Demi Moore and Mila Kunis Hate Each Other: Narrowly Avoid Cat Fight!

Demi Moore and Mila Kunis Hate Each Other: Reschedule Manicures To Avoid Cat Fight

Demi Moore seems to be in full break-down mode. She was dating a man half her age—Vito Schnabel, who dissed her publicly at an art show in Miami—hitting the bottle, and her daughter is desperate for her to get over ex Ashton Kutcher. Well, add to the list of stress going to the same nail salon as Ashton’s new girlfriend, Mila Kunis. The women both adore the service at Jessica Nail Clinic on the Sunset Strip, but are paranoid about bumping into each other. They’ve even worked out a way to never have overlapping appointments, for fear of getting into a huge cat fight!

A source reported to Star Magazine, print edition December 24, 2012, “Mila switched her regular appointment to Tuesdays, because that’s the day Demi’s manicurist usually has off.” Demi and Ashton haven’t finalized their divorce yet, and Demi thinks of Mila as an opportunist home wrecker! The younger actress is always making the lists of sexiest celebs, while Demi is on rehab watch. Talk about threatening! Mila seems to have no guilt about the relationship, but doesn’t want to push the buttons of a crazy woman!

This all comes in the midst of what appears to be a mid life crisis for Demi, who was spotted in Miami acting like a fool, trying to look half her age. She crashed Stacy Keibler’s dinner party at the Soho Beach House. Her behavior was described as manic by eyewitnesses, who told Star, “one minute she was dancing, the next she was sitting, looking depressed.” If you’re looking to make money off the Demi-Ashton split, place your bets now. Demi seems to be on the edge of an emotional cliff—either she’ll fall off it and end in rehab, or take a step back and rejoin the less insane side of Hollywood.

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