Katy Perry’s Post Separation Flirt (Video)

Katy Perry's Post Separation Flirt (Video)

According to observers, Katy Perry was partying on NYE like there was no recent wrenching split from her husband, Russell Brand. In fact the New York Post has reported that Katy spent the night partying with friends at Soho House in West Hollywood and was seen chatting up a dude who resembled Russell with his shoulder-length hair. Katy’s behavior at the party was nothing like one would expect if she was at all upset by the divorce filing. Katy was so into the party that one of the party-goers claimed that ‘one wouldn’t have ever even known that her husband had just filed for divorce.’

Russell wasn’t exactly in mourning either and was spotted out partying in London, leaving the Savoy Hotel with friends, including Florence Welch of Florence And The Machine. As we reported, it has been suggested that a main reason for the divorce was that Katy just wouldn’t stop partying while Russell wanted to settle down and feared for his sobriety. However Russell’s recent behavior lends little weight to that theory.

When they married with a traditional Hindu wedding ceremony in Rajasthan, India, just 14 months ago, the couple seemed crazy about each other. They were always smiling and laughing – at least when caught on camera – and everything looked rosy. With their busy work schedules they didn’t even have that much time to spend together in the ensuing months – how did things go so sour between them?

Well, reporters tried to find out by stopping and questioning Katy’s dad, Keith Hudson, while he was grocery shopping, Friday – just hours after the divorce was announced. But as you can see in the video he shed no light on anything – saying: “I can’t talk … I can’t talk to you … sorry about that.” TMZ reports that Keith is under strict orders from Russell not to discuss the divorce. I guess Russell knows that anything that his ex-father-in-law has to say will just inflame the hungry media’s search for the truth about the divorce.

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