So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) Recap 8/6/18: Season 15 Episode 9 “Meet the Top 10”

So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) Recap 8/6/18: Season 15 Episode 9 "Meet the Top 10"

Tonight on FOX their Emmy-Award Winning So You Think You Can Dance premieres with an all-new Monday, August 6, 2018, season 15 episode 9 episode and we have your SYTYCD recap below!  On tonight’s So You Think You Can Dance season 15 episode 9 as per the FOX synopsis, “After making it through the auditions, the cutthroat Academy rounds, and the final cuts, the finalists get to perform LIVE for the first time on the SYTYCD stage. The best of the best will dance in hopes of impressing the judges and America.”

So You Think You Can Dance Season 15 episode 8 airs tonight from 8 PM – 9 PM and you don’t want to miss the end of the season. While you wait for your the So You Think You Can Dance recap make sure to check out all CDL’s SYTYCD recaps, spoilers, news & more.

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It took forever but the TOP 10 were finally ready for the live shows on tonight’s all-new episode of “So You Think You Can Dance”.

Things were different this year. For one, the judges decided to only send the top ten performers to the live shows rather than the much larger group and there was also an additional prize. The prize this year included the chance to join the cast of Rent the Musical and that was on top of the cash prize as well as the title. So the dancers were all excited! They couldn’t wait to win that prize and so tonight the first couple to dance was Jensen and Jay Jay. The two had been paired off during the Academy for the Ballroom portion and so it was a good thing for the both of them when they got paired again for the Samba. They had great chemistry and they even had a great song to dance to because it was “Mad Love” by Sean Paul, David Guetta, and Becky G.

The duo itself had once again been great. It hadn’t been exactly flawless though that hadn’t mattered as much this time around because they were able to push through some of the awkwardness and again there had been that chemistry. The two danced well together. They knew how to stay attuned to each other and so the judges later commentated on that. They were expecting Jensen to be wonderful because it was her genre and so Jay Jay’s dancing was what had surprised them because he had kept up with a pro in a field that wasn’t his own. The judges all said they liked seeing the two of them dancing together and, in this case, it was going to stay at just dancing. Jensen recently gotten engaged when her boyfriend proposed to her two weeks ago and so that was that.

Only the next couple to dance did at least have a couple name. Hannahlei had been paired off with Cole and, while it was the first time dancing together, they came up with several names to call their pairing before landing on a “Colahlei”. It was a bit of fun behind the scenes and it was showed some off some of their personalities. They were fun and had fun despite dancing Contemporary. Contemporary was often hard for Ballroom dancers and somehow Cole had been an exception. He had given a post-apocalyptic routine in which the two dancers come to rely on each other and both dancers managed to pull it off so flawlessly that all the judges had come to love this particular set. They were once again wowed that Cole could transition so well and they also loved Hannahlei.

Hannahlei was nicknamed “Warrior Princess” this season and she shined in her own as well as being the perfect balance to Cole. The judges had all called the routine beautiful and not a single person had anything negative to say. Not all dancers were as flawless as Hannahlei and Cole however they each stood out in their own way. The next couples to dance were Chelsea and Evan. The two were dancing a Jazz routine and that was Chelsea’s field. She was the more confident one in practice and so she took charge. She helped Evan behind the scenes and together they helped him get to that level of sexy he needed for the dance. The dance itself was all about the sexual attraction and, so when they weren’t laughing, they did their best to help Evan bring out his inner tiger.

Together the two ultimately brought the heat even if they hadn’t brought much else. Chelsea and Evan had had some great moments together and then there had been a few technical missteps. Surprisingly, it had been Chelsea that had the missteps. It was her genre and that hadn’t shown tonight. She instead had moments that weren’t as clean as others and ultimately the missteps they each had would sometimes make the chemistry feel forced. It was like they were trying to hard to be sexy rather than getting comfortable enough to be sexy. The judges had had their critiques and they mostly tried to let some of the mistakes go because they realized that this was the first live show for the pair. It was natural to be nervous the first time they dance on the live shows.

The next couple to dance was Genessy and Slavic. They were given a Hip Hop routine and that was technically Slavic’s genre. He was an Animator and being so aware of his own body made him feel naturally comfortable during practice. Slav had then turned around and made sure that Genessy was comfortable as well, so the two developed some serious chemistry. There was a moment in which the choreographer said this routine was looking sexier than he intended and he decided to go with it anyway because of the dancers. Genessy and Slavic were great together. The routine had been on point and the judges had gotten excited about it before the dance had even finished. They all loved the routine and the dancers. Mary had also admitted that she had been unsure of Genessy until tonight when she saw the dancer bring it.

With such an incredible pairing, it had been a tough act to follow and so the final pairing made sure to be memorable. Magda and Darius had gotten paired together tonight and they were given an emotional Contemporary piece by Travis Wall. He was fresh for his latest Emmy nomination and still found time to put together another piece no one will ever forget. Travis gave them a piece that would force them to rely on each other or it risked falling apart because it was that difficult only neither Magda nor Darius ever lost sight of their common goal. They both wanted to do justice for this piece and to that effect they did beautifully. They were both strong dancers and they also revealed they had great chemistry. It was like they’ve been dancing together for years.

All the judges loved this dance. They called it stunning and, one point, just said wow because it had been that beautiful to watch. Twitch even said this dance would probably earn Travis another Emmy nomination for next year and so the choreographer took as much away from this dancer than the dancers did. Everyone was just phenomenal! But the second part of tonight live shows was about the switch. Each dancer danced one dance in their partner’s genre and they were given the chance to turn the tables going forward. Hannahlei and Cole had danced Contemporary at the start and so for their second dance, they were going to go Ballroom. It was an area in which Cole felt his most comfortable and so their choreographer decided to throw in a challenge.

Hannahlei and Cole were given a Pasodoble. It was fast-paced and actually one of the most difficult dances in Ballroom. Cole was familiar with this dance and so he was a little stronger with this routine than his partner except Hannahlei did have her good moments. They gave a wonderful performance together even if the judges felt the first performance they gave was much stronger. The next couple to try switching things up was Jay Jay and Jensen. The two were dancing Jazz for their second dance and naturally, Jay Jay was at ease. He knew what to do and how to handle his breathing for the number. He also helped coach Jensen because he wanted her to meet him at each point in the dance and, you know what, that showed.

The dance was all about control and together they were beautiful. They hit every mark, had a flawless routine, and still, Nygel found something he didn’t like. The judge said the dance was too overtly sexy. He said if they had pulled back some that it would have connected better with the audience and so the other judges were forced to ask him what did he see? They saw the flawless routine and three out of the four judges had thought the dancing partners hit this one out of the park. There was a consistency between these two that not everyone had. The next couple to dance again was Chelsea and Evan. The two hadn’t been all that great with their first number of the night and so they tried to redeem themselves when they danced Tap. Evan was the tapper and he understood the work as well as the musicality that goes into it. And so it was Chelsea that struggled during practice.

Chelsea slid all across the floor during practice and it had been a struggle for her to get the routine. Only she still had strong enough at it for the final performance on stage It had been great in the beginning and then it soon turned into one person tapping because all Vanessa could hear was Evan. Evan had even watered down his own performance because he was capable of more than tonight’s routine required and so the judges know that Evan was once again stronger with the routine. They acknowledged that it must be hard to learn something new all of the sudden and they did give Chelsea some leeway however this performance hadn’t wowed them and, at this point, it was more than just the judges that needed to be wowed.

The next couple to dance was Genessy and Slavic. The two were danced a Contemporary piece for their second number of the night and Slavic, who wasn’t used to the routine, found himself being able to catch on much quicker as time went on. He trusted his partner and he trusted his choreographer, both of whom worked with Slavic. It didn’t hurt that he and Genessy were able to connect with the routine about finding their way because both of their families immigrated, and they had had to be the first in their family. So later, these two once again impressed everyone. They knew coming in that they weren’t the strongest dancers and tonight they were the ones to impress the judges the most. Everyone saw how far they came from Academy week and they wanted to watch their progress as they both did things they weren’t sure they could do.

Now, the final performance of the night went to Magda and Darius. The two were given the Cha Cha and Darius found himself struggling with the footwork. He eventually found the rhythm and that helped him during the dance. His footwork still hadn’t bene that great though no one seemed to mind because he had gotten the rhythm down and had danced quite beautifully alongside Magda. Magda was naturally the Ballroom powerhouse and, with her making the dance look effortless, the routine became quite memorable.

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