Emma Watson Breaks Up With Will Adamowicz Over Cocaine Scandal

Emma Watson Breaks Up With Will Adamowicz Over Cocaine Scandal

Emma Watson‘s almost never in the news for scandal or drama, so this latest bit of news is quite surprising. Who knew that Hermione Granger could be dating such an idiot?

Emma Watson was dating a guy named Will Adamowicz, who she met at Oxford University, for the better part of the last few years. They mostly stayed off the radar, getting papped very rarely and not posing together at events. However, a random Facebook photo showing Will in very suspicious circumstances has quickly gone viral. The photo shows Will surrounded by white powder, and it’s pretty obvious that he’s about to snort some cocaine. I mean, anyone who’s been to college is probably familiar with this scene.

Anyway, Will obviously thinks we’re all idiots, since he issues the most nonsensical apology ever. He apparently stated, “The picture is not compromising. It is not what you think. They are not packages. They are not drugs. They are just bits of scrap paper. I don’t take any drugs.

Riiiiight. They’re just scrap papers. And I guess the white powder is just baking soda? The picture is pretty much as incriminating as it gets, and I’m guessing Emma’s team knows that. Emma’s rep released a statement saying that Emma and Will broke up last summer, which means that they’re doing as much as possible to distance Emma from this possible scandal.

Obviously, Emma doesn’t want any controversy in her life, but it’s kind of ridiculous to assume that she didn’t know that Will does drugs. That picture does not show someone who’s trying cocaine for the first time, and it’s as clear as day that he’s done this before. So in addition to keeping herself away from controversy, maybe she was trying to protect her own image. It’s likely that she feared that questions would be raised about her doing coke as well, especially if she was still dating Will.

I mean, it’s quite common to take drugs during college, and if Will was taking drugs, it’s not too far out of the realm of possibility that Emma was taking them too. But now, she’s made sure to disassociate herself completely, and she’ll get away with her pristine image intact.