Bill from reclaiming the throne. Bill won’t want his traitor of a son to run Spencer a second longer. B&B fans can expect Bill to put some fierce effort into this. With Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) out of the picture, this company is all Bill has left.

5. Gloat!

If Bill manages to pull off all his power plays, you’d better believe he’ll gloat. Liam could be left broke and distraught if all goes well. Rubbing it in would be Bill’s great pleasure and could make Liam feel even worse. This is Bill’s favorite part of any victory.

What do you think about Bill’s ruthlessness? Are you cheering him on for drama’s sake? We’ll give you updates as other Bold and the Beautiful news comes in. Stay tuned to B&B and don’t forget to check CDL often for the latest Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, updates and news.

This week on #BoldandBeautiful, they’re secretive, scandalous and bad to the bone!

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13 responses to “The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Bill’s 5 Revenge Power Plays – Bombshells That Will Destroy Liam’s Life”

  1. Tali salman?? says:

    I don’t see Bill will get his compeny back first Liam is a wizz in computers so the recording can be very hard to find and Liam will know if some one is in the data of his computer. And may be he will decide to let LT Baker on about the fire. Liam dose like Sally but he loves Steffy and I don’t think that he will cross the line with Sally. Bill can say any thing he wants to Steffy if she believes every thing that Bill says then she is a fool. Bill can’t stand that some body is challenging him and puts him in his place for the things that he done he should be happy that he is not in jail for arson. If Steffy is on Bill ‘s side she dosen’t deserve Liam and she will loos him and his love and respect for her Liam is an honest guy and his father is a creep that dosen’t care about any one or any thing. I do hope that Bill will fail and every body in the end will know what he did Ridge could be in his face real soon if he touches Steffy. Ridge will tell him that he blow it with Brook with his scemming ways I do hope Sally will have some thing to say after she found out that Bill was responsible for the fire at Spectra. I do hope that Thomas will be back to he will be very angry that Bill lied to him about Caroline health and that he treated Sally like crap and that he set the fire to her business. Bill will loos Liam for ever if he crosses him.

    • Edie says:

      What Bill was wrong but Liam is no better Blackmail please and Liam has already told the red head also fell Thomas or Ridge could not touch Bill now that would be a laugh and even better once Bill and Steffy hook up there will be no stopping them even if it starts out that Bill would use Steffy in the end he does care for her and I think it could work for the both of them

      • bobbie says:

        Liam will most likely end up with the red head, whom i don’t care for…

        • Tali salman?? says:

          Sally is nice Bill gave her a hard time Bill can’t do any thing to Sally she has all paper to her building Liam will do what ever he wants I think Bill will loos. Will have to see

  2. Delores321 says:

    I can see this happening. He’ll destroy Liam and if Bill also gets Steffy LIam won’t have Forrester to go back to. He’ll be left with nothing. Maybe Sally will hire him to work at Spectra. He’s no designer but he could help her with the company.

    • Tali salman?? says:

      Bill will destroy him self Bill needs help with his anger issues he is not used to being tolled what to do and how to do it Brook was right to leave him he is a vilant man and if Steffy wants to stay merrid to Liam she should stay a way from Bill Liam was right to stand up to Bill he can’t get a way with every thing he did Bill thinks that he is the victom and he didn’t do any thing wrong he should be in jail for what he did. I don’t like Bill never did

  3. Edie says:

    I love it the plan is okay if the recording does go away Great but Liam has told he has told Sally whatever is to be done it should happen quick for to many people know already

    • Tali salman?? says:

      Bill can’t do any thing with the recording if Liam is smart he will give it to the police as well and Sally can sue for damages on her building from Bill he didn’t pay any thing to her after he set the fire on her building I hope Bi will fall on his face

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  5. Alicia Mack says:

    Liam I hope he made copies of the recording he need to shut bill down if he himself hurting his son liam will hurt him back by sending him to jail

  6. Alicia Mack says:

    Im sick of bill and Quinn they belong together

  7. Alicia Mack says:

    I always hate bill never will like him