Justin Bieber Promises Selena Gomez He Will Stop Dating Barbara Palvin

Justin Bieber Promises Selena Gomez He Will Stop Dating Barbara Palvin

Supposedly Justin Bieber is absolutely desperate to get back into the good graces of his beloved, Selena Gomez.  By now you’ve already heard the news that she busted him last week messing around with Barbara Palvin, a Victoria’s Secret model. Hey, if you’re gonna cheat it might as well be with a proven angel of sorts, right?  Anyway, our sources here at Celeb Dirty Laundry are telling us that Justin really doesn’t believe for one minute that things are over with Selena. They’ve split before and have gotten back together so he believes that if he says the right thing this time around, Selena will cave and give him another shot.

Saying the right thing apparently means promising not just to quit banging models (and other people too) but to keep his hands completely to himself. This isn’t the first time Selena has caught her guy creeping around and he is going to have to jump through some serious hoops now to even get her attention. According to Selena’s camp she has had a rough time trusting Justin for the better part of this last year so just saying he won’t cheat isn’t going to cut it now.

And what about good ole Barbara over there?  Justin may want to cut ties but do you really think she’s just going to go away quietly? She has already lashed out at Selena and appears to have really wanted to have something with Justin that equaled more than a hook up. I have a feeling Selena’s wrath might be nothing compared to Barbara’s!

Is Selena going to give Justin another chance to screw things up? Are you hoping that she has gotten smarter and is ready to find herself a real man rather than a teenage heartthrob?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. they are absolotely without doubts going to get back together…jelena forever! they love each other and they know it and they will get back together. and we all knw that selena cant live without justin!!!!! :)

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