Finally A Baby For Jennifer Aniston

Finally A Baby For Jennifer Aniston

After years of being unlucky in love and false pregnancy rumors it seems that Jennifer Aniston has taken matters into her own hands.  The new issue of Life & Style Magazine has a cover story that claims that Aniston resorted to freezing her eggs and IVF techniques to get pregnant.

Aniston has been subject to baby rumors for the better part of the last decade.  It was no secret she had wanted a child while married to Brad Pitt and if the media is to be believed, she has been extremely jealous of him not only leaving her for Angelina Jolie, but then having six children with her.

Plus Aniston isn’t getting any younger.  At 43, even though she appears to be in a great relationship with Justin Theroux, her biological clock isn’t exactly on her side.  Perhaps Aniston simply made a B-line for more drastic measures so as not to waste any time in attempting to conceive at her age.

The new issue also has a story on Kim Kardashian losing fifteen pounds to make new love, Kanye West a happy guy.  I know west seems to have a type but aside from her much discussed assets, wasn’t Kardashian skinny enough for him?

You can also get all the latest on baby bumps, deliveries and toddler mishaps right in these pages.

Do you think Jennifer Aniston is FINALLY pregnant?  Can you see her and Theroux juggling a newborn with their busy lifestyle?  Tell us what you think below!

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