Regis Philbin Now Admits He Was Booted Off LIVE! with Regis & Kelly

Regis Philbin Now Admits He Was Booted Off LIVE! with Regis & Kelly

Regis Philbin has come clean with what we feared was true back when he announced that he was leaving ‘Live! with Regis and Kelly.  Although he will be on until November 18, it was back in January that Regis made public that he wouldn’t be returning to ‘LIVE! with Regis and Kelly’ – but didn’t say exactly why.  Still, he fired his agent immediately after… .

“The contractual issue just never worked out, but I was going to leave before that anyway,” Regis told The Mojo in the Morning radio show according to Radaronline.

“That’s a loss on their part because I’ve got to admit, it looks to me like they’re kind of forcing you out and I think it’s a mistake,” the Mojo host Spike said. “The audience still loves you. Your obviously still ready to work so I don’t know why they wouldn’t want you.”

“Of course it’s a big mistake, but Regis is moving on,” Regis said, with typical modesty.

“I don’t want anything lined up yet. I want to have a few moments of peace alone before I get involved with somebody else,” Regis added.

As for who will replace him on the show with Kelly Ripa, Regis says they haven’t chosen anyone yet. His personal front-runners are Kelly’s hubby, Mark Consuelos and Bravo host Andy Cohen – both duds in my book.  “I really don’t know and I know they don’t know.”

“It’s going to be a process of three or four months of her trying out different people, seeing who clicks with her,” Regis admitted.

Regis was the only decent thing about that show – I wouldn’t watch it now unless they get Charlie Sheen to sit with Kelly!

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  • Cudee58

    Oh u had to be blind to not see that coming.. His memory is just not good enough to keep up that constant banter that is needed to do a show like that, you can see how much Kelly has to cover for him and that has been for quite sometime now. he is a great person and will be greatly missed, but i am sure that is also very stressful for him and won’t get easier with time. Leaving while u still have your dignity is the way to go!

    • Kelly is annoying always trying to one up on Regis Her husband gives me a sugar headache with those teeth and hopefully the show will be cancelled because it is doomed without Regis this is his show not hers….go away Kelly PLEEESE

  • Lynn

    If they get her husband to host, I will stop watching. Don’t need both of them in the morning. Personally, I love Neil Patrick Harris or Andy Cohen.

  • I never liked Kelly Ripa i think her new name will be Kelly RIP because the show will die without Regis. 

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  • Fasttrain

    i will also stop watching very soon.  can’t stand all the giggles
    Regis come back.  or at least someone with some seriousness about  them and an interesting life to share with everyone.  who wants to hear about kids at every show???