Jessica Simpson Second Pregnancy Confirmed, Is Anyone Shocked And Surprised?

Jessica Simpson Second Pregnancy Confirmed, Is Anyone Shocked And Surprised? 1219

Jessica Simpson finally spilled the beans on the worst kept secret in Hollywood. She’s pregnant with her second child! In case you weren’t convinced by the tabloid cover or the noticeable baby bump or the huge black bags she’s been using to cover said bump, we finally have some concrete evidence.

It all went down at Joe’s Simpson’s holiday party on December 11.

“As Jessica and her husband were about to leave the party somebody asked her, ‘How’s the baby?’ and she boasted, ‘Which one?! I’m pregnant again!’” a source told Celebuzz. “She was so happy, smiling and giggling.”

Well congrats to Jessica. She seems to really like being pregnant and, no, that’s not just a knock on the fact that she can eat whatever she likes without having to abide by that ridiculous Weight Watchers contract. Some women really like being pregnant and Jessica’s one of them.

But this is old news, right? I’m not sure why Jessica doesn’t confirm to the tabs but there must be some monetary reason. There always is with Jessica. I’m more interested in Joe’s party. Do you think his boy toy was there? Ashlee Simpson showed up as well as her ex Ryan Cabrera. How does this kid manage to stick around? I was worried for a minute when I saw he was there. I thought maybe they were rekindling something since Ashlee broke up with Lucky Luciano Vincent Piazza but then I did some research and found out he was still with Riley Keough. Thank God! I’m no huge Ashlee fan but I still have hopes that one of the Simpson girls won’t end up with a Kevin Federline scrub.

Anyway, what do you make of the Jessica Simpson/second pregnancy confirmation? Why won’t she go public to the magazines? Could she possibly have something up her sleeve other than a ham sandwich?


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  1. just saying says:

    LOL your funny.. Jessica last time did her announcement on Halloween once her trimester was over & also it was a fun & unique way to announce. That must have missed your mind.. Secondly I expect this offical announcement will be done the same way maybe for Xmas.. That would be special but probably go over the masses heads too. Its os much more fun to trash & bully. Eric also is the furthest thing from a KFED but many choose not to comment & he is not interested in defending either. The people that care & know he does not owe explanations too. JUST SAYING!! It’s easy for anyone to claim a source & I doubt Jess said it but it makes many that read gossip mags & tabloid blogs think someone has an inside track & they don’t. NO woman should ever be forced to announce any oregnancy till ready & at least not till after the first trimester & if dates are close that should be Xmas or NY.. how does that work for ya.. now will you post this .. probably not but you will read it.. lol