Kate Middleton Got Her Own ‘Coat Of Arms’

Kate Middleton Got Her Own 'Coat Of Arms'

Prince William’s fiance Kate Middleton’s Coat Of Arms was unveiled.  Kate’s father Michael petitioned for the Coat of Arms and it was awarded in time for the Royal wedding which will take place Friday April 29th, 2011.   On the  souvenir program for the wedding Kate’s Coat Of Arms will appear on the back while Prince William’s will appear on the front.

Not only Kate will all have the right to use the emblem but the whole family including her mom, dad, sister and brother will be able to use it too.

According to the Daily Mail, The design is simple, with three leafy acorns representing each of the couple’s three children – an idea suggested by Kate herself.   Acorns were chosen for the analogy that they grow into great oaks. Oak is also a symbol of England and strength, and West Berkshire, where the children were brought up, has many oak trees.

Most eye-catching is the gold chevron in the centre of the design representing Kate’s mother, Carole, 56, at the heart of her family. The colour is a reference to her maiden name, Goldsmith.  The two thin white chevronels on either side allude to mountains and the family’s love of skiing and outdoor pursuits.

Kate’s parents sat down with Thomas Woodcock, the College of Arms Garter Principal King of Arms and Senior Herald to create the design around Christmas.  The Coat Of Arms cost $7,100 to design.   What do you think of the design?  Are you going to be watching the wedding?