How Eva Mendes Seduced Ryan Gosling (Photo)

How Eva Mendes Seduced Ryan Gosling (Photo)

The current issue of Life & Style magazine features the cover story ‘Eva Mendes – How She Seduced Ryan.’  The magazine claims to have all the details on the relationship of Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling‘s and the scoop on their late-night make our sessions and exotic trips.   They say that Ryan’s mom is none to happy about the situation and thinks Eva is a bad influence on him.  Could he still be in love with his first love Rachel McAdam?

Life & Style has the scoop“Ryan is obsessed — he wants to see Eva all the time,” a friend tells Life & Style. “I don’t know what it is about her, but he’s into Eva hook, line and sinker!”   In the new issue of Life & Style — on newsstands now — the passionate relationship is chronicled from the couple’s instant chemistry on set to late-night make out sessions and exotic trips — Ryan swept Eva off her feet in Paris over Thanksgiving and introduced her to his mom, Donna, on New Year’s Day. And now Ryan’s even thinking marriage!

“Even when the cameras weren’t rolling, they were really affectionate with each other,” Nicole Sykes, who was an extra on the Altamont, N.Y., set of The Place Beyond the Pines on Aug. 19, tells Life & Style about the couple’s instant connection. “Eva was kissing Ryan’s head and cuddling with him while they sat on the ground. You could tell that she really liked him.”

And there you have the story.   What do you think do Eva and Ryan make a good couple?  Sound out in the comments below!  Also included in this week’s issue the magazine has the scoop on how Lamar Odom betrayed Khloe Kardashian when he was caught with several strippers.  Rumor has it Lamar is spending a fortune cavorting with full-contact strippers in Washington, DC, while Khloe sits at home, alone and lonely.

For all this the details on Ryan and Eva’s romance and more, pick up the current issue of Life & Style on stands now!

  • gggggaaaaaa&&&&pppppppppp

    Hope that Ryan and Rachel come back together

  • Trollbella

    Eva was a washed up actress and she needed some press and she hooked her claws into the rising star, Ryan Gosling. It isn’t anything new in Hollywood. Celebrities have been bedding one another to get on top since the beginning. It isn’t a secret that celebrity men have the lowest self-esteem and all it takes is a little giggling and batting of the eyes and they are in love. She knew what she was doing and she did a good job of it!! lol