Kim Kardashian and Her Future Royal Wedding

Kim Kardashian and Her Future 'Royal' Wedding

Kim Kardashian has just gotten engaged to Kris Humphries, a basketball player for the New Jersey Nets, and sister Khloe Kardashian has already gone out on a limb to say the wedding will be enormous. “It’s going to be royal wedding number two,” Khloe says, “I can only imagine Kim having the biggest wedding.”

Bigger than the royal wedding? Hmm, really? I will let you all synthesize your own opinions on this. I, personally, am not going leap to any conclusions, especially when it involves The Sisters–I wouldn’t put anything passed the Kardashians. I’m slowly preparing for them to take over the world. Unfortunately, it’s going to happen. One day. And when it does, make sure to remember you heard it from the Celeb Dirty Laundry team first. Prepare yourselves for the terrifying Kardashian reign.

Supposedly, Kim has crowned both of her sisters Maid of Honor. Of course, the wedding will be televised (probably on E!), and I suspect it will be dominating the celebrity gossip circle over the months to come. For another take on the story, check out CDL’s Roberta Ferguson’s take on the story HERE

Image credit to WENN