Oksana Grigorieva A Two-Faced Phony Opportunist!

Oksana Grigorieva A Two-Faced Phony Opportunist!

According to legal documents Michael Lustig declared under sworn oath that Oksana Grigorieva is a two-faced opportunist who constantly pushed Mel Gibson’s buttons – and we don’t mean the ones on his trousers!  Michael Lustig was hired by the couple to promote and advance Oksana’s singing career and was thus able to observe closely Oksana and Mel.  Clearly he comes down on Mel”s side in the custody case for daughter Lucia where his testimony was heard.

According to TMZ – Lustig states, “In my experience, Ms. Grigorieva’s disposition is generally anxious, depressed and uneasy, and she constantly ‘digs’ at Mr. Gibson and pushes his buttons.”  Lustig also stated that Oksana never showed an ounce of appreciation for all the effort Mel went to trying to help her career.  Lustig also added, “Oksana would become a ‘dark’ person when she would argue with Mel”  … noting he could often hear her yell at him … and her words were “sharp, pointed and nasty.”  

Lustig also told how right after a terrorist attack in Moscow Oksana was taking Lucia on a trip there – but after strenuous objections by Lustig and Mel she left Lucia home but went anyway herself!   We don’t know how the custody case will turn out but Oksansa certainly seems to be fulfilling her promise as an arch-bitch and snake.

  • linda loveslace

    Please please people! Lets not waylay from the fact that Mel is a violent person who admitted he hit Oksana but not slap her(go figure that one out!)
    Lustig knows which side he needs to be on to keep his job & fancy home.Mel’s raging legal machine can afford to buy anyone.Mel has proven to be a vindictive & sore loser who’s ultimate goal is to venge a woman who dared to confront him & talk!He wants women to shut up and stay at home except on Sunday when she has to go Mass with him.
    Mel’s expensive legal team’s plan is working…turning the tables on Oksana & having ppl pity Mel.Its all calculated to help Mel win & if he does…it will mean a finger to all battered women.
    I’m not on either’s side but do not turn a blind eye to Mel’s violence just because he’s Mel Gibson.

  • Not Falling For It

    Not everyone who says “I am a victim” is telling the truth, and it does not serve women who have truly been battered for us to turn a blind-eye to those women who fake evidence and make false or exagerated accusations.

    Personally, I really doubt she is much of a victim in this situation. I would go so far as to say she seems to have abused Mel’s trust and love and engaged in emotional and verbal abuse through her manipulations and deceit–just as Lustig has suggested and just as we heard described by Mel in his angry, distraught rants.

    I can tell you from following the case that she and her lawyer lied on the Larry King show i.e. when they said Mel did not pay child support or want Oksana to have any custody–there are court records and a signed mediation agreement that prove otherwise. Oksana also lied when she said she had not spoken to the media before talking to Larry (she gave interviews to People mag, ROL, paps in parking lots, etc.). This woman is NOT the poor gentle victim-lamb that she would like us to believe!

  • Carmen

    I know about domestic violence every which way. I’ve seen lazy women in shelters. Women abuse their children. Lie. I’ve seen the police arrest men when called on the spot and seen injuries. I’ve seen judges stop the court to help an injured woman. I’ve recently seen my own sister lie about my brother-in-law to gain full custody. (With my mother’s help. I’ve seen women lie in divorce cases for the money. I’ve seen women take advatange of men with mental illness. And I’ve seen women drive men crazy with their unceasing demands for money; give me give give me I want I want.

    Mel’s story is more believable than Oksana’s. The only consisant part of her stories is that she grabs the baby every time she got into an argument with him. What kind of mother puts her baby in the middle of an argument. The kind that’s using her baby to threaten.

    Listen to the public who screamed the tapes we heard were altered. Oksana admitted the tapes we heard are edited. Listen again to Oksana threatening to make him pay and Mel respond with oh yeah I’ll put you in the Rose Garden.

    Both agree Mel told her to get out of his house. She flipped out and he tried to protect his baby.

    Even now she won’t get out of his house. She’s a deadbeat golddigger who won’t support herself.

    Women like this hurt every women who is truly a victim of domestic violence. I’ve seen too many times how social workers and the courts give women who are liars, child abusers, drug addicts; women who alienate their children from their fathers; women who won’t abide by custody agreements or any court orders and who won’t support themselves a pass.

    That’s why this women is now advocating for men. Time for women like Oksana to be held accountable. Time for Oksana to leave Mel Gibson alone. She’s the worst thing that ever happened to him.