Jessica Simpson’s First Days As A New Mom (Photo)

Jessica Simpson's First Days As A New Mom (Photo)

The current issue of OK! Magazine features the cover story ‘Jessica Simpson – My First Days As A New Mom.’  Jessica Simpson, 31, is pregnant with her first child with fiancé Eric Johnson and is about to pop any day now.  The magazine has exclusive details on Jessica’s first days as a mom.  Jessica has opened up to them about her beautiful baby girl, her dream nursery, how her and Eric cannot wait to have another baby and her plans to lose the baby weight.

OK! has the scoop:  “I can’t wait to just hold her in my arms,” Jessica said in the last month of her pregnancy. “At this point, I am really ready.”  An insider notes that “Jessica is going to be the most unbelievable mother — she’s taken to it like a duck to water.”   In fact, the insider says Jessica has been preparing for the birth from the very start.  “She talks to the baby and already feels like she knows her. She sings to her all the time, too.”  Jessica has also tried her hand at creating lullabies for her daughter. “It’s sweet,” says the insider, “the baby already has songs written especially for her!”

Meanwhile Jessica has been taking some heat for gaining too much gained during her pregnancy.  This week Joy Behar said Jessica put on too much weight and even went so far as to call her fat.  Joy said:”Remember the the time that Jessica Simpson was criticized because she didn’t know the difference between chicken and tuna? That kind of thing is more fun to criticize than the fact that the girl is fat.  Most women who are pregnant are not supposed to gain more than 25 pounds. She looks like she gained a lot more than that.”

Joy is just rude for goodness sakes Jessica is pregnant after all and who cares how much weight she has put on as long as she is healthy.   Joy needs to mind her own business!  Sarah Palin jumped to Jessica’s defense and said about the criticism: ‘I would have wanted to punch them in the neck.’  I am willing to bet Jessica is too busy to care what a washed up comedian like Joy has to say.

Jessica already has a plan to shed her baby weight she reportedly signed a multi-million dollar deal with Weight Watchers to shed her baby weight.

To find out details about Jessica’s pregnancies and more, pick up the current issue of OK! on stands Thursday!