General Hospital Spoilers: Britt’s Bucket-List Adventure – Thrill-Seeker Cody Helps Achieve Final Dreams?

General Hospital Spoilers: Britt’s Bucket-List Adventure – Thrill-Seeker Cody Helps Achieve Final Dreams?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) may go on a bucket-list adventure. Will thrill-seeker Cody Bell (Josh Kelly) help Britt achieve some of her final dreams?

Britt recently got a grim prognosis on her Huntington’s disease, which seems to be entering stage 3.

Unfortunately, that means Britt may need full-time care in as soon as 18 months.

The news has clearly left Britt reeling since she feels like she’s out of time. Britt has accepted her fate and is crushed by it, but she still has a chance to get out there and achieve some big things.

From day one on the show, Cody proved he was a thrill-seeker. GH fans will recall how Cody parachuted in and collided with Britt in his debut daredevil moment.

Perhaps Britt could use some daredevil moments of her own now that she’s got nothing left to lose.

Since Britt knows she’ll eventually be facing significant cognitive impairment along with physical limitations, now is the time to fulfill some final wishes.

Britt could easily make a bucket list of some fun activities and get Cody’s help checking them off. Of course, Britt needs to patch things up with Cody first!

Cody doesn’t understand what Britt is up against, but maybe Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) could pitch in with that.

Although Liesl probably wouldn’t want to betray Britt’s confidence, she could offer enough hints to make Cody get that it’s serious.

Cody might realize Britt is facing a terrible illness and take another shot at tearing down her walls. Britt could use Cody’s support, so Obrecht may push him to keep trying.

During the week of November 28-December 2, Obrecht will reach out to Cody with a proposal.

There’ll be some sort of offer that Liesl makes, so that’ll no doubt be one that could benefit Britt.

Obrecht may hope Cody will be there for Britt as she comes to grips with the end of life as she knows it.

Liesl might even be the one to suggest a bucket list and think Cody would be the perfect person to ask for assistance.

Regardless, it feels like Britt’s headed for an awfully sad exit. It’d be nice if GH writers could include a glimmer of happiness – and they could do that if Britt achieved some bucket list goals with Cody by her side.

As other updates emerge, we’ll keep you posted. General Hospital spoilers say Britt will hopefully find a way to cope with Cody’s help, so stay tuned.

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