Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Henry’s Kidnapping Changes Something In Allie – Realizes She Wants To Be Mom To Baby Boy?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Henry’s Kidnapping Changes Something In Allie - Realizes She Wants To Be Mom To Baby Boy?

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers tease that Allie Horton (Lindsay Arnold) has been having a tough time lately. As viewers are aware, Allie suppressed the memories of her assault back in London for a long time, but now she’s taking the brave step of facing them head-on, and she’s got a lot of support in doing so.

Nicole Brady (Arianne Zucker) has been right by Allie’s side, and now Lucas Horton (Bryan Dattilo) knows about what happened to Allie and he’s offering all his support, too.

It’s great that Allie has so much support, but she’s facing a really tough dilemma now that she knows what happened to her, and about how her son Henry Horton (Jayna and Kinsley Fox) came to be.

Allie has always been a big standoffish when it comes to her baby, and she hasn’t wanted to raise him herself, and now that she remembers the rape, it’s really hard for her to look at Henry.

Allie recently told Nicole that she’s even had thoughts about why she brought Henry into the world, and this is clearly interfering with her being able to bond with her son.

Right now, it seems that Nicole is the one who is mainly caring for the baby, with Allie only reluctantly stepping in to feed him here and there when Nicole presses the issue.

But soon, something horrible is going to happen that might just change Allie’s thinking about her son in a very big way. As you might have heard, Salem is going to undergo a major blackout, meaning that the lights will go out and viewers will see a series of episodes that take place during the power outage.

And during the outage, some prisoners are going to escape from Statesville.

Two of those prisoners will be Orpheus (George DelHoyo) and Clyde Weston (James Read). Orpheus will apparently have a big plan, and he’ll recruit Clyde to go kidnap Henry in order to gain leverage over Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall).

Days of Our Lives spoilers say that Orpheus will want is for Marlena to get his son Evan Frears aka Christian Maddox (Brock Kelly) out of Bayview. The ask will be straightforward: If Marlena frees Evan, then she’ll get Henry back for Allie.

Well, we can only imagine that both Allie and Marlena will be terribly distraught. Of course, Marlena’s been through this sort of thing before, so she’ll probably realize pretty quickly that while Orpheus is up to no good, he probably won’t hurt the baby if she can get Evan released from Bayview.

But for Allie, this is going to be horrifying, and in her distress, Allie might even think that somehow her negative thoughts about Henry caused his kidnapping to happen.

It seems that Henry will finally be recovered, but the whole situation is likely going to have a huge effect on Allie.

In fact, the hours that Allie spends worrying about Henry while he’s been kidnapped might have a profound effect on her – it could make Allie realize just how much she really does love and need Henry.

Perhaps the experience will change something in Allie and make her realize that no matter how Henry came to be, she loves him with all her heart.

We’ll see what happens here, but we suspect that Allie’s disposition towards Henry might change drastically after the kidnapping ordeal is over. Perhaps Allie will want to take a more active role in Henry’s life, or she might even want to raise him herself.

Do you think that Henry’s kidnapping will change how Allie feels toward her son? Stick with Days of Our Lives and we’ll keep you up to speed on the latest DOOL spoilers and news going forward. Remember, CDL is your go-to place for all the soaps!