Farrah Abraham Cries She Can’t Trust Men Since “Backdoor Teen Mom” Yet Sells Sex Toy Line Modeled On Her Private Parts

Farrah Abraham's Cries She Can't Trust Men Yet Sells Sex Toy Line Modeled On Her Private Parts

Farrah Abraham is like a ball of chronic dysfunction that never gets tired of bad press. Remember last spring when she was beyond excited for the world to watch her bang her way to a nice pay day thanks to Vivid Entertainment? Even after her Backdoor Teen Mom video dropped she was absolutely thrilled to celebrate her body on camera and even claimed that she would show it to her daughter some day. Well, it seems that girlfriend has come to her senses and now realizes that making that video wasn’t the brightest idea that she’ll ever have.

According to the Jan. 20th print edition of In Touch magazine Farrah believes that making the sex tape has ruined her life because she has no idea who to trust. Men seem to only want to use her for sex and even family members just want her for her money. So she’s alone and if she could go back in time she would never have filmed the video with bonafide porn star, James Deen.

Here’s the thing though, she’s not letting this prevent her from earning some cash off of a line of sex toys that were modeled after her private parts. She also claimed on the latest episode of Couples Therapy that she is writing a book of erotic stories. So it kind of sounds to me like while Farrah claims to regret making the tape she still has no problem profiting off of other projects that no doubt exist because of her on camera antics.

Is this another moment where Farrah is saying what she thinks people want to hear? Does she really regret making the video? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Angel 2009

    Girl needs a shrink.